Categories that might appear as the squares on a bingo card:

  1. A cover that matches a current WIP (new for 2018).
  2. That you want to read because of the cover.
  3. That you want to read in spite of the cover.
  4. Sub-title on the cover.
  5. Bird or animal on the cover.
  6. Person on the cover.
  7. Blurbed by someone you admire.
  8. Number in the title.
  9. One-word title.
  10. Month or day of the week in the title.
  11. Title that’s a character’s name.
  12. Written in the first person.
  13. Written in the second person.
  14. Epistolary.
  15. With an unreliable narrator.
  16. Told from more than two different points of view.
  17. Story within a story.
  18. About a person with a disability.
  19. Protagonist with a different gender/sexual orientation from your own.
  20. Protagonist with a different ethnicity from your own.
  21. Non-human protagonist.
  22. Set in a different season.
  23. Set in more than one time period.
  24. Set in a place you’d like to vacation.
  25. Set in a place you’d like to know more about.
  26. Set in the state where you live.
  27. Set in a country you’ve never visited.
  28. Non-fiction.
  29. Non-fiction about science.
  30. Retelling.
  31. Alternate history.
  32. Historical fiction.
  33. Speculative fiction.
  34. Set in a different country.
  35. Magical realism.
  36. Fantasy.
  37. Mystery.
  38. Romance.
  39. Thriller.
  40. Graphic novel.
  41. About travel.
  42. About politics.
  43. About religion.
  44. About nature.
  45. About a homecoming.
  46. About art/artist(s).
  47. About food.
  48. With recipes, patterns or puzzles.
  49. More than 500 pages.
  50. Part of a series.
  51. Translation.
  52. Best-seller.
  53. Classic.
  54. Classic you “should’ve read”.
  55. Memoir or autobiography.
  56. Memoir or autobiography of a US political figure.
  57. Biography.
  58. Biography of a royal.
  59. Biography of a US political figure.
  60. Collection of essays.
  61. Collection of poetry.
  62. Originally published in the 19th century.
  63. Originally published in the 20th century.
  64. Originally published in the 21st century.
  65. Originally published this year.
  66. Originally published posthumously.
  67. Originally published within five years of the year you were born.
  68. Debut.
  69. Prize winner.
  70. Prize-winning author (but not a prize-winner).
  71. Prize runner-up (e.g. short or long list, finalist).
  72. Banned in the U.S.
  73. Banned in a country outside the U.S.
  74. Wanted to read for more than a year.
  75. Made into a movie.
  76. Made into a TV series.
  77. Seen on Gilmore Girls.
  78. Re-read.
  79. Outside your comfort zone.
  80. That you think will make you a better person.
  81. An author from the state where you live.
  82. An author from a country you’ve never visited.
  83. An author of color.
  84. An author who died last year.
  85. An author with a disability.
  86. With more than one author listed on the cover.
  87. Written under a pseudonym.
  88. Backlist from an author you read for another square.
  89. Backlist from an author on your current year favorites list.
  90. Latest book by an author you love.
  91. Borrowed.
  92. Already own.
  93. Audiobook narrated by the author.
  94. Audiobook with one narrator.
  95. Audiobook with multiple narrators.
  96. Recommended by a family member.
  97. Recommended by a friend.
  98. Recommended by another Book Bingo player.

updated May 10, 2018