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    Early February Weekending.

    Unlike many of our retired empty nester friends (or our favorite Dowager), weekends are still a big deal for us. We make definite plans for Friday and Saturday night meals (usually not featuring leftovers) and TV watching. Marc typically plays golf on Saturday and Sunday, which means we don’t walk together and I have My Time. Then we’ll spend late Saturday and Sunday afternoons together, catching up and watching sports (aka “knitting”). It’s a really nice mix of together and alone time. and I always look forward to it. The Winter Months are a challenge. because golf doesn’t always happen. Marc is finding ways to spend his weekdays. but weekends…

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    TGIF | Blue Sky Blooms!

    Wow, what a difference a week makes! I promised y’all blooms this month … and couldn’t be more delighted to deliver on that promise so quickly. Here’s a close-up. and one for Kym (this isn’t my yard … but I am delighted every time I see one, too!) Happy Friday! Thinking about spring knitting. I know. I’ve been thinking about it all week. First up is a sample knit that I can’t share here. But next, I think it’s going to be this. in a light pink cotton/silk blend. Getting back into podcasts. I’m enjoying On Being, The Daily and The Argument. and look forward to trying out The Enneagram Journey…

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    Unraveled Wednesday | Rainy Blooms.

    I will spare y’all a picture of the endless gray garter stitch* to share two photos from this morning’s walk. I figure blooms, even rain-washed ones, are a most welcome sight these days! Joining in with Kat and friends. Happy Wednesday! *I think I have just two more rows before I start the pockets, so the end is definitely in sight!

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    Late January Weekending.

    First up – thank you all for your kind comments about Friday’s Three Years post. My mom and I are having a great time exploring many new things; and I submitted our volunteer applications to Senior Services this morning! Now to the weekend … I know many of y’all can’t wait for this month to be over, and I’m sure a big part of why I don’t mind January so much is because it’s usually not awful weather-wise*. Of course “not awful” for a knitter who likes to take walks outside is much different than for a golfer who is experiencing his first retired January with just TWO rounds of…

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …make you question the date*! Here’s what I saw when Holly and I walked in the afternoon. And here’s a glimpse from the same day last year. Weather is a crazy thing for sure, but last year it was February before we saw the Lenten Rose bloom. I hope your week is off to a sure start … for Monday, January 7! *full disclosure, this post should probably be titled Sometimes Sundays because the photos I’m sharing are from January 6 … which in 2019, was yesterday.

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    Hello friends and Happy Solstice! We haven’t seen the sun in a few days, so I’ll just have to look forward to the later sunsets. Maybe tomorrow?! And of course it’s Friday … of the last weekend before Christmas … so without further ado: Thinking about my one little word for 2019.  (are you?) Grateful for a “free day” on my calendar – tomorrow! of course I’ve planned two days worth of things to fill that time, but still … it feels good! Inspired by today’s reading in Advent in Narnia. The devotion is inspired by Chapter 11 where Edmund finally realizes that the Witch won’t make him king. or…

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    Three on Thursday | For This Holiday Season.

    My small group is reading Heidi Haverkamp’s Advent in Narnia this holiday season (along with a few chapters of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe* and maybe even watching a few scenes from one of the movies … I haven’t seen any of them so that part really intrigues me). Advent is short this year so we started the book this week in order to mostly finish it by our last meeting on December 21. All of which is to explain how I’m into Week One of an Advent devotion and looking at Chapter 4 of Lewis’ book. This is the chapter where Edmund finds his way into Narnia,…

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    Birthday Weekending.

    Birthdays come fast and furious around here this time of year. This past Saturday was my birthday … and we celebrated all weekend long! Thursday evening’s Thanksgiving Service was a wonderful beginning. Friday. the camellias were in full bloom – and the sun came out! But the best news came at the vet’s office. Holly was diagnosed with pneumonia the weekend before. Friday afternoon was her third set of X-rays and the first to show solid improvement and a good prognosis. It was really the best birthday present I could’ve asked for, but the gifts kept coming! Friday evening sunset. Birthday sunrise over the lake (I took this photo from…

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    Cheers | Apple Cider Mule.

    Two weekends ago, when Marc’s nephew (Ross) was here, I mixed up a batch of Fall Classics, substituting an intense apple spice syrup* for the thyme. I liked this version better and Ross asked for (and has since made) the recipe. Success! And then I had the happy problem of leftovers – apple spice syrup, lemons and apple cider. I started experimenting with all sorts of mixes and last weekend settled on my favorite. I gave it one last test with Karen and Lydia and they agreed it’s ready for prime time. … and perfect for a pre-Thanksgiving Cheers! Apple Cider Mule 2 oz gin (or bourbon, or even vodka)…

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    Three on Thursday | Hello November.

    Hello November! It’s been a while since I said “hello” to a new month from this most comfortable perch at my kitchen counter (and with both feet resting on the rungs of the stool 😉 ). There’s just something about November that makes me glad to be home. I find that when I focus my attention on home, family and friends – I can see light shining in even the darkest places. It gives me hope. It feeds my soul. It gives me courage. and for all of this I am so very grateful. I need – and I’m sure y’all do too – massive doses of ALL of those…