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    A Very Merry Christmas.

    I realized on Friday that I had three more posts I wanted to share before the new year and I decided to go for it even though it would mean posting on the weekend. First up is a recap of our Christmas. I loved sharing the Christmas Eve service at my church with my brother and his family. I commented to Lydia (my SIL in case you’re new to the family relationships here) on the way out that I’m sure I take my church for granted. The lovely sanctuary, caring clergy, beautiful music ministry, thoughtful liturgy (with underlying thoughtful theology)  … it’s a given for me. and how blessed am…

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    A Love Letter to Bristol.

    Hello friends and happy Friday! It’s hard to believe it’s been ten days since I arrived back in Atlanta. Thankfully my body has adjusted (that five hour time change was a doozie for at least a week) … but looking back over all the photos and video from my trip, I can tell there are definitely still parts of my heart and my mind that might stay in Bristol for a while (or at least the “three to five years” that Sara will be living there). I toyed with the idea of making this post fit my typical Friday TGIF format, but in the end, I decided not to force…

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    TGIF | Hello August.

    Hello August! I do love a month with five Fridays – especially because I will likely miss a TGIF post for two of them while I’m in England. Honestly, I’m having trouble thinking beyond my trip right now – and I do love playing around with words – so this post is all about what I’m welcoming for that experience: Two of us. I thought for sure I’d written a post about what an awesome travel partner Sara is, but I can’t find it, so maybe I didn’t. In any event, we started traveling together – two of us – in 2006 (Sara was in middle school) and since then,…

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    Good News.

    Happy Thursday, y’all! I’ve been sitting on some good news and I’m delighted I have the official go-ahead to share it. Sara is relocating to Bristol, UK! She’s transferring with Epic (the same company she’s been with since she graduated college) in August. The Epic office is a couple hundred employees strong (including a few folks from Madison who joined the company back when Sara did) and she’s really excited to be part of it. And I am really excited she’s asked me to help her settle in! Delta flies to Bristol via Amsterdam, and we are meeting there early on August 6 (our flights both land at 5:55 am).…

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    Weekending in NYC.

    Back on Monday, I promised y’all two weekending posts … and before another weekend arrives, it seems like a good time to share our long weekend in New York (also wow! – it’s hard to believe I was getting ready to leave two weeks ago tonight). Marc and I flew up to NYC early Friday morning and came home the following Tuesday evening, so we had 4-1/2 days in the city. This was my third trip there to see Sara … and Marc’s first. I think this was also Marc’s first non-business visit there since … college? and also our first trip there together since the summer of 1982. Needless…

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    Family Fun Weekending.

    The last weekend of 2018 was full of family fun. We celebrated the end of Sara’s work week (aka “Friday night”) with a puzzle, holiday mules and mussels for dinner. I was up early Saturday morning and enjoyed the most recent Christmas episode of Call the Midwife along with a little ADVENTurer knitting.We had the puzzle about 80% finished by the time we left for Steve & Lydia’s – this year’s hosts for the annual family holiday party. It was great fun having the whole family together (for the first time since my dad’s memorial service back in April, 2016). Sam kind of stole the whole show 🙂 but Charlie gave…

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    TGIF | The Last One of 2018.

    I don’t think it’s just me … this week – and these last few days of 2018 – is flying by. Hopefully the weekend will put me in a better frame of mind to welcome a new year, but now it’s Friday … and time for the last TGIF post of this year. Thinking about my #makenine plans for 2019, with a focus on finishing works-in-progress, learning new skills, and using yarn and fabric I already have. Grateful for time with my girls this week. Wednesday’s lunch was delightful (and we even found a nice person to take our photo), as was Mary Poppins Returns! Inspired by our girl-talk on…

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    FO Friday | The Blanket’s Tale (the end).

    As I mentioned early last week, the blanket was finished, washed and packed in plenty of time to travel to New York in my suitcase. It looks perfectly at home on Sara’s sofa. She prefers the backside; I’ll admit it definitely shows the gradient to full advantage, but the knitter in me thinks the right side is pretty cool. I’m glad I’ll get to picture her, sitting right (t)here, snuggled, warm and wrapped in love. The project is on Ravelry, here. I don’t often think this about a project this big, but I’m hoping to knit another one (maybe with a worsted weight yarn so it goes a little faster?…

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    Ending on a High Note.

    I had an easy trip home yesterday. Marc and Holly were glad to see me and it felt good to walk in “my park” with Lauren this morning. Today I have errands to run and laundry to do, but first, I wanted to share one last New York post with y’all.  The timing of my trip was centered around one event, that took place Tuesday evening. The Fab Five were wonderful – smart, funny, thoughtful and entertaining (honestly, all the things I’d expect from watching them in two seasons of Queer Eye). It was a great way to end a very fun week in New York. as was this clear…

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    New York City Weekending.

    All weekends are good, but one spent in New York, with Sara, three days of beautiful blue skies, long walks in Central Park, a Broadway show, great meals, a few cocktails and a couple bottles of wine … well, see what you think!                     In between all that, Sara and I spent a good bit of time making the new mere-et-filles feel more like home. I love the images she created and the new theme, layout and colors are making me smile … especially now that it’s done! I hope you enjoy this new space, too. Thank you for visiting!