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    TGIF | Still April.

    Yep, it’s still April. Mother Nature is doing her thing and Spring is for sure coming … sooner for some of us than others. We did have freezing temperatures the last two mornings (thankfully I hadn’t yet washed my jacket or my mittens!) and then the sunshine warmed things up nicely. I’m even wearing flip flops for Holly’s afternoon walks. And since it’s Friday, I’m sharing a quick look into my world through the lens of: Thinking about … “Real Life”. My Friday morning small group is studying Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection. Today we talked about Guidepost #5 – Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith: Letting Go of the…

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    TGIF | Late January.

    Happy Friday, my friends! We had a few bumps this week – a sick pup and stormy weather* – and the last 18 hours have been OK. I’m still a bit sleep-deprived and this is the happiest smile I saw today Thank you for all your comments about my OLW; I’ve loved reading what y’all shared about yours (and about all the other stuff. I’m hoping to find a way to be better about sharing my stuff, too). TGIF is still one of my favorite ways to wrap up the week and this week is gonna be a ride! Thinking about … (stay with me on this)… I’m sure y’all have…

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    Small Good Stuff.

    Thank you for all your kind and understanding comments on my last post. I spent the weekend on a much-needed break from most of the internet and felt ready to engage – at least a bit! – in things again this morning. For the first week in a LONG time, I have lots of empty space on my calendar and a few projects that will require me to dig in and get something done. It feels sort of ‘on brand’ for me, and I can’t even tell you how good that feels. One of the things I was looking forward to was getting back to this space (and visiting y’all)…

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    Late March Weekending.

    Hello friends – I hope you managed to find a way to mark the weekend, especially if you have a job or kids at home, and time to rest. This is a time when honoring some kind of Sabbath routine feels especially important. As we progressed through our weekend – Friday Night Dinner (now the one time a week that we sit at the table, with “first-time” food, candles, music and wine), Saturday afternoon cooking shows (we started this habit years ago when we had to pay attention to the TV Guide to find out when the cooking shows were on; now we rely on our DVR and YouTube to…

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    Hello friends and happy Friday. I am glad to be here today. These end-of-week glimpses into right now are always fun to write. and I hope you’ll find something to enjoy here, too! Thinking about … Lent. about looking inward. about opening space in my heart and my head. about renewal. about creating new spiritual habits. I mentioned on Wednesday that I’m following Sarah Bessey’s 40 Simple Practices for Lent (link) and yesterday I downloaded the (free!) Book of Common Prayer app to my phone. I have the hardcopy and it’s a bit of a brick … I love having the daily content so accessible/portable and the app lets me…

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    Weekending with a Snow Day.

    Hello friends and Happy Monday! Today’s post is pretty much the complete opposite of the one I shared last week … at least in terms of the weather. We went from this on Friday to this on Saturday. 3″ in 4 hours is a big deal for us. It started about 9am and even the rain was gone by evening. The little bit of snow that lingered overnight disappeared yesterday morning and we had no trouble getting into town to enjoy a belated birthday dinner for Katie. Before dinner we worked puzzles (Sam and Marmie) and played multiple games of Connect 4 (Charlie and everyone else). After dinner and cake…

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    Late August Weekending.

    When Sara and I FaceTimed yesterday, she told me how nice it was to have a quiet weekend; this was her first weekend since mid-May that wasn’t full of travel, work, entertaining, moving, or settling in. It has been a very full season for her. not so much for me. but still. I did enjoy my quiet weekend, too. Here are few glimpses into what that looked like. Friday night snacks – prepared by me. Saturday night’s dinner – now that we’re back to College Football Season – looked much the same, except that it was prepared by Marc. Picture fewer grapes and cucumber and more sausage and you’ve got…

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    Unraveled Wednesday | Re-entry.

    Hello friends! I’ve got stories to share about Bristol and I will. soon (promise) … but today I’m feeling a bit unraveled as I re-enter “real life”. Thank goodness I don’t have to go to work – just catching up on two weeks of mail, laundry, bills, etc. My head is still a little fuzzy from the flight home and the five hour time change. Yep, I was wide awake at 2 am 🙂 Holly was certainly well attended while I was gone … but I know we both missed each other’s company. especially our side-by-side knitting time. Thanks to some dedicated chair time this afternoon, I’ve started the second…

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    A Monday Haiku.

    tucked under the tree twinkle lights like stars above cozy, calm and bright ahhh… a dog’s life! Hope your week is off to a great start – Happy Monday!

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    Birthday Weekending.

    Birthdays come fast and furious around here this time of year. This past Saturday was my birthday … and we celebrated all weekend long! Thursday evening’s Thanksgiving Service was a wonderful beginning. Friday. the camellias were in full bloom – and the sun came out! But the best news came at the vet’s office. Holly was diagnosed with pneumonia the weekend before. Friday afternoon was her third set of X-rays and the first to show solid improvement and a good prognosis. It was really the best birthday present I could’ve asked for, but the gifts kept coming! Friday evening sunset. Birthday sunrise over the lake (I took this photo from…