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    Not Knitting.

    Thursday’s walk…the baby geese are growing up fast! …I woke up Sunday with a very sore right arm; the few rows I attempted made it worse. I gave it a few hours rest and some ice and tried again that afternoon. nope. I haven’t knitted since then. Five whole days ago. I am happy to report that my arm feels a lot better – and I’m going to try a little (really, just a “little”!) knitting this weekend just to see how it goes. I have an appointment with an elbow specialist on Wednesday. I wonder if I’ll be the first knitter she’s seen? my guess is no. In any…

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    Being Present.

    The Practice of Being Present Attend the breath. Let the rhythm slow and settle. Filling, emptying, draw the outside  in, and then release. Simplicity and ease. Nothing to do but breathe, relax and feel the free movement of air and life force, watch the play of energy and  sensation, all everything to be, without the need  to change or fix or make it different. This moment, you can listen to your soul. This breath, you can have no goal but being. You  are already complete. This, just this, is  what it means to be whole. – Danna Faulds Last Friday morning, my yoga teacher read this poem to us at…

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    …of my One Little Word. I’m really committed to following through on all this word promises for this year. Little reminders can’t hurt!First is this beautiful wood carving, a gift from my sweet friend Honore (this is our sixth year sharing the OLW journey!) It lives in front of Charlie’s photo* on my desk. and seems so appropriate since he is such a big part of why I chose the word. Thanks to Kym’s recommendation, I also have these reminders to wear. Love the tiny tinkles they make as they bump up against each other when I knit – or move my hands (as I often do!). Have to say…the…

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    Words on Wednesday.

    …this has been hanging in my sister’s kitchen for years. But I never really saw it until tonight. I’m not sure I even read the words.paying attention. counting my blessings.  

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    Ten on Tuesday | Well-intended.

    …just six days into the new year and I’m already documenting intentions. Thank you, Carole – I think this is a record! I wasn’t sure I was even going to do anything (more than that One Thing) this year until Christmas. But things came together and I have a word – it’s Present. as in Be Present. Inspired almost entirely by these two images. Katie took that first photo back on December 2 and Kal Barteski posted the second one on Instagram three weeks ago. When I saw Kal’s post, I remembered a quotation I’d read on Ali Edwards’ blog years ago (it took me a few hours to track…

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    One Thing for 2015 | Beginning.

    …remember a few weeks back I posted about that One Thing? A huge Thank You for your encouragement and creative input! Day One. I’ve decided it’s going to be yoga. Yep, that hadn’t even made the short list when I wrote that last post; it seemed too much of a stretch. But a few more things came together over that next week (including a very surprising one little word) and daily yoga suddenly didn’t seem so hard. My goal is just 15 minutes a day, with poses focused on flexibility, balance and strength. Days I get to take a class are easy; it’s the days where it’s me and my…