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    Looking Back | April.

    Hi friends. Before I start Looking Back to April, I’d like to look back to Friday’s post, particularly the kind and thoughtful comments y’all left in response to my questions. I really appreciate every single one of you who makes the time to read what I share, whether you comment or not! Truly, this community is one of my favorite things about the internet (apart, some days, from Instagram). Thank you! 1. What am I celebrating? + we did a whole month, without having any end date in mind. + the Three Things and Small Joys practices to bookend my day with a sense of energy and gratitude. (also, I’m…

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    Three on Thursday | Making Me Smile.

    Hey y’all, it’s Thursday – almost the end of Week Eight in SAH Time … and I’m happy to be here with Three Things making me smile this week. Thing One.Newleaf is done! and in the time since I took that photo and started writing this post, it’s finished soaking and is now laid out on to dry. (also, fingers crossed my swatch didn’t lie because it’s not at all the width/length I want – yikes!) Thing Two.The morning walks have been glorious these past few days. It’s like we have two Springs here. The first one when all the trees blossom ended a few weeks back and now we’re…

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    Looking Back | March.

    Back in January (which seems like saying “Years Ago”), I started a more robust Looking Back practice. In February (just “Months Ago”) I tweaked the format a bit and was feeling pretty pleased with where I’d landed. And then … the pandemic hit home. The day after I shared that February post, on March 12, we started social distancing, and now we’ve been officially Staying Home for weeks. I have been keeping up with my daily photos, but I was struggling to put the words together. Then I saw Kat and Carole share theirs, full of honest reflection; and their posts have encouraged me (thank you, ladies!) to do the…

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    Hello friends! It’s time to mark the beginning of another weekend, our fifth one of Staying at Home. Today I did three things that weren’t on my Three Things list. First, I swapped out the winter decorations (glittered pinecones, sugared fruit, red potpourri, dark throw pillows) for spring (eggs, a bird’s nest, different candles, lighter pillows). Then I helped Marc setup the screened porch (bless him, he cleaned it all by himself – even scrubbing the floor!). and finally, I visited the Post Office to mail the masks I sewed yesterday for Katie’s family. Those first two things really helped me feel normal – and lighter!  … and that last…

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    Announcing a New Book Bingo!

    Hello friends and welcome to a seventh season of Book Bingo. Everything in the world is topsy turvy right now anyway, so I decided (with much encouragement from my sister) that we didn’t need to wait until Memorial Day to kick off this year’s bingo. Welcome to Shelter at Home Bingo. You can generate your card here and refresh yourself about all the “rules” here. (and note there’s a page with all of that linked in the top menu bar on the blog.) In a nutshell, the only big change is that we’re starting on April 1 (the date my town officially began SAH) and ending on the later of…

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    Hello April.

    Hello April, I did take my usual dark early photo on Wednesday, the one with the new calendar photo, my coffee, my journal and an otherwise a clean desk. And while I am still taking that time each day, April is really looking a lot more like this. This is me “sheltering at home”. My town officially started SAH Wednesday evening and our state officially began today. Marc and I have mentally prepared ourselves for another nine weeks (this is the end of week three for us … so we are thinking 1/4 done … maybe?) Nonetheless. Hello April. I do have plans. or rather “things”.I’m holding everything loosely right now.…

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    Late March Weekending.

    Hello friends – I hope you managed to find a way to mark the weekend, especially if you have a job or kids at home, and time to rest. This is a time when honoring some kind of Sabbath routine feels especially important. As we progressed through our weekend – Friday Night Dinner (now the one time a week that we sit at the table, with “first-time” food, candles, music and wine), Saturday afternoon cooking shows (we started this habit years ago when we had to pay attention to the TV Guide to find out when the cooking shows were on; now we rely on our DVR and YouTube to…

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    Five Good Things.

    Hello, friends. I hope this finds you well and safe at home. Today I am happy to have five good things to share. Thing one. The morning walks continue. Today I crossed an empty street (two lanes, typically bumper to bumper with cars) to stand under these crabapple trees to take a photo. I love the cherry trees for being first. I love the crabapples for all the shades of pink. Things two and three. The knitting continues and I should get the sleeves separated today. Yesterday I needed something totally escapist in my ears and searched Libby for Mary Kay Andrews on audio. There were two new-to-me titles available…

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    Looking Back | February.

    Last month I started Looking Back with a slightly broader lens – encompassing not only the daily photos, but also a few reflections. This month I’m making a few more tweaks: 1. What am I celebrating? + first signs of Spring, another beautiful amaryllis season, and 41 years with the same Valentine. 2. What worked well? what didn’t? + our cookbook club – two meetings in and I think we have a plan that’s going to carry us through. – the planning for our women’s service was at times both stressful and frustrating; this was my 4th (or 5th?) year leading the preparation and it was the first where I…

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    A Monday Haiku.

    blue skies, faces turned upward, feeling warmth return breath prayer: welcome welcome a fresh start. welcome a full week. welcome connecting with friends (near and far). welcome another day of sunshine (we’ve had three in a row and this makes four – the longest stretch of 2020!). welcome a reasonable to-do list. welcome signs of spring. welcome all. What are you welcoming today? Wishing you a lovely week!