• Travel

    Five Quick Things.

    …on a travel Tuesday. As soon as I post this (and pack the car 😉), Holly and I are headed to Florida to visit my mom for a week. 1. I figured out where all the heat has gone. Here’s the forecast where Mother lives. yikes, right?!! I made a quick trip to Loft yesterday and bought three sleeveless dresses – coolest things I could think to wear. 2. Glad we’ll have blue skies for our drive. 3. I pulled out a long-time hibernating project yesterday to take as my “coffee time” knitting and was most pleasantly surprised to find I was further along on it than I remembered. (more…

  • Just Life


    I’m amazed a few of the photos are actually in focus because it seems like the last three days were a blur! Beth, Betty and I enjoyed an early walk in the park on Friday (including that awesome bird sighting – a heron, I think) and then they left just after 9am. I proceeded to church for our first small group discussion about Anne Lamott’s latest, Hallelujah Anyway. We laughed a lot, and agreed that while Lamott might not be “suitable” for everyone (her language and her politics are most definitely “blue”), she’s certainly got a wonderful way with words and her message is right on target for us. Then…

  • Knitting

    A Wednesday with Extras.

    Long-time (and maybe even not so long) readers probably know that my typical Wednesday routine starts with a walk (lately dark early with Marc), proceeds to knitting class and then to wine and knitting with my sister, Karen. It’s a pretty fun way to mark the middle of the week – and with Betty here, we added in a few extras. First up, we waited until it was light to walk. Hello sunny selfie! Betty went to Alabama and her husband went to Georgia – this might be the first time she’s ever worn a Georgia Tech hat! A walk to the lake – with a lake view selfie –…

  • Just Life

    Watercolor Wednesday | Here.

    from this morning’s walk Here It’s always here, the silent underpinning, the foundation beneath the foundation. When I reach deep enough into darkness, inside fear, self-doubt, aversion or despair, there’s something so intact I almost miss it in my focus on brokenness. It’s always here, this ground of being. Like the water in  which fish swim, it’s easy to overlook the eloquence of truth. It’s here, this guiding presence, this calm, abiding stillness. It’s here when I don’t try  to make life any more or less than what it is, when I stop trying to be right. It’s here when I unclench my fists and breathe, when I let go…

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    Eye Candy Friday | A Morning Walk.

    This morning’s walk to the lake was the perfect way to ease into a day that began too early, mostly because the past two nights have ended way too late. The sky was blue, the sun shone bright, and danced across the water. Happy Friday! and best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

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    A Morning Walk in Madison.

    Last Monday, I had a little over an hour left in Fahrenheit 451; there’s nothing like a little dystopia in your ears to add atmosphere to a quiet, cloudy morning. Henry Vilas Park is about a mile and a half from Sara’s (this time, I checked the map before I set out  🙂 This was my first time visiting there and I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t disappointed. The scenery is beautiful. (no filter required) I made it back to Sara’s with a little more time left in the book (at this point I was listening to the Coda and Afterward) so I kept going. This view…

  • Just Life

    Saturday Morning.

    …back at the park. Blue skies, sunshine, my very favorite place (I wish you could hear the water moving over the rocks) and a wonderful friend who will balance precariously on the creek’s edge for a selfie. Happy to report we didn’t get even a little wet. that’s Lauren on the right, sporting new shoes, and me on the left

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    Throwback Thursday | Bright Blue Weather.

    from yesterday’s morning walk It’s a newsletter day today and – has sadly become my norm of late – I have much left to do. So a bit of a throwback – this time to last October and a poem my dad shared with me. When I saw my uncle last week we had three lovely bright blue days (and not even much humidity) and he told me he remembered singing this poem and marching around and around his third grade classroom. Somehow his teacher managed to have a piano in her room. He said he never quite knew how she managed that. But a classroom full of singing children…

  • Just Life

    Choosing to Pay Attention.

    It doesn’t have to be the blue iris, it could be weeks in a vacant lot, or a few small stones; just pay attention, then patch  a few words together and don’t try to make them elaborate, this isn’t a contest but the doorway  into thanks, and a silence in which another voice may speak.  ~Mary Oliver