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    Family Fun Weekending.

    The last weekend of 2018 was full of family fun. We celebrated the end of Sara’s work week (aka “Friday night”) with a puzzle, holiday mules and mussels for dinner. I was up early Saturday morning and enjoyed the most recent Christmas episode of Call the Midwife along with a little ADVENTurer knitting.We had the puzzle about 80% finished by the time we left for Steve & Lydia’s – this year’s hosts for the annual family holiday party. It was great fun having the whole family together (for the first time since my dad’s memorial service back in April, 2016). Sam kind of stole the whole show 🙂 but Charlie gave…

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    Making Merry.

    Good morning and Happy Boxing Day! How was your Christmas? Ours got off to a dark, chilly start – the power went out at 3:15am. Thank goodness for candles and headlamps, gas fireplaces, and gas stoves and french press coffee makers. And gathering at Katie’s for the afternoon.  The little boys make everything more fun! Reindeer, racecards and legos for table decor. Socks as mittens?! The power came back while we were gone. It was wonderful to return to a warm home and lights! Today, Sara and I have plans to meet Katie for a late lunch and then see Mary Poppins. a practically perfect way to continue making merry…

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    Birthday Weekending.

    Saturday’s birthday celebrations were fun, delicious and most photo-worthy! It’s nice on a Monday morning to have a blog post practically write itself as soon as I have the photos edited and uploaded 🙂 Katie did a wonderful job with the New York City theme and the food. The boys donned their costumes just before the guests arrived. No, it wasn’t a costume party, but pirates and spidermen have more fun. There were cupcakes and candleswith a very willing older brother to help. And then presents. Sam has two new “things to wear” (I wonder how long it will take him to wear both at the same time?) Saturday was…

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    A Postcard from Home.

    Re-entry has been challenging … a six hour time difference and two little boys … well …. I felt a bit more like myself last night (and then the Braves lost – gah!!!) but hopefully … I’ll be back tomorrow with an Unraveled story 🙂  

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    Three on Thursday | Fun Things.

    Joining in with Carole and friends today to share three fun things.Thing One. Snagged from a recent FaceTime with our favorite almost-two-year-old. “Watch” he tells Poppa. Also, that’s a Batman cape around his shoulders. Chainsaws are for superhero pirates.   Thing Two. My mom and I spent yesterday afternoon making lists and updating our Google map to include bakeries (Lebkuchen in Nuremberg and pastries in Vienna). I also downloaded Rick Steves’ Travel app. Super impressed with the content and usability. also free!   Thing Three. This photo was taken four years ago. Yes, today is Charlie’s 4th birthday! I have the privilege of baking his cake; and Marc and I are…

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    Labor Day Weekending.

    Those three photos I shared on Thursday gave you a pretty good idea what the rest of our “long weekend” looked like. But pictures always tell a better story, right?! Lots of games. both inside and out. Toddler cornhole, which is apparently way more fun than the grown-up version. Relaxing outside and enjoying beautiful views in all directions. Kayaking on the lake. Enjoying meals together (once the little boys are asleep). A very special early birthday celebration, which began with hotdogs and hamburgers and ended with ice cream sandwiches! And finally, on the last evening, a bonfire at the beach, complete with s’mores and one last sunset. The whole family…

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …are stay-at-home days because Sunday afternoons are just way too much fun! YAY! but whoa. Marmie & Poppa (& Holly) are out of practice for the pace of an almost-four and almost-two year old. I’d hoped to get to knitting this afternoon, but my foot started bothering me last night and I opted to lay low and rest instead. That’s the front of the test knit I’m doing for Lori Versaci. Cruising along in straight stockinette (for 15″) while listening to Silent Voices (Vera Stanhope #4). Not a bad way to rest up! and probably more to Holly’s liking, I’m sure 😉 Hope your week is off to a good start…

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    Looking back on my photos from the weekend, Friday night seems like ages ago (maybe because I’ve had two solid nights of sleep since then?!) Yes, I got to spend the evening with my two favorite little guys … who are full-speed non-stop … until they fall asleep. I then had almost two hours to myself at their kitchen counter. a pleasant change of pace from my own. as was the pizza salad Katie ordered me for dinner … and the espresso that I had after the glass of wine. The TV show is The Brief on Amazon Prime. sadly only eight episodes (and I still have one to go).…

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    Early June Weekending.

    Hello and Happy Monday! Thank you for all the great feedback on last Friday’s post, especially about mixing up our workouts. I added in weights and Pilates after this morning’s walk … and it feels sore in that good sort of way 😉. Now let me tell you a little about our weekend. Marc played in the club’s Member Member tournament. I have no photos. He did share that after Saturday’s round they were in 2nd place and yesterday they played the team that won. I think my weekend was a lot more fun! The tournament actually kicked off Friday evening (players only), so I enjoyed Friday night snacks on…

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    Three on Thursday | The Beltline.

    My two favorite little boys didn’t have school yesterday. So I had the privilege of joining them and their mom at a new-to-me place in Atlanta – Ponce City Market and the Beltline. Same as last week, today’s post doesn’t quite fit into Three on Thursday, but I’m going for it anyway! The drive down was awful. It was totally worth it. I’m looking forward to our next visit (hopefully on a weekend!) Point 1. (and the actual was even worse).  Thankfully the trip home was much better (see point 3). Point 2. Where do I start? The cityscape views were amazing … headed north before lunch – Ponce City…