Possible categories

Possible categories that might appear as the squares on a bingo card:


1. That you want to read because of the cover
2. That you want to read in spite of the cover
3. With a cover you might want to hide on the subway
4. Sub-title on the cover
5. Bird or animal on the cover
6. Person on the cover
7. With a beautiful cover
8. Blurbed by someone you admire
9. Number in the title
10. One-word title
11. Month or day of the week in the title
12. Color in the title
13. Title that’s a character’s name
14. With a non-traditional structure
15. Written in the first person
16. Epistolary
17. Story within a story
18. A family saga
19. About a person with a disability
20. Protagonist with a different ethnicity from your own
21. An LGBTQIA+ protagonist
22. Set in a single day (or less)
23. Set in a different season
24. Set in more than one time period
25. Set in a place you’d like to vacation
26. Set in a place you’d like to know more about
27. Set in a country you’ve never visited
28. Retelling
29. Set in a different country
30. About travel
31. About politics
32. About religion
33. About nature
34. About art/artist(s)
35. About food
36. About fiber or craft
37. About climate change
38. About emigration
39. More than 500 pages
40. Less than 200 pages
41. Part of a series
42. Translation
43. Best-seller
44. Classic
45. Modern classic
46. Memoir or autobiography
47. Biography
48. Collection of poetry
49. Originally published in the 19th century
50. Originally published in the 20th century
51. Originally published in the 21st century
52. Originally published this year
53. Originally published last year
54. Originally published posthumously
55. Debut
56. Prize winner
57. Prize-winning author
58. Prize runner-up (e.g. short or long list, finalist)
59. Pulitzer Prize winner
60. Booker Prize finalist or winner
61. Women’s Prize finalist or winner
62. Aspen Prize finalist or winner
63. Wanted to read for more than a year
64. Adapted for the screen
65. An author from a country you’ve never visited
66. An author of color
67. An author who died last year
68. An author with a disability
69. An LGBTQIA+ author
70. With more than one author listed on the cover
71. An author you read for another square
72. A new-to-you author
73. An author you love
74. Borrowed
75. Already own
76. Audiobook narrated by the author
77. Audiobook with one narrator
78. Audiobook with multiple narrators
79. Inspired to read because of a TV show
80. Recommended by a family member
81. Recommended by a friend
82. Recommended on a podcast
83. Recommended in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide (any year)
84. A friend’s favorite
85. Chosen by a celebrity bookclub (at any time)
86. A buddy read
87. A Read With Us selection
88. A Diverse Spines selection

updated April 29, 2021