• Knitting

    FO Friday | Comfort Fade Cardi.

    When I cast on (way back on March 4), I thought this might be just the project to convince Spring to come … and stay. Turns out she wasn’t that easily tempted. I bound off the stitches while we were in North Carolina and finished it up late last week. I’ve already had two chances to wear it – and thankfully, Sara was around for one of them take photos. Raveled here  I’m a newbie to the whole “fade” thing, and it was only when Tanis (from my favorite indie dyer TanisFiberArts) released kits that I succumbed. The pattern itself is a very (very) basic topdown seamless raglan – easy…

  • Just Life


    borrowing this Friday post idea from Kym, with thanks! more of the lovely landscape outside our North Carolina cottage Thinking About … solitude. I’ve been reading Holy Solitude this Lenten season. As an introvert, I’ve always felt comfortable being alone (I need time by myself to recharge). Haverkamp is introducing me to a whole new-to-me cast of folks through the ages who practiced solitude with purpose. “Being alone sounds sad, aimless, or lonely, to hear ads or memes describe it. Solitude, however, is chosen and purposeful.” (from the Introduction) I’m looking forward to incorporating some of her ideas into my morning solitude time … after Easter. Grateful For … a slow…

  • Just Life

    Happy Weekend!

    It’s not often that I get to 5 o’clock on Friday and have all the items on my list checked off. Today, those items included getting our taxes ready for the accountant, a trip to Costco and dropping off last week’s consignment pieces. Opening up the first pinot grigio of the season (because it was supposed to be 73 degrees and full-on sunny today … weather folks lie!) and a new book, along with my first knitting of the day seems like the perfect way to celebrate. Happy Weekend – hope y’all have a good one!

  • Travel

    Fridaying Alone.

    Thank y’all so much for your kind words and encouragement on yesterday’s post (and yikes all the email on the iPad! I’m a qwerrty girl but I can’t manage more than pointer fingers on the iPad “keyboard” … first world problems 😉) – here’s hoping it’s a short learning curve! So, day two of the Madison Project (as I’ve now named this crazy iPad thing). I knew I’d have the day to myself. Sara is working today but she’s off on Monday. When we were at dinner last night I was telling her how excited I was about a “day off”; she didn’t get it. Yes, I’m retired, but I…

  • Just Life

    Eye Candy Friday | Blue Sky Blooms.

    A few #makelight collages came across my Instagram feed yesterday and of course I couldn’t resist seeing what it was all about and making my own collage for 2016. Look at all that blue! I did knit two blue sweaters for myself and one blue baby blanket for Sam, but I’m pretty sure most of the blue is thanks to #blueskyblooms. and a few winter visits to Florida. I can’t remember when I started using this tag, but it was certainly before last year. I shared a few Eye Candy shots with y’all back in February and figured I’d keep up the tradition. Wishing you all the warm sunshine and…

  • Just Life

    Five on Friday | The Crown.

    I was late to this party, but … finally, I watched The Crown. and yes, everyone was right – it’s excellent. I loved pretty much everything about it. The story (of course! I’m a huge Anglophile and a real fan of Queen Elizabeth, especially since reading Andrew Marr’s biography), the sets, the acting and the time period. Pure nostalgia (is that possible since I wasn’t actually alive during the 1950’s?), but a few episodes in, I started a list of things I wished were still around. And since it’s Friday, here are my top five: 1. Telephone calls that aren’t instantaneous. It took real effort to make a connection and it…

  • Food & Drink

    Cheers | Spiced Pear Collins.

    I had a different post planned for today, but my sister-in-law made this cocktail for our gathering this afternoon and I knew it was what I really needed to share.  Because I’m guessing – like me – y’all have the ingredients in your post-Thanksgiving refrigerators. and you might – like me – be ready for something other than wine. and of course – it’s Friday! Here’s the link to the recipe; Lydia said she followed it pretty much as written, except she used more pears for the purée. Once we got home, I realized I only had one pear left, but plenty of applesauce, so I added that to make…

  • Just Life

    Another Visit to the Garden.

    My FitBit recorded nearly 32 hours of sleep for the last three days; and it really does feel like I slept through weekend! I knew I was tired, but whoa… so it’s a good thing I have a story from Friday to share. Lydia and I met up for a visit to the Botanical Gardens and lunch. This was her first time to see the Chihuly exhibit and my second. I’m happy to report that the pieces I loved back in May are still just as stunning. I found a few new favorites, too. The Children’s Garden wasn’t open when we went last time. This piece sits atop the trellis gate…

  • Just Life

    Eye Candy Friday | Blue Sky Blooms.

    It’s easy to see why so many people flock to Florida this time of year. Even the really winter-y days are rarely below freezing and there’s plenty of sunshine. Holly and I have been taking full advantage with long daily walks (yay for 10,000+ steps!). The perfect opportunity to capture #blueskyblooms. Here are a few of my favorites over the past two weeks. Yesterday’s stormy rain left behind the promise of more bright blue skies today. I’m looking forward to it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Just Life

    Friday Fun | Toddler Edition.

    Today was supposed to be all about the Sark Wrap. Our shop KAL officially started today…and I think I was the only participant. Due to the rain and the small dog who lives here and has … issues … with her “business” when it rains, I didn’t make it to the shop. I did get my wrap started and made it through the first bobble row before Katie called me and asked for a little help with their Friday evening. She’s been feeling flu-ish…not that I needed any reason at all. By the time I arrived (later than I’d hoped thanks to small dog and … issues) dinner was done.…