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    Sometimes Mondays.

    mark an anniversary. Yep, that was us, 35 years ago … newly married and off to enjoy a lovely dinner party with a hundred or so family and friends. This was us a few weeks back (the most recent two of us photo I have!) So glad we no longer look scared to death 🙂 but we still have smiles on our faces. Tonight’s celebration is just the two of us (plus Holly), with a roasted pork loin and a few more episodes of The Great British Baking Show. I’m looking forward to that real meal … and many more years together!

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    Birthday Weekending.

    Saturday’s birthday celebrations were fun, delicious and most photo-worthy! It’s nice on a Monday morning to have a blog post practically write itself as soon as I have the photos edited and uploaded 🙂 Katie did a wonderful job with the New York City theme and the food. The boys donned their costumes just before the guests arrived. No, it wasn’t a costume party, but pirates and spidermen have more fun. There were cupcakes and candleswith a very willing older brother to help. And then presents. Sam has two new “things to wear” (I wonder how long it will take him to wear both at the same time?) Saturday was…

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    Mid-October Weekending.

    For sure, the highlight of our weekend was the pre-game festivity of Georgia Tech’s Homecoming. Saturday morning was a picture-perfect fall day with crisp bright blue skies. We arrived on campus early and enjoyed a long walk full of tradition, crowds and noise! We settled into our seats in time for a selfie and the arrival of the Ramblin’ Reck. and then the game began. sigh. the next two hours were the low point of the whole experience and we were both glad to get home. The rest of the weekend wasn’t nearly as photogenic but we did enjoy Saturday Night Snacks while watching football; and I put the finishing…

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    Looking Back on Our Cabo Vacation.

    Hello! We had a wonderful vacation, but it feels good to be back here (finally!). I shared a few photos on Instagram while we were there, but I didn’t look at everything all together until this past weekend. Here’s a peek at my Top Ten (warning – lots of sunshine, beautiful food, ocean views and selfies 😊). Hands down the best photo of the two of us, taken at the beginning of a sunset sailing cruise on Monday evening. This is at Land’s End – the Pacific Ocean is on the other side of that rock behind us. The best sunrise (with my favorite morning beverage – the cappuccino was…

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    Tiny Moment Tuesday.

    The Valentine’s bouquet Marc bought last Wednesday is still beautiful. I paused this morning to take a photo … and I’m pausing again this afternoon to share it with y’all.  It’s funny. all day today I was thinking about that photo and how I wasn’t sure I’d given Marc much “good” time here on the blog. When I sat down to write this post, I searched “Marc” and this is the first post that popped up. He may not get much time here, but no doubt about it, it’s good. He says he doesn’t read my blog and honestly, given how much I talk about knitting and books, that’s probably…