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    Thursday in the City.

    The weather has been a lot better than I thought it would be. Sara didn’t even wear her coat yesterday and the rain was just off and on showers in the afternoon. We spent most of the rainy time sitting at this cozy table with the Times crossword (which mostly stumped us, but we’ll try again today), a delicious meal and a few glasses of wine. Then we walked down to SoHo and did a little shopping. Sara bought shoes (Supergas) and I bought yarn (three skeins of the newest Linen Quill to knit Tails). We decided to head back to the apartment to relax a bit before the play.…

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    A Quick Hello.

    …from Central Park. We walked (and walked and walked some more). And now we’re enjoying a little down time to rest up for dinner. more soon…xo, M. p.s. I feel like my voice is getting better (but Sara says I’m imagining it 🙂

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    Throwback Thursday | Travel Plans.

    Sara and I had a two hour FaceTime on Saturday afternoon to nail down a few details for our trip next week. The weather forecast isn’t great (rainy and chilly), but it is spring and hopefully the forecast is just plain wrong. Still, we don’t have high hopes. We have only two definite things planned to do: 1. see Claire Danes in Dry Powder Thursday evening (Sara managed to get tickets and that’s really the reason for the whole trip); and 2. meet up with a friend of mine Saturday morning. So we spent that two hours on Saturday talking about where we’d eat! Sara pulled it all into a map:…

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    Throwback Thursday | NYC.

    lunch at Del Posto This is from June, 2010. The last two of us (Sara and me) photo from our last trip to NYC. We visited first in April 2008. Sara was a sophomore in high school, considering NYU.  We had a really encouraging tour, but then we went to breakfast one day and it snowed. in April*. She never even applied. We visited again in April 2009. Just for fun. And with no idea that I’d be back in June and July to help Katie move there for a year**. Sara and I visited again that Christmas and then one last time over Memorial Day 2010, just after she…

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    not knitting.

    …that’s right – not knitting (well, except for about an inch on a sock wednesday evening, but that really doesn’t count, does it?). nope, amazing I know! instead, I… …finished reading a book – shadow of the wind by carlos ruiz safon. It was amazing. A great story, beautifully written, and now I think I need to visit barcelona (I’m sure I could get katie to come with me!) …finished my nyc journal – I am so pleased with how it turned out. it’s not quite as full as the one from paris (shown on the bottom), but for a week, I think I did fine. I also uploaded over…

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    …sara and I were up early to visit the union square greenmarket (we’d planned to cook brunch and needed some vegetables, cheese and eggs to make a strata, plus fruit for salad). it didn’t disappoint. only wish I’d had more cash so we could’ve taken home flowers, too! in the afternoon, we walked to the park and enjoyed the people watching. sara and katie got a decent start on a crossword and I made a little more progress on a sock. we dressed up a bit for dinner out at a voce – no more photos after we left katie’s (just a clutch means no room for a camera), but…

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    three of us.

    …love how quickly we settle into being three. tuesday was spent traveling, shopping for food and wine, watching four(?) episodes of parenthood so we were caught up for the season finale (which was sadly a bit of a disappointment – boo!), and eating in. sara and I made mexican while katie worked. not sure what’s up for today. katie just left for work and sara’s still asleep. at least for now, that means knitting time for me!

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    live well. laugh often. love much.

    …I’ve stamped this message inside nearly all the cards I’ve made since I acquired that stamp (2003?) and that really is the motto I try to live by. so it seemed especially fitting to grace the cover page of the travel journal I’ve planned for nyc (beginning tomorrow – or if I take too long to type this post – beginning in just a few hours!) these are the blank pages I’ve printed to capture the details of our days, my thoughts, and special memories, decorated with pieces and parts of my favorite five pages of american crafts patterned paper. leveraging the journal I created for paris (wow, over a year…

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    google weather doesn’t lie.

    …right? (or at least no more than any other weather forecast!) this week is looking fabulous for sara, sharing her spring break with katie. and as much as I love them having their sisterly bonding time, I admit to just a little bit of jealousy. springtime in nyc is lovely. and even more so when it’s warm. (and being warmer than home. and drier. priceless!)

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    rockefeller plaza (day 23).

    …katie took me to see her office (she works in the building behind the tree) and I was surprised how few people were out and about – maybe the early hour, maybe the very cold temperature or maybe just the effect of the holidays since it was crazy busy again in the afternoon when we had to get to the airport.