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    Five on Friday.

    In honor of Friday and Tsh Oxenreider’s latest The Good List episode (about the joy of a super short story), today I have five photos from this past week and a super short story to share with each. I do not have the gift of writing fiction, so these stories are – at least as best I recall! – true. Sunday was perhaps the prettiest day we’ve seen all year, with abundant blue skies and temperatures in the sixties. It felt weirdly wonderful to put on a sleeveless top and a cotton sweater for church. Wednesday’s opera was Wozzek. I’m honestly not sure I enjoyed it. The performances were amazing…

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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Happy Wednesday! and happy sigh to be finally joining in with Kat and friends with an update on knitting and reading … I’ve even managed to update Ravelry and Goodreads, too! First up, the knitting – I’m knitting the body of Soldotna nowand kind of amazed I have this much progress to show. The colorwork shows up much better in this photo than it seems to in my lap while I’m knitting … so it’s a “bright light” only project. And there hasn’t been much of that this week. Thankfully, Night Shift is bright enough for just about any light!It’s also mindless enough to accompany even the most compelling TV or book. The…

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    Welcome 2020 | And.

    Hello friends. Two weeks into this new year and I am finally ready to share my One Little Word. I’m going to continue exploring the “both/and” thinking that Richard Rohr introduced me to last year, first in his interview with Krista Tippett and then with his books Falling Upward and Everything Belongs. For 2020, my OLW is And. I’m still amazed at all I learned with Hope last year. I really had no idea where that word would take me and I traveled some truly marvelous – and helpful – paths. I trust this year will bring more of that same wonder and discovery, along with (sadly) more discomfort, discord…

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    Looking Back | December.

    Ah… December. It is certainly one of the prettier months around here. and this year it was exceptionally full of smiling faces. and typically full of twinkle lights, fun cocktails, and knitting. The video version* also captures more moody skies, a quick binge through the latest Great British Bake-off Holiday and some very delightful little boy antics.   View this post on Instagram   December in less than a minute … twinkle lights and candles, cookies, cheers, two crazy little boys, one little dog and a lot of ❤️ #1se #1secondeveryday A post shared by Mary (@mere2007) on Jan 7, 2020 at 1:47pm PST I finished five knits and TEN…

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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Are we really a full week into 2020 already? I’m in that weird place where time seems to be speeding by and standing still at the same time. At least this week I’ve got a firm handle on what day it is 😉 And I am so happy to be getting back to the routine of sharing about knitting on Wednesdays. I have two projects on the needles – Nightshift, looking a bit more colorful since I shared a photo on Friday. I am nearly done with the 5th (of 9 planned) repeat. Adding 20 stitches with each repeat, the rows are getting longer and longer (and slower and slower).…

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    A Monday Haiku.

    morning walk pause, see winter sun pale, shadows, light breath prayer: and this Happy Monday! and if you’re headed back into the routine after a holiday break, I wish you an easy re-entry.

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    TGIF | Hello January.

    I am easing gently into this new year … slowly wrapping my head around the “twenties” being something right now instead of the “roaring twenties” of my grandparents’ generation and thankful the calendar isn’t quite ramped up to full speed – that happens next week and I think I’ll be ready! Thinking about … reading better in 2020. I spent a few fun hours Wednesday morning going over the book lists my various groups have planned for this year and deciding how I’d read – paper, kindle, audio – and how I’d acquire – own, buy, borrow. I placed a few orders for books, tagged “immediately available” on Overdrive for…

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    Hope | December 2019.

    Many of y’all are sharing your 2020 words today, but I’m not quite ready to move on. A few weeks back I mentioned the 10 Things to Tell You podcast and the episode about reflecting back on 2019. In the show notes, Laura says “There are 10 questions in this episode meant to make you reflect upon on the last twelve months and get some clarity for what you want in the coming year. The prompts are a mix of light and deep, some to document a simple moment in time, others to help you grow.” As I’ve been sitting with those questions and journaling responses, many of the things…

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    Year in Review | 2019.

    Once again, I’m borrowing Vicki’s idea (Thank you, Vicki!) for an end of year post. The idea is to share the first line (or two) of the first blog post of each month and a favorite photo from that month’s posts. The words and photos are most likely not related. January This One Little Word started stealing into my heart in early December when we lit the first candle – the candle of Hope – on the Advent wreath and when I set out this year’s lovely amaryllis bulbs. February Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s post … I replied to many of you about how much I love winter’s…

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    A Very Merry Christmas.

    I realized on Friday that I had three more posts I wanted to share before the new year and I decided to go for it even though it would mean posting on the weekend. First up is a recap of our Christmas. I loved sharing the Christmas Eve service at my church with my brother and his family. I commented to Lydia (my SIL in case you’re new to the family relationships here) on the way out that I’m sure I take my church for granted. The lovely sanctuary, caring clergy, beautiful music ministry, thoughtful liturgy (with underlying thoughtful theology)  … it’s a given for me. and how blessed am…