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    Throwback Thursday | 78 Years.

    This photo has been sitting for months in a draft post. the planned follow-up to a post I shared last spring about family treasures from Mother’s side of the family. Draft posts aren’t really my thing – I like to publish the posts as I write them; I rarely even schedule a post to share a day later. a collection of old photos from Daddy’s childhood But I guess the time is finally right to tell this story. I took that collection of photographs home with me last March promising to have them scanned so we could all have copies. Of course I still need to do that, so I…

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    Throwback Thursday | New Year’s Eve.

    …1998. We were at a party in the neighborhood and I remember the Black and White theme and that Katie didn’t attend with us (but I don’t remember why). Tonight’s festivities won’t be anywhere near as dressed up, but it will again be the three of us. We’re planning a nice dinner, a little football, and a few cocktails…at home.  A perfect way to ring in 2016! Wishing all of you a safe and celebratory beginning to the New Year!

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    Merry Christmas!

    me, Christmas 1963, at my grandparents’ house in Alabama …there is nothing like a child’s delight on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas! (or happy Friday!)

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    Throwback Thursday | Christmas Eve.

    …1996. It’s hard for me to believe that was 20 years ago;  until I look at those four young faces and realize that many years have surely passed. I’m thinking it would be fun to re-create this photo tomorrow. Wish me luck! And wishing a very merry Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates (and to those who don’t, a festive Thursday evening!)!

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    Throwback Thursday | 1980.

    …the first year that Marc and I spent Christmas together (at my parents’ house in New Jersey). my dad, my mom, me and Marc That tree-top ornament just above my mom’s head is the one that’s on my bird tree now. I’m not even gonna do the math to figure out how old we all were then. But I know we were all younger than Marc and I are now…and that seems crazy. As does all that hair (well on my dad and Marc…and not so much on me 🙂 Thank you all so much for your get well wishes. I am happy to report that Charlie is pretty much back…

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    Throwback Thursday | From the Needles of Pat Rogovin.

    …this has been one of my favorite sweaters for almost 35 years. My mother-in-law knit it for me when I was in college. I remember wearing it with either a navy or pale yellow turtleneck, navy cords and clogs. Fast forward about 20 years, and Katie wore it when she was in high school. Fast forward another five years, and so did Sara. You’ll have to trust me on that point since I couldn’t find a photo! The sweater came back to me a few years ago. I washed it and carefully put it away along with a huge pile of other sweaters from Pat’s needles. Those were mostly for…

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    Throwback Thursday | Cooking Thanksgiving.

    …with Sara, 2008. This is one of my favorite photos of the two of us together in the kitchen. One that was barely big enough for two (with a big dog at our feet). Flash forward seven years and Katie is hosting dinner. My part is a few sides, a pie and ice cream. I cooked a little yesterday and finished up this morning. I’ve already washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Marc should be arriving with Sara (who took a 6am flight from Madison this morning!) any minute. We won’t be cooking together this year, but we will be together all weekend. and for that I am…

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    Throwback Thursday | M and M.

    …M and M. Marc and Mary. Married 32 years today. I spent a few hours this morning with Katie sorting through photos. So many memories captured in 4×6 or 3×5 frames. And we found the photos I had wanted to share last year.  So here you go – a walk down our memory lane! at Katie’s wedding, May 2013 Christmas, 2012 2003 1996 1980 …and finally…one I always think of as “the beginning” Georgia Tech Homecoming, October 1979…our first “big date”!

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    Throwback Thursday | Bright Blue Weather.

    from yesterday’s morning walk It’s a newsletter day today and – has sadly become my norm of late – I have much left to do. So a bit of a throwback – this time to last October and a poem my dad shared with me. When I saw my uncle last week we had three lovely bright blue days (and not even much humidity) and he told me he remembered singing this poem and marching around and around his third grade classroom. Somehow his teacher managed to have a piano in her room. He said he never quite knew how she managed that. But a classroom full of singing children…

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    Throwback Thursday | First Day of School.

    …it’s back to school time here big-time. A few of the local counties started this week and ours starts Monday. Of course our girls are way past those years now, but I remember well the mix of excitement, anticipation, fear and stress that accompanies the First Day of School. My First Day was back in September 1969. We lived in Houston. I look mostly scared, not excited, don’t you think? My dress was red. Maybe one of my grandmothers made it? And no backpack or book bag for me – nope – a little pocketbook! (I wonder if my mom remembers what I carried in it? I hope a pencil!)…