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    Three on Thursday | Luxuries.

    Not only is Carole hosting Three on Thursday (as always) this week, she’s also provided an of-course-I’ll-steal-it prompt – luxuries. First up – that’s the scene at my kitchen counter about 9am today … luxuries aplenty, for sure. But the real luxury for me is about the time (and the space) to do what I want. journaling. knitting. volunteering (that pile of notebooks way back there and the spreadsheet open on my laptop are for the women’s ministry at church – my first full meeting as Moderator is this Sunday … needless to say, I have a few to-do’s beforehand) … and top-of-mind right now – healing (that blue pump…

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    Three on Thursday | Hello July.

    Summer is in full swing here. Heat, humidity, and almost daily thunderstorms, the smells of freshly mown grass, sliced tomatoes and peaches, the sounds of laughter coming from the pool next door, the constant whirr of ceiling fans, and a generally slower pace. Hello July! When I started thinking about this month, I was tempted to just go with that slower pace and, you know, just go with it. but no, that’s really who I am. So this morning, it’s Thursday, I set three goals for the month: Stay focused. There’s a bit of “getting my focus back” here, too. I had a wonderful time in New York last month and…

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    Three on Thursday | Shopping Plans.

    I’ll be in New York next Thursday and while Sara works, I have plans to meet up with Diane for lunch and shopping at Purl Soho. Purl is one of my favorite yarn shops, but they sell fabric too. I’ve never spent much time in that part of the shop, but this trip, I will! Thinking that Sara’s blanket is going to leave a nice big opening in my suitcase, I’m planning to buy yarn and fabric. These are the three projects I have in mind: 1. Uniform Tunic, View A, in watercolor linen. 2. Lotta Jansdotter’s Kiomi Dress (from Everyday Style) in a Liberty print. 3. Terrace Wrap in Cattail…

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    Three on Thursday | The Beltline.

    My two favorite little boys didn’t have school yesterday. So I had the privilege of joining them and their mom at a new-to-me place in Atlanta – Ponce City Market and the Beltline. Same as last week, today’s post doesn’t quite fit into Three on Thursday, but I’m going for it anyway! The drive down was awful. It was totally worth it. I’m looking forward to our next visit (hopefully on a weekend!) Point 1. (and the actual was even worse).  Thankfully the trip home was much better (see point 3). Point 2. Where do I start? The cityscape views were amazing … headed north before lunch – Ponce City…

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    Three on Thursday | Atlanta Botanical Garden.

    My mom and I spent the day at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and I had planned to make that today’s Three on Thursday post. You know, along the lines of three things I loved, or three new-to-me plants, or three favorite photos … but the reality of the Garden. in May. on a day when it’s warm but not hot, with a cloudy morning that gives way to beautiful white clouds against a bright blue sky. after days of rain. and an incredible special exhibit called (most appropriately) Imaginary Worlds. well…. here’s what my photos looked after I went through them It’s a good problem to have, for sure! so…

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    Three on Thursday | Haiku.

    Joining in with Carole and friends today to share a three-line poem. creamy blooms spread wide atop glossy green, spreading the scent of summer Thanks to our 90+ degree stretch last weekend, the magnolias are starting to open. This tree is in the common area where Holly takes her evening walks. It smells wonderful! Hope your week is going well … here’s to almost-Friday!

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    Three on Thursday | 2018 Summer Book Bingo!

    There’s a new section on the sidebar to the right for this year’s Summer Book Bingo. The cards are ready – it’s time to start planning! And since it’s Thursday, here are three things you need to know about this year’s Summer Book Bingo: 1. Books you finish between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend count. This year that means books you finish May 26 – September 3. This might be a great opportunity to finish books you started a while back … or you could simply get a headstart by starting now and “finishing” Memorial Day Weekend. 2. You get to interpret the relevance of the square to…

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    Three on Thursday | Hello May.

    Hello May! 6 a.m. today ♥ my unplugged mornings! It’s 80 degrees today …. with blue skies, sunshine and low humidity. Thank you! (and I would be ever-so-grateful if you could hold on to that forecast for a few more weeks 😉). For the first time since I can remember, I’m planning to be home for the entire month of May. I’m looking forward to welcoming summer from the comfort of my routines – unplugged mornings in my study, regular meetings with my friends for study and fellowship, regular workouts, regular meals … and hopefully – soon! – porch time! And because it’s Thursday, here are three specific things I’m…

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    Three on Thursday | A Reading Update.

    If you read the title of this post, I’m sure you’re wondering how I could possibly share a reading update – even just a little over three months into the year – with only three things. Well – I’m only going to share three images 😉. Image one – tracking the only reading goal I made for the year – to buy fewer books. That 13% is just five books – three were definitely impulse (must keep reading) purchases, but two were for Lent – one for my daily devotion and one for my small group (I always buy those books). I’d like to see the blue “pie” get a little…

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    Three on Thursday | Three of Us Throwbacks.

    In the end, I wasn’t able to join the girls for dinner last night … so I don’t have the recap post I’d planned (things we talked about/things I learned, creative cocktails, food p*rn) or the requisite three of us photo. Instead, how about revisiting three of my favorite meals with my two favorite girls. 1. Lunch at Gallo Nero in NYC. December 19, 2009. (blogged here) Katie lived in NYC that year and Sara and I flew up the evening before for a before-Christmas break. Sara was a senior in high school and had just been accepted to Georgia Tech. I was winding down my real job, preparing to…