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    Mid-October Weekending.

    For sure, the highlight of our weekend was the pre-game festivity of Georgia Tech’s Homecoming. Saturday morning was a picture-perfect fall day with crisp bright blue skies. We arrived on campus early and enjoyed a long walk full of tradition, crowds and noise! We settled into our seats in time for a selfie and the arrival of the Ramblin’ Reck. and then the game began. sigh. the next two hours were the low point of the whole experience and we were both glad to get home. The rest of the weekend wasn’t nearly as photogenic but we did enjoy Saturday Night Snacks while watching football; and I put the finishing…

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    Hello Friday! Thinking about Braving the Wilderness and looking forward to getting back to the discussion with my Friday morning small group. Today we’re discussing Chapter Five (pictured above). Timely, no?! Somewhat related, I listened to the first episode of NYT’s new podcast, The Argument. It’s a great format and a nice example of how to Be Civil. Grateful for a new volunteer opportunity. Yesterday marked the first “Knitting with Mary” gathering at my mom’s community. A handful of ladies showed up … and two stayed. One of them is a knitter looking for someone to knit with. The other wants to learn so she has something to do with…

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    Three on Thursday | Live in HD.

    We’re taking a break from Europe (but mostly those 700+ photos) today to join Carole and company and share three things I love about the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD offering. But first, a little background – I love opera. and so does my mom. Before she moved here she told me she was looking forward to enjoying the Met’s Live in HD offerings. Thanks to Honoré, I knew about them, but I couldn’t imagine attending one by myself, and the closest theater offering one wasn’t really “close”. Fast forward to 2018 and the theater that’s just three (!!!) miles from my mom (and me) offers the live and encore…

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    Unraveled Wednesday | Me Made in Europe.

    It’s going to take me a while to sort through the 700+ photos and videos from our trip so I can share the stories here. So I’m glad today is Wednesday – a perfect opportunity to share one little story about the hand knits and hand sewns. For the hand knits, I took Soyokaze (the only sweater I packed), fingerless mitts, a headband and four scarves/shawls (Tokyo, Bateaux Mouches, 2017 TTL Mystery Shawl and 2018 TTL Mystery Shawl). For the hand sewns, I took the ikat Esme tunic, my latest Uniform tunic and the wax and wool tote. I wore every piece a lot, with the exception of Esme, which saw…

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    A Postcard from Home.

    Re-entry has been challenging … a six hour time difference and two little boys … well …. I felt a bit more like myself last night (and then the Braves lost – gah!!!) but hopefully … I’ll be back tomorrow with an Unraveled story 🙂  

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …mark the beginning of a new adventure! We leave this evening for Vienna (by way of Amsterdam), arriving early tomorrow afternoon. Our cruise begins Thursday afternoon, so we have two days to explore Vienna on our own. The only definite (besides pastries) plan is Wednesday afternoon when we’re going to tour Schönbrunn Palace. Looking forward to this adventure … and sharing it with y’all! Have a great week!

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    Thinking about how I’m going to document our trip – both while we’re traveling and once we’re back home. This post is coming to you from the WordPress app on my iPad. so far so good. and there’s Instagram. and 1SE videos. and maybe a photo book. Grateful for getting back to the lake! Marc and I walked there and back yesterday morning (3.5 miles – by far my longest walk in months). I’ve driven by that spot many times since June, but seeing it from the sidewalk was different. and wonderful. Inspired by an even chillier forecast for Vienna to knit a headband! I have one ball of light…

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    Three on Thursday | Making for Europe.

    Yesterday’s Soyokaze finish was the last “official make” I’d planned for our trip. Doesn’t it look great with the tote?of course you do have to imagine it on me … with no pin holding it in place. and for sure a top. and pants. The tote was a lot of fun to make (even the cutting wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be) and the lining fabric – a Rifle Paper Co print on canvas (purchased at my “local” fabric store – sadly, the shop is a 45 minute drive in good traffic, but still…) – makes me smile every time I see it. Thanks to those finishes, I…

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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Joining in with Kat and friends today to talk about knitting and books. I do love these weekly check-ins. The opportunity to report on progress has spurred many a project to some sort of milestone or completion. And if there’s literal unraveling, the opportunity for commiseration within a like-minded community is hard to beat. Up until about two hours ago, I wasn’t sure which path my story would follow today. Shortly after I snapped Monday’s photo of that first Soyokaze sleeve about 1/4 done, I realized I was likely to run out of yarn. I’m not sure what happened; I started with about 25% more than the pattern suggested. But…

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    My Heart in the Sky.

    This poem, by Philip Britts (described as a British Wendell Berry), landed in my inbox yesterday morning (thanks to Plough Publishing. I do love their daily emails). It’s a beautifully worded reminder to really live this life. not just the lovely and fun parts, but also the messy, ugly and painful parts. grounded. with my heart in the sky. I hope you enjoy it, too. Happy Tuesday! Let there be not only the roses, Not only the buds of the day, But the noon and the hour that discloses The full flower torn away: Not only the bliss and the sweet When the sun is soft and low, But the…