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    Cheers | Apple Cider Mule.

    Two weekends ago, when Marc’s nephew (Ross) was here, I mixed up a batch of Fall Classics, substituting an intense apple spice syrup* for the thyme. I liked this version better and Ross asked for (and has since made) the recipe. Success! And then I had the happy problem of leftovers – apple spice syrup, lemons and apple cider. I started experimenting with all sorts of mixes and last weekend settled on my favorite. I gave it one last test with Karen and Lydia and they agreed it’s ready for prime time. … and perfect for a pre-Thanksgiving Cheers! Apple Cider Mule 2 oz gin (or bourbon, or even vodka)…

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    Three on Thursday | Unraveled.

    Good morning! Yep, I’m back – sadly, Betty’s travel plans changed and she and Beth aren’t visiting us. ¬†So today, I’m catching up with a quick mash-up of Wednesday and Thursday. First. It’s still raining. and it’s gotten colder. but at least it’s not snowing.We did get a little break from the rain yesterday afternoon. It’s hard to tell which Holly hates more – wet or cold. (and I wonder how much longer the grass will be green?!) Second. I’m making great progress on Jaycee.Just one more sleeve (and a whole bunch of ends to weave in) to finish it. And third. My church is hosting the community Thanksgiving service…

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    Tiny Moment Tuesday.

    Of course this was actually more like “all the moments” today ūüôā Holly is the most excellent snuggle-in-the-chair companion on a wet, chilly day. Weight of Ink has also been a worthy companion. as has Jaycee. I’m nearly into the triple digits of sleeve rounds (on sleeve #1)! My Aunt Betty¬†is flying in tomorrow morning and Sunday, her daughter¬†Beth¬†arrives for a quick one-nighter before she and Betty drive to Alabama for Thanksgiving.¬†As you might imagine, we have a full calendar of events planned. I might not see y’all back here until next week. But I promise a post full of photos … and at least a few smiles! …while I…

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …are best spent indoors. The rain started overnight and continues … but now our house is clean, three loads of laundry are done (the two that Marc did are also folded and put away) and I’m well into the first sleeve on Jaycee. I’m sure Holly wishes she could’ve stayed indoors all day, too. but sadly … this was us three times today.She’s now dry and resting comfortably in my lap. I know we’re both planning to stay inside until tomorrow! Hope your week is off to a good start!

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    FO Friday | Lark Tee.

    I am delighted that the unraveled story I shared here last week has a happy ending! It took a week for me to get up the courage to try again, but thanks to a walking foot, a lot of practice on test strips and a few YouTube videos, it’s finished.¬† I’m really proud of how it turned out. I ended up using a narrow zig-zag stitch with the walking foot for the topstitching and it worked great.¬† Even better – it fits! The pattern is Lark Tee by Grainline Studios and the fabric is Art Gallery’s Splendid Oath Ink, purchased at Topstitch, to go along with the Learn to Sew…

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    Three on Thursday | What Should I Read Next?

    Inspired by Honor√©’s recommendation, this morning I listened to episode 158 of the new-to-me podcast What Should I Read Next? In this episode, Anne talks with Whitney, known on Instagram as theunreadshelf. I have unread books all over my house and their conversation inspired me to peruse my shelves and gather up three (because Thursday!) that I might read next. Coincidentally, these are all books my mom passed along to me. She’s a long-time Taylor Caldwell fan ¬†and she just read The Miracle of the Bells this year. I added the books to my TBR on Goodreads and noted that all three have excellent reviews. And as much as that…

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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Hello Wednesday! (again! already?!?) I’m happy to have some not-unraveling to share today! First up, Jaycee is moving along nicely. I’ve been taking daily photos and it’s fun to see how quickly it’s growing.I split the sleeves on Sunday (after the Starbucks meeting – upper right). This morning I added another 1,500-ish stitches and I’m now about halfway through the before-the-ribbing part of the body (lower right). At this rate I might be looking to start another sweater well before month-end! (I’m meeting up with my Starbucks Wednesday girls this afternoon … I’m sure I’ll get a few ideas for what I should cast on/sew next!) On the reading front,…

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    Looking Back | October.

    These Looking Back posts are some of my favorites to write (and later to read). The hardest part is compiling the mosaic – I’ve been taking daily photos for years now, but I don’t pull them together until the end of the month – and that pulling together process can take a while. not because it’s hard or time-consuming, but because I enjoy revisiting the whole month. Once I have my Daily Photos compiled, I go back and delete … and this month, I still have 182. About a third of those are from the last leg of our Danube adventure and I think I might be close to being…

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    Be Kind.

    I traded emails last week with a friend who said she hoped we could Make America Kind Again. That phrase resonated with me. I shared it Friday morning with my small group (amidst lively and often upsetting discussion about having an armed guard on site for Sunday worship this month and next and the beginning of Anne Lamott’s latest book) and it resonated with them too. One of our members told us about a very cool local t-shirt project (created to help a teenager on the autism spectrum learn important job skills) that puts the “Be Kind to Everyone” message front and center. Then yesterday, I read a column in…

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    NaKniSweMo Begins.

    Happy Friday, y’all! Our house is feeling unusually male today – Marc’s nephew and his friend flew in yesterday for a golfing weekend. It’s been a while since we had a couple of twenty-somethings hanging out … and I think this is the first time Holly and I have been outnumbered. Marc is having a ball. …and honestly so am I. But I also enjoyed the quiet afternoon (they played 36 holes – left the house just after 8am and got home around 4:30) and started my NaKniSweMo sweater – Jaycee. This one’s been on my list since Isabell released it. I think it’s going to be a great addition…