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    Wise Words.

    Hope – from my neighbor’s yard yesterday evening Sunday morning I had the privilege of hearing a sermon that moved me to tears. I came home and wrote my pastor* an email: “Today’s service – as well as last week’s – was a welcome respite for me. I’m writing to let you know that and to ask if you’d be willing to share your Sermon for the World. I’d like – with your permission – to share it on my personal blog (which is mostly about knitting and two adorable little boys) this week. Your sermons these past few months have impressed me not only because they’re so relevant (I…

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    Three Things.

    Today’s Think Write Thursday topic is three things I’d do if I were President of the United States. Of course I have zero desire to be President; I wouldn’t even know where to start. But I do know which three policy areas are most important to me: Education. Equality. Environment. A strong system for public education and full literacy is a must. Everyone is equal. regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, skin color, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, eating habits, income, health, marital status … This Earth is a precious gift. It’s the only one we have. We need to treat it as such. However I doubt that platform would’ve helped…

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    Words to Remember.

    …especially right now. from Saturday morning’s walk Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Wednesdays Are for Knitting.

    Taking a cue from Carole, I had planned to tell you about my knitting today – the projects in process instead of simply showing up on Fridays to show you what I’ve finished. But turns out those projects need just another day to two to be share-worthy.  So instead I’ll use two of my regular Wednesday standbys to share a bit more from Friday’s visit to the garden. Words in the Wild. And Watercolor. Katie and I had a hard time identifying this as “oak leaf hydrangea” – I love how the watercolor really makes the oak leaf shape pop! …and now back to the knitting!

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    Words in the Wild.

    spotted this afternoon at Lululemon I’m always a sucker for a good store window selfie. I couldn’t resist this one. and I consider myself blessed to have multiple people in my life who tick every single one of those boxes (y’all know who you are!)