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    Ten on Tuesday | My Holiday Playlist.

    …ok, full disclosure right up front. Carole’s asked us to share the first ten songs that come up on our iPods. But I don’t have one. and until this past weekend, I didn’t even have songs in iTunes. Yeah, I guess I’m not that particular about my music. These days I mostly listen to podcasts and books. When my girls lived here, there was music all the time. And I had iPods (yes, that’s plural). And now…not. I deleted the music from my phone when I needed space to upgrade to iOS7 (two years ago?) and I deleted the music from my iPad to make space for photos before we…

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    to mom, with love

    In writing the perfect blog post, there are always a few throwback staples on which I rely: music, entertainment (i.e. television, movies, and especially celebrity gossip, because we’re all lying to ourselves if we don’t admit that Lindsay Lohan’s mug shot equates to entertainment at its finest), rambling (as just witnessed), and lists. However, a true synthesis of these elements provides for a truly mind-blowing experience. The perfect blog post (at least a blog post by me) mixes all of these elements just right, not rambling too much or referencing vague things that only I would understand too often (because it’s okay to do it once in a while), therefore…

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    Lately, I’ve been music-happy, what with my brand-spankin’-new iPod (of the “Classic” variety) and all of the coolness that it embodies. It is beautiful and silver and shiny and colorful and it actually works. And it can house 80 gigabytes of whatever media form I want to put on it. (Still tackling the video download thing, but I’ll get there—eventually.) And here, in honor of my currently purple iPod (do you really think I wouldn’t buy something to protect my most valuable possession, and I am most definitely not exaggerating? My iPod and my glasses are my most prizes possessions.), I give you a shuffle. Prepare to have your mind…

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    The most wonderful time of the year!

    Has it seriously already been six weeks of this? Ay, time flies when you’re reading loads upon loads of BOOKS! Agh, Honors Lit is whipping me into shape. First The Bell Jar (multiple attempted suicides but a real let down in the end because she LIVES! At least give us a book with a payoff, English Department!), then Life of Pi (first book that I’ve actually enjoyed reading, pretty much all the way through, since To Kill a Mockingbird. But of course nothing is ever that simple. Let’s go ahead and find themes and symbols and conflicts), and now Lord of the Flies (only just started, but not too bad…

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    A Midsummer Night (at least by the time that I finish this thing)

    Oh my! How the time has flown these past… 6 weeks?! Seems like I just did that blog post before I went off to camp (you know, the one that took me about 5 hours?), yet that day seems like it was forever ago. And it’s also amazing how much has happened these past few weeks. It’s crazy how the summer does that to you. Because during the school year, the only difference between, for example, late February, and mid-April, would be: –Biology tests once a week, instead of once every two weeks. Ha. Ha. Ha. But I’ve definitely been up to a lot these past few weeks, and I…

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    Here we go again….

    Before I leave for 19 days of North Carolina bliss, I decided to drop back in and let everyone in on the daily goings on (or going ons? eh, well) of my life. Note: there’s some very cool iPod shuffle (as it has only become a custom of mine to do an iPod shuffle whenever I post) to follow. So feel free to scroll down to that. Okay, so here we go: 1) The O.C. Season 4 DVD! Wahoo. It was on my to-do list to finish everything before I left camp (don’t you wish something as easy as that was on your to-do list?), but it’s looking like that…

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    Guess Who’s Back!

    It is 10:24 PM. By the time I finish this, it will likely be close to 11. But it might be beyond then, maybe days into the future, because I prefer to (okay, I tend to) prolong these things. But this has been a long time coming. And so much has happened since then. Let’s do a little recap! – (I should say that I was about to write “The O.C. ended,” but it hasn’t been that long since I’ve last posted here.)-I’ve finished TWO books – both for school. One better than the other, but I guess that is always true. Tuesdays with Morrie >> 1984, because I can…

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    mere’s ipod

    Ok – so I just remembered that Katie told me yesterday the date/time on your blog posting is from when you start it, not when you post it… and I found this wonderful post from Sara that she started a few days ago. In response – and yes, posting for all to see and comment on (be nice to me, remember how old I am!) – here’s my shuffle list: Warning Sign by Coldplay (this is really the first song – I didn’t skip one) Let the Good Times Roll by Ray Charles Swing, Swing by The All-American Rejects I’ve Got A Woman by Ray Charles (hummm….much more Ray Charles…

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    Come On! Do The Shuffle!

    Most of the blogs I read are music blogs (i guess i’m floating, Silly Pipe Dreams, etc.), unlike my mom and sister, who seem to mostly check out those artsy, personal going ons of people’s lives blogs. So why not combine the two? My thoughts exactly. Got this idea from Silly Pipe Dreams, and I thought it would be fun, and at the time it was the perfect thing to do in order to avoid studying for the dreaded Biology test. So it’s an iPod shuffle. I did an original test run with it, and found some of the songs far too embarassing to even post here (you know, that…

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