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    Hell Yeah Homeland.

    Sara is a huge Homeland fan. I’ve known that for years; she’s the real reason I watch the show and feel connected to the story. But what I didn’t learn until last fall was that she created a whole website  and community around the show. It’s called Hell Yeah Homeland.  Part of my “preparation” for Sunday night’s episode was reading through posts about the season and then listening to a few of the podcasts. I’m consistently impressed by the quality of the writing. Sara and six others host the site. The “six others” was a fairly recent addition and much needed – it is a ton of work! and the…

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    Five on Friday | The Crown.

    I was late to this party, but … finally, I watched The Crown. and yes, everyone was right – it’s excellent. I loved pretty much everything about it. The story (of course! I’m a huge Anglophile and a real fan of Queen Elizabeth, especially since reading Andrew Marr’s biography), the sets, the acting and the time period. Pure nostalgia (is that possible since I wasn’t actually alive during the 1950’s?), but a few episodes in, I started a list of things I wished were still around. And since it’s Friday, here are my top five: 1. Telephone calls that aren’t instantaneous. It took real effort to make a connection and it…

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    WIP Wednesday | Newborn Hats.

    One down, two more to go. and thank you for all the wonderful TV recommendations. I’m on the 4th episode (1st season still 🙂 of Call the Midwife and loving it. It’s definitely the perfect accompaniment for this knitting project. p.s. details about the pattern and the yarn are here on Ravelry.

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    …was a little different – Marc was away with his buddies on a golf outing (in the North Carolina mountains, which was maybe the coolest place he could be…and he said the golf was good too) and my favorite little family was at the beach. I did a lot of what you might expect. I watched Grace & Frankie, knitted and had popcorn and wine for dinner (just once). Saturday morning I made my second trip to the Farmer’s Market and enjoyed it (almost – since I was by myself) as much as the first time. I brought home a fabulous summer bouquet of sunflowers and zinnias and a really…

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    Ten on Tuesday | Surfing.

    This week Carole’s asked us to share ten movies we’ll always stop to watch … when we find them while channel surfing. Marc does all the channel surfing in this house, and sure enough, I came home last night to find him watching The Greatest Game Ever Played… yep, that’s on his list. I grabbed my chance (along with a pen and paper). Here’s what he shared: 1. The Greatest Game Ever Played. 2. The Natural. 3. Love Actually. 4. For the Love of the Game. 5. Field of Dreams. 6. The Blind Side. 7. Pretty Woman. 8. The Godfather (Parts 1 and 2 only). 9. The Quiet Man (especially…

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    five things (for June).

    …inspired by my One Little Word. Play Grace*. have fun. be light-hearted. channel Grace Kelly. welcoming sunshine and the colors of summer | june 4, 2013 in my front yard. 1. Get my camera out again. For the past 3+ months, I’ve been taking all my pictures with my phone. It’s easy and “in the moment”, but I’m ready for better. I used my camera to take the photo above (also used in the new Summer 2013 banner) and it took me a few tries to remember where the buttons were. Yikes! 2. Train for the Peachtree Road Race. It’s a 4th of July tradition in Atlanta and I’m excited…

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    when the going gets tough.

    …the tough stop sleeping and start counting the clock chimes at 2am, 3am, 4am…while thinking about new knitting projects. (startitis anyone?) swatching. Maggiknits Linen, Habu Tsumugi Silk doubled and Tsumugi Silk single for Jane’s Tunic, Hane and Die-Cut Vest, respectively measuring. Tsumugi Silk for the Die-Cut vest (which I’ve loved since I saw the latest Knit.Wear a few weeks ago), appears to be right on (first try – yay!) and then casting on and knitting. Jane’s Tunic with the Maggiknits Linen on size 9 needles (which feel like broomsticks after the 2’s, 2.5’s and 3’s I’ve been working on) while catching up on two seasons missed of Game of Thrones. I’ll admit…

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    2012 favorites.

    …inspired by sara to share my favorites for this year. it’s a fun way to look back. and it really does make me realize (yet again) what a wonderful year it has been. thank you to everyone who’s reading this for being part of it! of course sara told her story in words, but I’m telling mine in pictures*. favorite photo of the three of us. favorite photo of the two of us. favorite photo of the two of them. favorite person to hold my hand for a 30-mile walk. favorite dinner when marc’s away. favorite thing I knitted for a baby. favorite thing I knitted that surprised me. this…

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    10 favorite childhood tv shows.

    …I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t very excited about this topic yesterday. but this morning, I started a list, and it got me remembering…fun times as a child*. when we pored over the tv guide (from the newspaper, never the magazine you could buy separately) each week to see what would be on and we knew “friday night is the brady bunch” and (a few years later) “saturday night is love boat and fantasy island”. don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my dvr and all my cable channels. but tv was so much simpler then, wasn’t it?! Perry Mason – photo credit 1. Perry Mason. it came on at…

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    10 favorite comedies.

    …another look at favorite movies. this time it’s comedies. I struggled a bit with “what’s a comedy?” I read somewhere that it’s a story that ends with a wedding (contrast with a tragedy which is a story that ends with a death). sara told me “yeah that’s a fine definition…if you’re an english teacher. mom, just pick movies that make you laugh.” so here goes: image from here…and yeah, you’re smiling aren’t you? 1. finding nemo. this movie makes me happy every time I watch it. “just keep swimming, just keep swimming….” 2. beauty and the beast. and not just because it ends with a wedding…but it is a very pretty wedding…