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    Beaufort 2018 | Part One.

    This year’s trip* was maybe the most fun … the place we stayed was perfect for the four of us, the weather was cool and breezy but dry, the food and drink were amazing (as always) and I won the weekend-long dice tournament 😉. I’m not sure if it was the fun factor, or having 1SE (movie!), or just that we are all so comfortable with each other and the place, but I have a record 70+ photos (that’s the edited down number) and a video mashup #funproblems. We love looking back on these blog posts as we plan our visits – and of course as we look back on…

  • Just Life

    Ten on the Tenth | Enjoying Fall.

    last week’s lake view … those trees are nearly bare now, but wow! Ten on Tuesday is now a monthly thing and I couldn’t be happier today to share my first Ten on the Tenth post about things I’m enjoying this fall. 1. The colors. The trees have put on an amazing show for us this year; it’s nearly over now, but it’s been spectacular. 2. Getting back to knitting wool. I knit a lot of silk, cotton and linen during the warmer months, but my heart belongs to wool. My hands enjoy getting back to it, too. 3. Planning holiday menus. 4. Seeing Sara (she’ll be here two weeks…

  • Just Life

    Making Room.

    I shared a very vague post a few months back about making room for new priorities. After more thought and many difficult conversations, including some hard goodbyes, today marked the end of what I now see as a months-long journey to be home on Thursdays. It started back in May, when I moved my knitting class from Monday nights to Thursdays. The change was good, like I shared in July: Beginning last month, I moved my Monday evening class to Thursday evenings. Thankfully, all my students save one were able to make the change and most were just as happy about it as I am. It’s nice to be home…

  • Books

    An Altar in the World.

    I hadn’t intended to be away from here on Friday, but the day got away from me almost as soon as it started. First, I finished reading this book. Then I met with a wonderful group of women to talk about it. Then I went to a meditation class and then, well then I decided the blog could get by without me for a day or two. I very rarely write much about the books I read, but I took a bit of time on Goodreads this morning to write a little about this one. I know many of you follow my reviews there, so you might see this anyway.…

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    Ten on Tuesday | Home.

    This week, Carole’s invited us to share ten things we love about our home. Shortly after I picked up the prompt, I read this: …then she’d walk from room to room in a small private ritual* she had, something she did whenever she’d been traveling. She’d touch all the things she loved the most, the objects and pictures and mementos that made this house her home, the one place on earth where she truly belonged and that belonged to her. (from Debbie Macomber’s A Turn in the Road) As I prepare for tomorrow’s trip, the timing couldn’t be better! (and a post that’s long on photos and short on words…

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    My (favorite) Dad.

    …I’m going rogue for Ten on Tuesday today. Carole asked us to share our ten favorite TV dads; while I was struggling to come up with even one or two (BJ from M*A*S*H?, Sandy from the O.C.?) from the make-believe world, I had no trouble thinking up ten plus reasons my dad is my favorite. And I’m very fortunate that he’s still around to read this post!  So I’m going to consider this a belated Father’s Day card* to my dad (who is, in the best Southern way…Daddy). If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably know my mom was great with photos – not…

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    Fresh Air!

    …porch views (#porchview on Instagram) and park views – it’s time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air! Those front porch planters have been refreshed. I didn’t end up with the “hot” colors I planned – instead I have muted pink and peach, gold and a hot green. It’s been five days and the deer and rabbits haven’t eaten anything. I’m thinking they must be still busy with the neighbors. May is a great month for our screened porch. I cleaned it week before last (and then waited to see if the pollen was really done – it was) and Marc set out the sofa cushions on Friday. I’ve…

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    Ten on Tuesday | Hearts (just for fun).

    …it’s Valentine’s Day this Saturday. And in that spirit, Carole‘s asked us to share about love. I’ve had fun thinking about this list all day – things that make me smile and warm my heart…hearts (just for fun). ♥ Tuesdays with Charlie. He’ll be five months old this Friday and I love that I get to see him at least once a week. On Tuesdays, I have him all to myself (although I think Holly is just about to insert herself and demand her own Charlie time). I love that I get all the photo ops. And if I’m lucky, I get a really wonderful one. (this one happened before…

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    Bring on the Twinkle.

    …my well-earned reward for a long to-do list…fully done. Twinkle lights, a glass of wine and knitting. When I walked with Lauren this morning, I didn’t think there was any way I’d get it all done (especially because I – yikes!!! – overslept an hour!) 12 hours later, I’m still amazed it all happened. and incredibly grateful for my iPhone. And now I’m leaving it to charge…while I re-charge. Happy Thursday!

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    Watercolor Wednesday | The Bird Tree.

    …made its first appearance in 2011 in the family room of our old house (and yikes, I had to really dig to find any reference to it here on the blog!). The tree is just four feet tall so it sits on a table – now in our entry hall. I love how there’s a trail of twinkling tree lights from the front of the house to the back (stay tuned – that’s a post for another day!) I’ve added a few ornaments since 2011 – bird ornaments are one of the few things I still actively collect. Apparently, I have a lot of red birds. Along with a few…