SAH book bingo

You can print your bingo card here.

The “rules” are simple:

1. Books you finish between April 1, 2020 (the date my town officially began Shelter at Home) and the later of Labor Day or when Sheltering at Home becomes not the norm count for a square. [August 21, 2020 – We are going to end on Labor Day (September 7, 2020 at midnight your local time) … we are still practicing all kinds of social distancing, but it’s time to move on.]

2. You get to interpret the relevance of the square to the book. There are 97 different categories. It is ok to refresh the card until you get one that works for you. This is supposed to be fun, and maybe just a little challenging (but only if that sounds fun to you!)

3. Each book you finish counts for one square, so a “full” bingo card means you read a book for all 25 squares on your card. Yep, even the free space in the middle – but you can read any book you want for that square.

4. Sharing your plans, progress and accomplishments is a big part of the fun. Please use the hashtag #SAHbookbingo2020 on social media so we can all follow along.

Here’s to finding some silver linings as we share – together – virtually – our favorite solitary activity! Happy Reading!

updated August 21, 2020