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    Looking Back | March.

    When I wrote yesterday that I was re-committing to my monthly collages of daily photos, I didn’t realize how deep a habit that had been.  (one might think I’d have looked back at that before deciding to toss it all aside when I got nervous about Flickr?!) In any event, this afternoon I looked back through the archives and discovered my first Looking Back post. January 2014. (!!) Along the way, I upgraded the collage app so I have more flexibility with the font and the layout – but the heart of it all – collecting a month of photos into a calendar grid is still there. and that –…

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    Early April Weekending.

    Hello friends – how was your weekend? Ours was nice. a good mix of our same old routines Friday night snacks, a nice meal (candles, wine, placemats) on Saturday, solo walks with Holly that provided lovely opportunities to see Spring and catch up with a few excellent recent podcast episodes. The weather was golf-worthy both days, so I had more time to myself, perfect for sewing – yay! for the first time this year – I did have to get out the instruction manual for both machines just to be sure I had things threaded properly 😉 the beginning of the latest season of Call the Midwife (it’s streaming on…

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    Hello April.

    Hello April. Hello to a new week, a new month and another fresh start. Hello being gentler with myself. Hello getting back to sewing. Hello exploring new – mind-blowing – ideas. Hello making plans to connect with friends. and family. Hello new habits. Let’s go!

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    Currents | Spring 2019.

    Hello Friday … and hello to all of you! Spring arrived in full this week … pollen and all 🙂 and it seems like a perfect opportunity to pause and write about right now. Loving the longer days. That top photo was taken at 8:20pm Wednesday evening. Noticing all the colors – and signs of life – on my walks. The top photo is from my after-small-group walk to the library (see Reading below) and the bottom is from this morning’s outing with Holly. Planning a trip to New York. with Marc!!! in June. Eating breakfast. I missed a day earlier this month (upset stomach … drank tea and ate…

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    More March Weekending.

    Ah, March – not only does she have five Fridays, she also has five weekends! and this one, #4, was spectacular. We got to see Charlie get a hit score a run and hang out looking “ready”. Sam didn’t get nearly that much activity … but he ate well. Katie says that the hardest part about these sporting weekends is entertaining the younger sibling(s) … at least there’s food! This text exchange between Marc and Rob on Saturday evening gives you the “guy’s read” of the game. The dads play a kind of “zone coach” thing while the kids rotate through the various positions. Rob had the short stop zone…

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    Unraveled Wednesday | Spring!

    My mom and I completed our first “Pantry to You” drop-offs this morning. We met the Senior Services Volunteer Manager at the local food pantry to load up the boxes and get a quick introduction to the two routes, covering three deliveries. The whole thing went really well. Google Maps was key, and we had awesome timing with the many (many!) lights … but the best part was meeting the three ladies. The little bouquet above is from our first delivery. The woman lived in a “small house between 2 large ones. Easy to miss.” In springtime, the house would better be described as “small house with huge yard, completely…

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    Three Photo Weekending.

    I have only three photos to share from this weekend. They may be few, but they are mighty 🙂 The sun was out on Saturday and it was lovely. I took a solo morning walk to the lake. Solo is key for capturing these kinds of #blueskyblooms. Marc played golf and I indulged in some quality time with myself and a few magazines. I was reminded how much I love baths and bubbles! I think my last bath was last February, when we were in Los Cabos (the bubbles and the room were infused with the same scent and it was … wonderful). All that alone time was wonderful preparation…

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    Late February Weekending.

    aka Weekending with the Oscars. also – finally! – A Sunday with Sunshine! and oh my goodness, it’s also been a Monday with Sunshine. TWO days in a row. Of course the golf course is closed on Mondays. and I missed knitting with my girls because I found a boo-boo in my sample knit after I blocked it (and therefore had to fix it). but still. I’d rather have bad news on a sunny day. and looking back over the photos I have to share from my weekend still makes me smile. Hoping they’ll do the same for you! We got a great start with Friday Night Snacks (many of…

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    Around Here | February 2019.

    I didn’t intend to let almost a whole week go by without visiting this space, but I did. It certainly wasn’t because I was super-busy, or distracted by other things or (sadly) someplace else having fun in the sun. I guess I just needed a break. and I’m so glad I’m at the point in my life where I’m good with that. I thought about y’all a lot this week and drafted a good half dozen posts in my head. But sitting down on Friday afternoon to actually write one turns out to be hard. So I’m going with a tried and true format. Around here the weather went from…

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    Early February Weekending.

    Unlike many of our retired empty nester friends (or our favorite Dowager), weekends are still a big deal for us. We make definite plans for Friday and Saturday night meals (usually not featuring leftovers) and TV watching. Marc typically plays golf on Saturday and Sunday, which means we don’t walk together and I have My Time. Then we’ll spend late Saturday and Sunday afternoons together, catching up and watching sports (aka “knitting”). It’s a really nice mix of together and alone time. and I always look forward to it. The Winter Months are a challenge. because golf doesn’t always happen. Marc is finding ways to spend his weekdays. but weekends…