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    another monday.

    …if you read last week (thank you!) you’re probably expecting this. a post about another monday. for me the mondays are drawn in black and white – those where I spend half the day cleaning. and those where I don’t. today was that latter kind of monday. yep, a “fun monday”. marc is away right now and I thought maybe I’d sleep later (I set an alarm for 5am), but I was downstairs turning on the coffee at 4:45. waking habits are hard to break! as are coffee habits. I told myself last night I’d be fine to have reheated coffee today…yeah, no. and tomorrow’s coffee is already ready to…

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    monday night.

    there are notes on this photo. you can see them here. …I can see the light at the end of the “getting into project life” tunnel (more to come on that later this week – I hope!). and getting the first three weeks down on paper (so to speak) has reinforced how great this blog is to capture moments in time. you’d (or maybe it is just me) think the life of a nearly 50 year old empty nester who teaches knitting and walks a little dog at the park would be … pretty much the same day in. and day out. and at 50,000 feet that might be true.…

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    hello march.

    …warmer, longer days (hopefully filled with sunshine, just like today!)…brighter colors…colors in the landscape…catching up on one little word…more letters…wedding plans…a visit from sara and a visit to florida to see my parents…lunches out with friends…knitting…reading…I can’t wait to get started!

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    a few more days.

    …I should be used to feeling this way after a week “off” to play with katie and enjoy a very relaxing long weekend at the beach. but it hit me hard this morning how behind I feel. if you’ve seen my desk, you know a week-plus pile of bills and other mail sitting beside a disorganized pile of knitting (and now needlepoint, too 🙂 bags is just not like me. before I retired, I loved taking a day off for no other reason than to “play”; those days were always productive and I went back to work re-energized. funny, now that I play everyday, it’s just not the same. so…

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    more kitchen table time.

    …it’s been way too long since I indulged in a kitchen table photo. probably because it seems kind of weird  when it’s just me. it’s much more fun if there’s someone else to share it with.  click the photo to see the notes today’s story isn’t about knitting*, but letter writing. I’ve got three regular pen pals (my mom, katie and sara) in my life and I try very hard to send weekly letters. because then I get weekly letters. and getting real mail is worth it! *I was actually surprised that I was knitting in all of those kitchen table photos. really? is that all I ever did while I was…

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    counting down.

    …to graduation. to the end of our high school routines. sara has her final for “lunch” tomorrow (gotta love that, right?) and seniors don’t have school on friday. so today was our last before school breakfast. of course I took a photo! I’m knitting spring green bandit and sara is re-reading a cooks illustrated from a few months back.

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    back to normal.

    …more laundry, more groceries, more cleaning up. but I’m ok with all of that to get this back. monday morning way too early after sara’s 11pm flight on sunday. she’s catching up on food magazines that arrived last week and I’m working on the pattern for my upcoming “vanilla sock” class.

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    this is it.

    …yup, this is really what life is like around here. when we’re here. meaning not at the shop (or school). not walking in the park. not at tennis. not knitting with friends at starbucks. but here. at the kitchen table. (click the photo to see the notes) me knitting. sara reading food blogs. back up 12 hours or so and you would see a similar picture. except I’d be in my pjs (with coffee instead of wine). and sara would be eating oatmeal. I would still be knitting. my monogamous knitting has officially been abandoned. I now have a “breakfast with sara” project. this is my traveling along. pattern here. check…

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    not complaining.

    …nope, not even about the cold, because there was sunshine, and I got to the park with my camera (thinking about my photo for this week’s ride). and later, after another very inspirational meeting with linda at it’s the journey involving google doc forms and other fun stuff, I spent over an hour in this chair drinking a venti latte (found a free drink coupon when I cleaned out the center console in my car), listening to back episodes of cast-on, knitting. click the photo to see more details finally, I went to work for a few hours and spent time with these two pretty yarns. nope, I’m not complaining!

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    thursday is the new friday.

    …at least for the next three weeks when I will be enjoying three (or four!) day weekends. and this seems a fine time to declare – I have very good intentions of blogging more regularly. I miss it. not that I have any plans to out-do may and june of 2007, when I recorded 32 and 31 posts respectively (you know that’s more than one per day, right?) but I definitely want to do better than the pitiful eight in 24 days I’ve managed this september. I miss the process – I enjoy coming home after a long day – and even waking up dark-early, sitting down at the computer…

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