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    Dear February.

    Dear February, I realized this past week just how much I’ve been looking forward to you (not at all a new thing, except I apparently forget every.single.year. shame on me). Of course I wish you’d been just a little more consistent in what season you were bringing. Last weekend it was spring (or yikes, summer? yep, Marc wore shorts to golf!) and today it was freezing (literally. I had sleet on my windshield this morning). I must admit to a slight preference for winter leaning into spring. My post-holiday knit-for-myself thing has resulted in two new sweaters that are for sure for winter and I’d love the chance to wear…

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    TGIF | Hello January.

    I am easing gently into this new year … slowly wrapping my head around the “twenties” being something right now instead of the “roaring twenties” of my grandparents’ generation and thankful the calendar isn’t quite ramped up to full speed – that happens next week and I think I’ll be ready! Thinking about … reading better in 2020. I spent a few fun hours Wednesday morning going over the book lists my various groups have planned for this year and deciding how I’d read – paper, kindle, audio – and how I’d acquire – own, buy, borrow. I placed a few orders for books, tagged “immediately available” on Overdrive for…

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    TGIF | Hello December.

    Hello friends and welcome to this year’s final edition of TGIF | Hello. I really love the challenge of framing a monthly look ahead with only four words that start with T, G, I, and F. And I almost always end up searching words that start with one of those letters! This month was no exception. See if you can spot the letter that challenged me: Twinkle Lights. also candle light. and the soft glow of the lamps that light my desk and my knitting chair. Gatherings. of friends. family. faithful women. Yesterday morning, I led my women’s circle lesson and enjoyed a delightful potluck luncheon. In the afternoon, I…

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    TGIF | Hello November.

    Y’all, I was beyond excited to turn over the calendar page this morning to see what little boy delights awaited. All of the photos in this year’s calendar were taken last fall … and while Charlie certainly looks older, Sam seems like a whole new person. a little boy with his own personality. *happy sigh* being able to see them change month-by-month is such a blessing. and I love that the rest of this view hasn’t changed. nor has my practice of welcoming a new month on the first Friday! Here’s my TGIF Hello for November: Thanksgiving. We’ll be celebrating at Katie’s with my mom this year. Katie has the…

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    TGIF | Hello September.

    It’s the first Friday of a new month and you know that that means – a special edition of TGIF! Thinking about … plans for cool weather making and pairing cropped sweaters with fuller bottoms. I honestly have no idea how this look will look on me, but I’m willing to give it a try. And layering a sweater over a dress seems like a great way to stretch a fall/spring piece into winter. Like why didn’t I think of this before?! Grateful for … the opportunity to celebrate my niece’s birthday yesterday with a full table of family-who-are-friends. (also for my sister’s amazing baking skills and tres leches birthday…

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    TGIF | Hello August.

    Hello August! I do love a month with five Fridays – especially because I will likely miss a TGIF post for two of them while I’m in England. Honestly, I’m having trouble thinking beyond my trip right now – and I do love playing around with words – so this post is all about what I’m welcoming for that experience: Two of us. I thought for sure I’d written a post about what an awesome travel partner Sara is, but I can’t find it, so maybe I didn’t. In any event, we started traveling together – two of us – in 2006 (Sara was in middle school) and since then,…

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    Hello July.

    Hello July! Hello new photo of Charlie … his mama tells me that’s his “ROAR!!!” face ♥ … and a brand new six-month calendar. Hello trying new things and making new habits. Hello slowing down and maybe even pressing pause. Hello frozen drinks (and at least a few new Cheers!) Welcome!  

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    TGIF | Hello June.

    Hello June! I know we’re a week into this month already, but it is the first Friday … which means a special list: Traveling … to New York City – with Marc! – next weekend.  It’s been ten years since Katie graduated college and we officially had “kids who’d moved away”. Katie lived in NYC and then LA before moving back to Atlanta in 2012. Sara moved to Madison in 2014 and NYC in 2017. This will be my umpteenth trip to visit one of them. and Marc’s first. (although it will be my first time visiting and staying in a hotel 😉 ). I’m looking forward to sharing one…

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    TGIF | Hello May.

    Hello friends … and Hello May! I so appreciated all the wonderful comments y’all shared on my last post. Thank you! I’m approaching this new month with a “saving my life” mindset and these TGIF posts are one of my favorite ways to frame a list. Three … days into MeMadeMay. I’ve been watching this parade of me-mades on Instagram for several years … and now that I have a few hand sewn items to mix in with the hand knits, I’m ready to play. My “rules” are really loose, but I’d like to wear something me-made for all 31 days and post a photo of my outfit on Instagram.…

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    Hello April.

    Hello April. Hello to a new week, a new month and another fresh start. Hello being gentler with myself. Hello getting back to sewing. Hello exploring new – mind-blowing – ideas. Hello making plans to connect with friends. and family. Hello new habits. Let’s go!