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    making me merry.

    click photo for more details …and now it’s friday morning: the snow might be sunday (but they’re saying it won’t stick). and marc got little holly get out of her very warm bed before 5am so he could see her before he went to work. smitten indeed!

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    a favorite tradition.

    …holiday lunch at maggiano’s. I started taking my management team to lunch there in 2000 (of course my documentation skills were not the best way back when I started…and apparently pretty spotty since then, too – I found only one photo from those ten lunches, from 2007). we’d get family style, have some wine, talk about stuff besides work and generally just have a fun, loud time. as my assignments changed, so did my management team. some years were definitely more fun than others! and lisa & janel were always two of my favorites (I can say that now, right?, since I don’t work there anymore!) so glad I haven’t…

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    two for two.

    …as in so far so good! click the image for more details on the photos and digital supplies for these first two days, I’ve loosely followed the prompts from shimelle’s journal your christmas – hands down the best on-line course I’ve taken. it’s a bonus that you join “for life” and get to participate year after year but only pay the first year. she updates the materials every year and this year she’s added a second daily prompt focused on photography. stay tuned for something more like ali edwards’ december daily tomorrow (or saturday, I’m not promising three for three!)… shimelle’s day 3 is about christmas cards. and I just don’t…

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    today is december.

    …doh, right?! but I think it’s just the right tagline for the opening page in my fourth december journal. photo from the starbucks window participating in the project has become a tradition in its own right. and I am thrilled that katie and lydia are going to play this year, too. happy december!

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    a favorite holiday memory (day 31).

    …so glad karen & I were able to squeeze in our traditional holiday lunch in december (just barely). we had planned bistro vg, but they were closed (huh?!) and then we tried pastis (closed as well) and ended up at salt factory. at a table that looked out onto the street, still decorated for the holidays, and provided some of the best people watching. a lot of talk about the upcoming year, but also catching up on the past few months. I am really hoping we get to spend more time together in 2010.

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    lunch out and a quick look back (days 29 and 30).

    …I smiled when I re-read my “once a year” things from 2007 – “lunch out. a lot.” this year is no exception. I think yesterday’s was number seven in 12 days (see what I mean by a lot?!) marc gave us a giftcard for the buckhead life restaurants and sara researched the menus on-line to pick pricci. excellent choice! and as usual, I enjoyed the company and conversation as much as (maybe even more than) the food.and for today, I followed shimelle’s prompt and did a quick look back to 2009. much harder to do with photos than the words-only view from 2007. but I guess that’s a good problem…

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    …inspired by shimelle’s prompt about holiday indulgences. not much has changed since I first journaled about this in 2007. except that I am setting my alarm and not staying up too late. I really do love this morning time. and I think it makes marc feel better when he gets up at 5:30 to head to work that I’m up, and coffee’s made…oh, and I have a much better camera! (and am knitting a LOT more) yesterday afternoon when the undecorating was done, and another load of laundry was folded and put away, I sat down with a mug of tea (loving tazo’s joy and bigelow’s vanilla chai) and my…

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    day 27.

    …said goodbye to katie yesterday afternoon, not sure when I’ll see her next. our wintery garden with its bare branches and fallen leaves was the best expression of how I was feeling. so it seemed like a perfect time to take one last photo of the tree. in winter. and admit it cheered me immensely to have two whole hours this morning to play in photoshop, and look back over my 365 project , remembering all the very good times this year has given me.now looking forward to a very chilly walk and then un-decorating. getting the house ready for the new year is a huge part of getting myself…

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    a new tradition (day 26).

    …the timing of our traditional family christmas gathering was too late to include katie this year. so we planned a girls only lunch out instead. and it was a blast! we had family style at maggiano’s. which means plenty of really yummy food. and lots of time to talk. and a pretty setting for the group photo.

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    day 25.

    …wow, funny how different christmas day is without small children! we enjoyed a late breakfast with bagels and lox and then opened stockings and presents and watched four christmases, julie & julia and mary poppins. love that marc visited the factory twice to wish the shift workers a merry christmas. and the look on sara’s face when she opened her gift from me and marc. many special moments. and I did cry more than once…and laugh a lot.

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