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    Three on Thursday | Three of Us Throwbacks.

    In the end, I wasn’t able to join the girls for dinner last night … so I don’t have the recap post I’d planned (things we talked about/things I learned, creative cocktails, food p*rn) or the requisite three of us photo. Instead, how about revisiting three of my favorite meals with my two favorite girls. 1. Lunch at Gallo Nero in NYC. December 19, 2009. (blogged here) Katie lived in NYC that year and Sara and I flew up the evening before for a before-Christmas break. Sara was a senior in high school and had just been accepted to Georgia Tech. I was winding down my real job, preparing to…

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    Three on Thursday | A Birthday Throwback.

    In the past few months, two albums of photos from Katie’s early years have – most happily! – come into my possession. When Katie moved into a home of her own, I gave her the two albums I’d compiled (thankfully, I still have all of Sara’s photos … but of course, they’re not in an album. second child and all that 😉). So this past year, I was almost giddy to acquire two new-to-me albums from those years – one from my mom and one from my mother-in-law. Last night, I finally paged through both. cover to cover. I had in mind a post for today (because birthdays!) and I…

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    Throwback Thursday | Thirty-four Years.

    On Sunday, Marc and I celebrated our 34th anniversary and he shared a few two-of-us throwback photos on Instagram. A few were actually new to me and I asked him to send them to me.  from the cover of our wedding album engagement photo – fall, 1983  November 19, 1983  2001 at Katie’s wedding – a favorite! this summer – and technically three of us 🙂 So this will be our 35th Thanksgiving together as a married couple. We spent our first Thanksgiving in Cancun (honeymoon) and I don’t remember much about Thanksgiving dinner that year except that it was a hotel buffet. The next year, though, we were in…

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    Throwback Thursday | Moving to NYC.

    Hello and happy Thursday! I’ll be back next week with more about our trip (in short, it was awesome!), but today, I have a different story to share. Way back in 2009, Katie’s first job out of college was in New York City. She worked for NBC/Universal at 30 Rock. Katie in the driver’s seat – June 2009 That June, she and I made two trips to the city – the first to find an apartment (we flew) and the second to move in. For that second trip, Katie drove a U-Haul and I rode shotgun. Looking back, it was a crazy couple of weeks (here’s a link to all…

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    Think Write Thursday | Again for the Very First Time.

    Today’s Think Write Thursday topic is to tell about a book we wish we could read again for the very first time. It took me all of about two seconds to come up with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – the seventh and last installment of the Harry Potter series (and even better if I could do it over the first two days of a girls beach week like I did back in 2007). It’s no secret that those books (and the movies) are all-time favorites. I’m grateful I got to experience the story as it evolved. and it’s crazy to think that we once lived in a world where…

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    Thursdays with Sam.

    …officially began today! The morning was a little rough, but by this afternoon we’d found a good groove. He drained his bottles, napped like a champ … and posed for the camera. We even took a selfie. And looked through his mama’s photos to see if we could find one at about his same age. Now can you see why I’ve been saying Sam looks like his mama?! (also note the outfit – I’m guessing this photo was taken in early May … already sleeveless weather 😊) p.s. the Think Write Thursday crew is writing letters to February today. I’ll be back with mine tomorrow.

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    Throwback Thursday | A Special Dinner.

    I forwarded the email about this week’s Think Write Thursday topic – to plan a dinner party, inviting 3 people, living or dead – to my mom, suggesting we collaborate. Last night, we started to talk about it. Hands down we agreed my dad had to be the first guest – he loved a good dinner (party) and he was a fabulous guest (ate everything and talked to everybody). From there it wasn’t long before we decided that recreating one of our five-of-us family Christmas Eve dinners would be fun. Family dinner was the norm in my house growing up, but Christmas Eve was special. of course my mom isn’t…

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    Throwback Thursday | 1965.

    I was three. We lived in southeast Texas (note the open window!). My dad worked for Texaco and back then one of their gasoline blends was called Fire Chief. Perfect for this hat! I remembered this photo when Charlie donned his fire chief hat for the photo with my mom last month. But it wasn’t until I looked more closely that I saw the similarity in the two dads. Both with big smiles … having a ball being dads! The Think Write Thursday crew is tackling a challenging topic this week – about staying positive when everything is going wrong. This blog is my best answer. I try to look…

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    Throwback Thursday | These Two.

    From Thanksgiving, 1998. I found the top photo earlier this week and thought about how nice it was going to be this year to have these two together again in the kitchen (with me!) Not that there’s much cooking left to do – but I know we’ll be gathered around the counter eating snacks … and then of course cleaning up! It wasn’t until this morning, when I scanned that photo, that I realized the one below (previously shared here) was taken the same day.  These two clean up nicely don’t they? I love that we’re together for this holiday weekend. I wonder if they’ll let me recreate these two…