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    First World Problem(s).

    I got caught in a downpour on my run this morning. The really hard stuff started just before the halfway point and I was soaked by the time I made it back home. My immediate concern was for my phone. but all seemed fine when I checked it out in the garage – fine enough that I ventured back out into the driveway to take a quick photo to share on Instagram.  (I was especially proud of the time I clocked for my four mile run – a personal best since I started running again in April!) A half hour later, things weren’t seeming at all fine. I buried the…

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    five things (for June).

    …inspired by my One Little Word. Play Grace*. have fun. be light-hearted. channel Grace Kelly. welcoming sunshine and the colors of summer | june 4, 2013 in my front yard. 1. Get my camera out again. For the past 3+ months, I’ve been taking all my pictures with my phone. It’s easy and “in the moment”, but I’m ready for better. I used my camera to take the photo above (also used in the new Summer 2013 banner) and it took me a few tries to remember where the buttons were. Yikes! 2. Train for the Peachtree Road Race. It’s a 4th of July tradition in Atlanta and I’m excited…

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    2012 favorites.

    …inspired by sara to share my favorites for this year. it’s a fun way to look back. and it really does make me realize (yet again) what a wonderful year it has been. thank you to everyone who’s reading this for being part of it! of course sara told her story in words, but I’m telling mine in pictures*. favorite photo of the three of us. favorite photo of the two of us. favorite photo of the two of them. favorite person to hold my hand for a 30-mile walk. favorite dinner when marc’s away. favorite thing I knitted for a baby. favorite thing I knitted that surprised me. this…

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    vsco cam photo …two dozen pink tulips, very artfully arranged (thank you katie & sara!) …a new iphone (sara and I both upgraded to the 4s – woot!) …a new iphone photo app (probably the best $0.99 cents I’ve spent in a very long time) …time with both girls. home together for a week. (sara leaves for europe next monday and katie flies back to LA the next morning). sadly, marc leaves for asia tomorrow, so he has a lot less time to enjoy. but I love that he loves it all the same. marc’s message friday evening after we picked up katie at the airport

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    texture tuesday. black and white.

    …no ten on tuesday prompt today (poor carole is under the weather… please join me in wishing her a speedy recovery!) so – since I haven’t played around in photoshop – or used one of kim’s lovely textures in way too long, I decided to link up with kim classen for texture tuesday. today’s theme is black and white. I started with a february photo of the roses marc gave me for valentine’s day. I took the photo with my iphone, not in very good light, so it’s plenty grainy. love that for black and white. going with the valentine’s day theme, I add kim’s texture madlove. desaturated. overlay blend mode. done!…

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    happy 4th.

    at hembree park this morning happy 4th of july! not much of a breeze this morning and it’s already 75 degrees. guess we’re well on our way to the forecast high of 95. I’ll be spending most of my day inside – a few house chores, then knitting and (re)watching john adams (we started it last night but I fell asleep before the first episode ended!) while marc plays golf. we’ve got steaks to grill and fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil for my favorite salad. and once it gets dark, we’ve got sparklers and fireworks on the dvr. enjoy your day!!

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    the second lap.

    …hoping the cooler temperature and lower humidity, combined with the fact we hadn’t been to the park since friday might give holly the energy for two laps. nope. she made it about half-way through the first, walked a bit, and then pretty much gave up. I figure carrying her means more exercise for me, so maybe it’s a win-win? but after the park we went to the vet (time for that super unpleasant semi-annual tapeworm check) and she got weighed. 8 pounds and a few ounces – wow, that’s a half-pound gain in just six months. I’m thinking she needs the exercise more than I do!