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    he gets it.

    …this message was waiting for me when I got home from knitting yesterday (a few hours later than usual because the girls made a wonderful birthday party for me!) so this is what he’ll see when he comes home tonight.

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    a favorite holiday memory (day 31).

    …so glad karen & I were able to squeeze in our traditional holiday lunch in december (just barely). we had planned bistro vg, but they were closed (huh?!) and then we tried pastis (closed as well) and ended up at salt factory. at a table that looked out onto the street, still decorated for the holidays, and provided some of the best people watching. a lot of talk about the upcoming year, but also catching up on the past few months. I am really hoping we get to spend more time together in 2010.

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    the campus visit.

    …was a great success. sara is excited. really, the campus looks great – lots of green grass and trees (even a few flowers). plenty of students out and about. beautiful facilities (the campus recreation center, which was built to house swimming and diving for the 1996 olympics is oh my fabulous). it really doesn’t look much like the campus of the early 1980’s when marc and I were there (and that’s probably a good thing!). and then we enjoyed a late lunch at murphys.(click to see details) and the requisite two of us photo

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    play day with sara.

    …funny how our idea of “play” changes as we get older. just a few years ago, a “play” day likely would’ve involved toys, or maybe the pool, or maybe a park and some swings. I do still love the park and swings, but it was HOT in Atlanta today and not really suited to being outside [complete sidenote here – how in the world did ANYone ever live in the south before air conditioning?!] so here’s how play day plays out for us now:*7am workout with rob (sara even manaqed a few smiles despite the early hour – and I thought it was nice to arrive in the daylight –…

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    hurray summer.

    146/365 – two of us Originally uploaded by mere2007…today was the first “official” day of summer vacation, and sara and I took advantage to enjoy a late lunch at bistro vg. hard to believe how quickly the spring flew by – our last lunch out was on april 19. note to self – do this more often…and take pictures!

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    lunch out.

    108/365 – saturday lunch out Originally uploaded by mere2007…seems to be our “thing” on a saturday. we did a little shopping (more on that later – but I’m getting ready to pack for paris!) and then sara suggested lunch at cafe intermezzo. yes, again. our meal this time was just as good and I liked the cannelloni cheesecake we had for dessert even better.

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    plans for new york.

    65/365 – two of us Originally uploaded by mere2007…probably not too surprising that a five mile walk leaves much time for talk – about school (going well), about work (still pretty stressed), about tennis (playing both matches next week), and finally…about plans for spring break in nyc. I’ve decided going back to a place you absolutely loved is harder than going someplace brand new. something about the bar we set last spring has made me hesitant to make new plans … because they might not measure up. but on this walk, we talked about that and – at least for me – got over it. and laid the groundwork for…

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    fun stuff.

    …lots of it. plenty of phase 10 dice. and a lovely visit to see winslow homer’s engravings at the appleton museum of art. [the four wood engravings in that wikipedia article…we saw them! very cool to see so much history and such talent – we really enjoyed the exhibit and the permanent collection] the elephants out front look like they’re having fun too! last night, sara and I made dinner.this morning, I played around with the poladroid program I read about in yesterday’s paper. and we took my tatting to get framed (cannot wait to see what it looks like finished!) topped off with a six hour car ride home.…

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    …sara’s induction into the national honor society with a lovely dinner, just the two of us, at bistro vg.

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