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    Fully Vaccinated Weekending.

    Marc and I passed the 14-day mark on Friday (coincident with Sara’s second shot) … I knew this weekend was gonna be different, but in so many ways it was just the same as the last how-many-has-it-been?!Friday night dinner – now cheers with three instead of two (which hit its one-month anniversary on Friday!), a fabulous sunset (so long April), two early morning walks to the lake (this weekend’s weather was amazing) … and one Hello May journaling session. and in between all of that, there was thisSaturday morning pedicure then time with my sister, in person, at her house! Sunday morning church … this was the one thing I…

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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    My day began with this…which, since you are reading a new post from me, went fine. I have now successfully updated all four of my Apple devices to the new OS without issue. whew! I chatted with my mom over lunch today about getting her phone and iPad updated and we’re in agreement we’re going to ask my sister to do it 🙂 My mom has an iPhone6 and a first (or second?) generation iPadAir. Do any of y’all have tales of caution from this latest update? please share – I love technology when it works smoothly, but when it doesn’t … well … I just want to be prepared!…

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    TGIF | Happy Birthday!

    Today my mom is celebrating her 81st birthday – so today’s TGIF is all about her! Traveler. Those two photos are clearly a woman on the move! and my mom’s been on the move since practically the day she was born. She was born in southern California (the San Fernando Valley when it was farmland), moved up to northern California, and then moved another countless times to cover 11 more states before landing here in Georgia in 2017. Four of those states (and six moves?) were when I was growing up. And my my mom still loves to travel. I must admit, I’m not a traveler at heart, but I do…

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    More May Weekending.

    Hello friends and happy Monday! … right now, I am sitting at my usual counter spot, but unlike my favorite Monday late afternoons, where Marc is off enjoying himself with his friends, today he is sitting just a few yards away, frustrated with getting his new iPhone set up (apparently Marc, the iCloud and his multiple devices have not been nearly as synched as he thought). Looking back over my photos from the weekend and reflecting on all the stories is proving a nice distraction. Friday night started shortly after I signed off my last post. Marc made snacks, and we ate almost all of that while we watched another…

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    TGIF | Three Years.

    This past Wednesday marked three years since my dad’s passing. Thinking about just how much has changed. a new grandson. lots of new addresses on my holiday card list (especially Katie, Sara, my mom and Steve & Lydia). Marc transitioned from a crazy job with international travel 3-4 times a year to being home. I quit my job at the yarn shop and stopped teaching. …and how much is still the same. love. friends. family. Holly. popcorn. Grateful for having my mom live so close. Also that she is now a fan of hand knit socks and looks forward to a yarn shop outing as an opportunity to choose a…

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    Happy 80th!

    My mom celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday. …with us! We enjoyed a lovely lunch out and then gathered again in the evening for a party, with cards and gifts. My sister gave her a fun little book that included this quotation. I can’t think of a better way to sum up 80 years! Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!!

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    Three on Thursday | Atlanta Botanical Garden.

    My mom and I spent the day at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and I had planned to make that today’s Three on Thursday post. You know, along the lines of three things I loved, or three new-to-me plants, or three favorite photos … but the reality of the Garden. in May. on a day when it’s warm but not hot, with a cloudy morning that gives way to beautiful white clouds against a bright blue sky. after days of rain. and an incredible special exhibit called (most appropriately) Imaginary Worlds. well…. here’s what my photos looked after I went through them It’s a good problem to have, for sure! so…

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    Weekending with Sam and Charlie.

    Well, whew! and thank goodness for iPhones. This video – 38 of my favorite (video’d) seconds from the 48 hours Sam and Charlie were with us – shows you how much fun we had. And this morning, as I sorted through all the photos, I noted a few more things: The boys play really well … together and on their own. And it was wonderful to see Marc join in, too. (He did not play golf all weekend. thank goodness!) Charlie has grown up a lot in the 13 months since he and I spent Tuesdays together. Some is certainly just his age (he’s 3-1/2 now), but I think it’s…

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    Watercolor Wednesday | Scenes from the Orchard.

    We’ve had a delightful time visiting and catching up. Even the weather was smiling yesterday. We walked outside in the morning to get Martha a few photos to share on Facebook. Martha and Mother  Later in the afternoon, Holly and I ventured out for a long walk through the orchards. so beautiful and peaceful. We’re headed home later this morning (thankfully, not through snow!) – it’s been a short, but wonderful, change of scenery. Happy Wednesday, friends!

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …bring a change of scenery. for the record, my mom (riding shotgun 😉) took this photo the view from our living room Her friend Martha should be here any minute … we decided not to wait! Cheers!