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    Looking Back | February.

    Last month I started Looking Back with a slightly broader lens – encompassing not only the daily photos, but also a few reflections. This month I’m making a few more tweaks: 1. What am I celebrating? + first signs of Spring, another beautiful amaryllis season, and 41 years with the same Valentine. 2. What worked well? what didn’t? + our cookbook club – two meetings in and I think we have a plan that’s going to carry us through. – the planning for our women’s service was at times both stressful and frustrating; this was my 4th (or 5th?) year leading the preparation and it was the first where I…

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    Looking Back | January.

    One of my goals for this year is all about developing a more robust “looking back” practice. I’ve been looking back through the lens of these daily photos for years and I love this part! It never fails when I put this collage together that I remember something good that happened, see how many days we really did have blue skies, and notice something about the changing seasons (the days are noticeably longer now). I haven’t been so good, though, about practicing the reflecting piece and for sure the part about figuring out what to leave behind or work on. When I shared my last OLW post for last year,…

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    Looking Back | December.

    Ah… December. It is certainly one of the prettier months around here. and this year it was exceptionally full of smiling faces. and typically full of twinkle lights, fun cocktails, and knitting. The video version* also captures more moody skies, a quick binge through the latest Great British Bake-off Holiday and some very delightful little boy antics.   View this post on Instagram   December in less than a minute … twinkle lights and candles, cookies, cheers, two crazy little boys, one little dog and a lot of ❤️ #1se #1secondeveryday A post shared by Mary (@mere2007) on Jan 7, 2020 at 1:47pm PST I finished five knits and TEN…

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    Looking Back | Fall 2019.

    Compiling my monthly photo collages (and then sharing them here 😉 ) has been on my to-do list since October. I was all caught up before we left for Montreal – way back on September 19 – and then. well…now nearly three months have elapsed. This is one habit that is way easier to keep up with than to catch up with! Yesterday evening I listened to a podcast* about reflecting back on 2019 and it was just the push I needed to get these collages done – and share them with you. Oh my, right?! 91 tiny images covering September 1 – November 30. I flirted with sharing these…

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    Looking Back | July & August.

    I guessed way back on July 9 when I shared my June collage that July was going to tell a much different story. Of course I had no idea then that it would be September before I got to tell that story, along with August.  Apparently, July was ALL about knitting Whippet and August was about a whole lot of things other than knitting 🙂 exploring new places, sunshine and #blueskyblooms (in two countries) and so many smiles on familiar faces (including one little dog). I smiled when I compiled the August collage and saw the August 4 photo – a travel project – another 3-color cashmere cowl – mainly…

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    Looking Back | June.

      Unlike most of the daily photo mosaics I share, I think y’all have actually seen nearly all of these photos already – either here, or on Instagram, or maybe even Ravelry (that meta moment on the 20th when I was knitting an Espace Tricot pattern while watching the latest Espace Tricot podcast) … so there isn’t much new news here. But still, seeing the whole month together, marveling that yes, I really did take FOUR photos of the daisies by the front gate, THREE of me reading a book, TWO of the butterfly bush in our front yard, ONE more of gardenias, and NONE of the lake … along…

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    Looking Back | May.

    Whoa, May! I always love putting these mosaics together because they bring a wholeness to the month that I don’t necessarily see while I’m in the weeds of the everyday. I’d forgotten (despite compiling that me-made post last week) just how cool the month started out. how many days I spent sewing. how thrilled I was(am!) that Marc’s taken responsibility for our porch-pots this summer (May 6 and 7). how much time I got to spend with my family (especially Sara and the little boys) … how good the month really was. In one of her recent podcast series, Jen Hatmaker asks her guests what small thing they do to…

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    Looking Back | April.

    April is always one of the prettiest months around here … and combined with our Beaufort trip, Easter, some wonderful knitting and sewing, a new Saturday night dinner routine … and a delightful afternoon with our favorite little boys … well. I’d do it on repeat anytime. I (finally!) compiled my #1SE video for April this afternoon and shared it on Instagram.   Life is indeed made one second, one photo, one story at a time. These posts are still my favorite way to document mine. Happy Wednesday!  

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    Looking Back | March.

    When I wrote yesterday that I was re-committing to my monthly collages of daily photos, I didn’t realize how deep a habit that had been.  (one might think I’d have looked back at that before deciding to toss it all aside when I got nervous about Flickr?!) In any event, this afternoon I looked back through the archives and discovered my first Looking Back post. January 2014. (!!) Along the way, I upgraded the collage app so I have more flexibility with the font and the layout – but the heart of it all – collecting a month of photos into a calendar grid is still there. and that –…

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    Looking Back | January and February.

    Here we are, barely 64 days into this new year … and January 1 already seems like ages ago. I’m switching things up a bit this year with my daily photos, using Flickr and a mosaic maker instead of apps on my phone and iPad. It’s a little easier and it makes me feel better about paying $5.99 a month for Flickr*. Here’s January and February amaryllis, daffodils and cherry blossoms … lots of knitting … a little bit of Holly … a few people (me included!) … and even a little sunshine. I’ve started two new habits this year – eating breakfast (see January 2, 3 and 10) and…