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    TGIF | Burying the Lede.

    Fun fact – I wasn’t quite sure what “burying the lede” meant unto about five minutes ago when I finally looked it up and decided it was indeed what I intended to do with the photos I had 🙂  Also, I love that I can tag one of my mostly-regular TGIF posts with a title that doesn’t reference time.  (and yup, burying that lede even more!) Happy Friday y’all! and welcome to TGIF in this little corner of the internet. Thinking about … how to balance stillness and connection as things start to re-open. When I wrote this year’s intentions, I was imagining a world that looked like most of…

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    TGIF | Mid-November.

    Happy Friday! not gonna lie, I was a little worried about another Friday the 13th in 2020, and so far *knocks on wood* it’s been ok. maybe even better than ok. So I’m going to allow myself to breathe out just a bit … and TGIF. Thinking about … updating our house. Over the summer, we toyed with moving – maybe to a nearby lake, maybe into Atlanta closer to Katie’s family – and ended up deciding to stay … for a few more years. Marc’s still playing golf and I’m now playing tennis at an affiliated club. We can handle all the stairs (this is not a little deal…

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    Another Week.

    It’s been Another Week, hasn’t it? and I’m not gonna talk about all the things I’m sure y’all are tired of reading about, hearing about, talking about, and maybe even thinking about. except to say that I’m really glad Marc is retired because he now he has a full-time job talking me off the ledge. I will say – he’s good at it. On our walk this morning, he talked about this blog post (later he forwarded me the text). It’s good. and of course I was in tears by the time I reached the end: “I have the capacity to be patient and forgiving. I can be slow to…

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    Staycationing with Sara.

    Greetings, friends! We’ve had A FULL WEEK with Sara … one with moments I could almost forget what was happening outside the walls of my house … and then the things we did (and didn’t do) with others … and the photos. It’s clear things are different. and. This is the life I have. I am going to live into the good parts and celebrate them. and find ways to make more of them when I can. Obviously, the opportunity to lay eyes and hands on Sara (who has been living solo in a flat in Bristol since mid-March … and hasn’t seen another human in real life without a…

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    tennis banquet.

    …this event didn’t even make my “looking forward to” list. but it certainly should have. this was definitely the best one of the six I attended (two for katie and four for sara)… and the only thing that made me (just a very very tiny bit) sad was the realization that I’ve finally figured out how to enjoy stuff like this, now that it’s ending. of course it didn’t hurt that the food was good. and that sara won the first-ever scholar athlete award for the girls varsity team. thanks to another mom for a lovely photo of me and sara and to all the girls for a wonderful team photo thinking this…

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    going to state.

    …for the first time in roswell high’s 61 year history – the girls won their round one match in the regional tournament and qualified for state. sara didn’t play, so I wasn’t nervous :-), and simply enjoyed the day – great tennis, plenty of sunshine, and a bunch of nice girls (and their parents). we lost the round two match (as expected – it was vs walton – they’ve been undefeated for the past six years) so today is the consolation match and determines seeding for the state tournament. it’s going to be another warm sunny day. perfect for watching more tennis and enjoying the company.

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    70/365 – new pasta salad.

    70/365 – new pasta salad Originally uploaded by mere2007…it was a huge hit – and I’m so proud of us for creating it, wanted to share the recipe! 2 # of tri-color cheese tortellini, cooked as usual, then drained and rinsed with cold water2# grape tomatoes, cut in half2# fresh mozzarella, cut into 1/2″ cubeswe mixed all that together (you can see the results in the photo) and added the dressing just before serving dressing:1/2 c. basil pesto3 T white wine tarragon vinegar2 T waterblend well (we have an old tupperware salad dressing shaker that works great for this) {thank goodness for costco where all these ingredients can be purchased…

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    69/365 – watching tennis

    69/365 – watching tennis Originally uploaded by mere2007…love having a warm day! and a win for sara (and the team)!!

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    peachtree invitational.

    wow. lots of tennis in the last two days. as we say at work “bottom line on top” – they won. but that’s just a small part of the story. there was the weather – it poured down rain friday and into early saturday morning. we played two of the four matches on covered courts (thank goodness there were covered courts or the whole thing might’ve been cancelled). but the rain ended and by noon on saturday there were spots of sunshine and a breeze that helped dry the courts. and lots of talk about the snow that’s scheduled for today in atlanta 🙂 here are photos that tell another…