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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Not everything has been going my way lately, but thank goodness, the knitting and reading are not letting me down. Since last Thursday, I’ve started two of those spring cardigans. The sleeve-as-swatch has dried and I think it’s going to work out fine. and the purple Quick Sand has really kept me entertained. I’m a huge fan of the design, which Heidi has published for two gauges – Fine Sand (lightweight) and Quick Sand (heavier weight). This is my 4th time knitting it (1, 2, 3, 4), so it feels really comfortable – and rather than put all the stitches onto waste yarn to try it on before separating the…

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    Watercolor Wednesday | Scenes from the Orchard.

    We’ve had a delightful time visiting and catching up. Even the weather was smiling yesterday. We walked outside in the morning to get Martha a few photos to share on Facebook. Martha and Mother  Later in the afternoon, Holly and I ventured out for a long walk through the orchards. so beautiful and peaceful. We’re headed home later this morning (thankfully, not through snow!) – it’s been a short, but wonderful, change of scenery. Happy Wednesday, friends!

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    Test Knitting.

    I know I said I’d never do another test knit. yeah, never say never. When Melanie Berg shared her latest design on Instagram last week, saying she’d be putting out a call “soon” for testers, I immediately started stalking her Ravelry group. My mom will tell you – I checked every couple of hours … but no call. Until shortly before I got home Monday afternoon. It was perfect timing and I was the 10th one to reply. When I got home last night*, I was surprised and completely delighted to see that I’d been selected! Today I printed the pattern, wound the first two skeins of yarn and swatched.…

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    A Wednesday with Extras.

    Long-time (and maybe even not so long) readers probably know that my typical Wednesday routine starts with a walk (lately dark early with Marc), proceeds to knitting class and then to wine and knitting with my sister, Karen. It’s a pretty fun way to mark the middle of the week – and with Betty here, we added in a few extras. First up, we waited until it was light to walk. Hello sunny selfie! Betty went to Alabama and her husband went to Georgia – this might be the first time she’s ever worn a Georgia Tech hat! A walk to the lake – with a lake view selfie –…

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    Knitting Colors.

    It’s no secret that I love to wear neutrals. and since that’s mostly what I wear, it’s also mostly what I knit. So it was kind of a shock in class today that I was wearing a blue sweater and knitting on two decidedly colorful pieces (Brights and Sunshine Coast). Of course the next few projects in my queue will get me back to my comfort zone (a cream cardigan, two pullovers in shades of gray and a cream/gray wrap). But I think I’m going to explore colors more, especially with accessories. I saw a friend before class and she was wearing this scarf. We got to talking about making it…

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    Midweek Mash-up.

    …aka I have nothing more than a few photos to share and they have not much in common with each other … except that it’s Wednesday! First up, I dropped my taxes off this morning and was delighted to see a redbud in full bloom just outside the accountant’s office. ♥ #blueskyblooms Next, I wore my Fiona Coat today. I finished it way back in January and I’ve worn it a couple of times, but I’ve always had to take it off because it was too warm. Not today! These two photos will have to suffice for FOs because I totally hope it’s too warm from here on out to…

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    Cheers | Seven Dials.

    Waterlogue’s Illustration My sister found the recipe and shared it with me last week. I only had to buy grenadine and apple juice to mix it up today. It’s kind of a crazy mix of flavors, but it works! …and it was the perfect accompaniment to our typical Wednesday evening conversation (family. books. knitting.) and tonight, the weather. She’s driving to Florida tomorrow and I’m flying to Madison. I think I’m going to have the easier time packing … Madison looks like Atlanta right now! Hope your week is going well. Cheers to Wednesday!

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    Watercolor Wednesday | Spring Colors.

    We didn’t see any blue skies on today’s morning walk, but the colors near the ground more than made up for it. I know many of y’all are seeing wet white and gray today … figured you might like to see a bit of spring – even if it’s just a picture (or three)!

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    Wise Words.

    Hope – from my neighbor’s yard yesterday evening Sunday morning I had the privilege of hearing a sermon that moved me to tears. I came home and wrote my pastor* an email: “Today’s service – as well as last week’s – was a welcome respite for me. I’m writing to let you know that and to ask if you’d be willing to share your Sermon for the World. I’d like – with your permission – to share it on my personal blog (which is mostly about knitting and two adorable little boys) this week. Your sermons these past few months have impressed me not only because they’re so relevant (I…