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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …need no further explanation 😉 I felt just a little bit like this working through lists of lists of lists this morning. Yep, the last few days before a two-week vacation are full of to-do’s even when you’re retired. Happy Monday!

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    Five on Friday.

    Hello friends and Happy Friday! I haven’t done a Five on Friday post in years … but today it’s perfect. My favorite older grandson turned FIVE today and I had the privilege of joining him and his mom for a birthday outing to The High Museum with a very special lunch (his dad joined us, too) afterwards. I culled my photos, edited video, and even figured out how to link a video to a photo so I could share Five of my favorite moments from Charlie’s first day being Five! Katie chose The High Museum for today’s outing because they’re hosting a special exhibit The Pursuit of Everything: Maira Kalman’s…

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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Hello friends. It’s been an unsettling day. I was expecting the emotion that always accompanies the anniversary of the September 11 attacks … even 18 years later it doesn’t get easier. We visited the memorial in New York in June and Marc shared some wonderful photos and thoughts on his (private) Instagram account. I especially enjoyed seeing Georgia Tech’s post; it makes me proud that the beautiful memorial has a connection to “our” school. Then my mom and I showed up this at the food pantry this morning to pick up the boxes to deliver … and they weren’t there. Come to find out, the volunteer who will be covering…

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …are for getting back into old routines. I am happy to be joining Robin and The Balanced Life (along with Kat and Juliann) to get myself back into daily Pilates. Beginning today, Robin is re-running the 10 day Mind Body Pilates Challenge; the 15-minute workouts are perfect to fit into what’s looking like a full 10 days leading up to our trip. One day down and nine to go! I also enjoyed getting together with my knitting group this afternoon. While I was there, I joined the third ball of yarn for Big Love and with luck, I’ll have something actually resembling a sweater to share with y’all on Wednesday. Because…

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    TGIF | Hello September.

    It’s the first Friday of a new month and you know that that means – a special edition of TGIF! Thinking about … plans for cool weather making and pairing cropped sweaters with fuller bottoms. I honestly have no idea how this look will look on me, but I’m willing to give it a try. And layering a sweater over a dress seems like a great way to stretch a fall/spring piece into winter. Like why didn’t I think of this before?! Grateful for … the opportunity to celebrate my niece’s birthday yesterday with a full table of family-who-are-friends. (also for my sister’s amazing baking skills and tres leches birthday…

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    Unraveled Wednesday | One Last Summer Sweater.

    Hello friends and Happy Wednesday! I am delighted to be back here (fully in the Eastern Time Zone) sharing an update about what I’m making and reading. The making piece of this story has roots in Bristol and that makes me happy, too! The last Sunday I was there I checked Instagram with my morning tea and saw this post from Melissa (of Espace Tricot, my new-favorite LYS … sadly not all that L, but still). Of course morning tea time in Bristol is middle-of-the-night at home, but the internet is 24/7 and I promptly bought the pattern, found my size, and ordered the yarn. In the same colors that…

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    Looking Back | July & August.

    I guessed way back on July 9 when I shared my June collage that July was going to tell a much different story. Of course I had no idea then that it would be September before I got to tell that story, along with August.  Apparently, July was ALL about knitting Whippet and August was about a whole lot of things other than knitting 🙂 exploring new places, sunshine and #blueskyblooms (in two countries) and so many smiles on familiar faces (including one little dog). I smiled when I compiled the August collage and saw the August 4 photo – a travel project – another 3-color cashmere cowl – mainly…

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    A Love Letter to Bristol.

    Hello friends and happy Friday! It’s hard to believe it’s been ten days since I arrived back in Atlanta. Thankfully my body has adjusted (that five hour time change was a doozie for at least a week) … but looking back over all the photos and video from my trip, I can tell there are definitely still parts of my heart and my mind that might stay in Bristol for a while (or at least the “three to five years” that Sara will be living there). I toyed with the idea of making this post fit my typical Friday TGIF format, but in the end, I decided not to force…

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    Three on Thursday | Book Bingo!

    Yesterday afternoon I finished Dani Shapiro’s delightful collection of essays on writing … and covered my Bingo card. I then spent the next two plus hours updating everything I’d read since early July on Goodreads (you can see all the details on my 2019 Summer Book Bingo shelf here) and that used up the time I’d allotted for a blog post. It was probably just as good I didn’t get to share this update yesterday, because I’ve had time to compile a few statistics: 25 books 11 paperback/hardback, 7 Kindle, 7 audio 18 borrowed, 5 bought, 2 owned already 12 fiction, 9 non-fiction, 4 memoir 14 4★, 6 5★, 4…

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    Hope | August 2019.

    I thought it would be nice to open this month’s update on Hope with a glimpse of the sunrise over the lake. Sadly, the slight drizzle that greeted me when I left the house didn’t register on my weather app. It’s hard to see a sunrise when there’s no sun. Thankfully, though, eight months into this Hope journey, I’m not seeing anything hopeless about it. While I was in England, I read Richard Rohr’s, Everything Belongs. Subtitled “The Gifts of Contemplative Prayer”, this was another meaningful step in my exploration of Rohr’s work and perfect “morning work” while I awaited numerous UPS, Royal Mail and other deliveries. I highlighted a…