• Knitting

    Deadline Knitting.

    In general (and especially since I stopped knitting Christmas gifts), I am not a deadline knitter. But this morning, I checked the latest forecast for Madison*. Woo hoo – It’s gonna be Cardigan Weather! And set myself a deadline to finish this one before I go. Good thing I’ve got an hour of TV (cannot wait to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones) and 18 more hours of Drums of Autumn to keep me company. *yep, I’m headed up there Thursday to spend the weekend with Sara!

  • Just Life

    Weekending, Madison Style.

    …what a delight! The weather was marvelous. I explored the neighborhood on morning runs (weekend Sara is not a morning person, so I had a few hours to myself to begin each day…just the way I like it!), read (I finished two books), knitted (not much still…that progress photo is from yesterday afternoon; I’m still on the first ball of yarn), saw Inside Out (which we both loved – highly recommend!), enjoyed a belated Mother’s Day night out (complete with cocktails and Uber), watched tennis and soccer, cooked, taught Sara how to make margaritas, and saw fireworks (from her balcony…perfect view!) As is our tradition, we went to Sardine for…