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    Five on Friday | Distractions.

    First up, thank y’all for your kind comments about my new views. I am really enjoying the study – the new layout seems to make room bigger (which also seems to give all my creative “stuff” more room to spread out) and I think I’m pretty committed to looking up at a blank wall – and the new bench. I also cast on The Classic yesterday and am almost halfway through 4″ of twisted rib on size 5 16″ needles. I knew this beginning wasn’t going to be the fun part of the project, still … I’m gonna power through it this weekend, though, and hope to have something resembling (at…

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    Five on Friday | Silver Linings.

    Way back before TGIF became my Friday thing, I used to share a list of five things … and wow, the last one I posted was in March, 2020 (whoa, time machine!). That last time, I wasn’t feeling very TGIF-like … and today I was thinking about silver linings and wanting to change things up a bit. Thanks to a tennis ball hit hard on my left knee during Tuesday’s practice, I’ve spent much of the last three days with my knee resting, iced, compressed, and elevated. It seems to be improving (for sure the swelling is down), so I’m hopeful I’ll be back to my usual active self next…

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    Five on Friday | Getting Through the Days.

    Well, my friends, it’s Friday again. We made it to another weekend. Marc and I are both retired and we live by ourselves. There is no golf. So except for looking forward to another YouTube church service on Sunday, it seems like this weekend is going to look a lot like all the other days this week. It feels real and surreal at the same time. We are all having to hold so much. I knew I wanted to share a post today and I wasn’t feeling very TGIF-ish. I’m still not, but … I listened to Brené Brown’s latest podcast this afternoon and if I did the link thing…

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    Five on Friday.

    In honor of Friday and Tsh Oxenreider’s latest The Good List episode (about the joy of a super short story), today I have five photos from this past week and a super short story to share with each. I do not have the gift of writing fiction, so these stories are – at least as best I recall! – true. Sunday was perhaps the prettiest day we’ve seen all year, with abundant blue skies and temperatures in the sixties. It felt weirdly wonderful to put on a sleeveless top and a cotton sweater for church. Wednesday’s opera was Wozzek. I’m honestly not sure I enjoyed it. The performances were amazing…

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    Canadian Autumn | The Movie.

    Y’all might want to get a beverage and a snack! …and a jacket. or at least a windbreaker 😉 Late September and early October in Canada looks – and feels! – a lot different than it does here. but maybe not so much for where you live. So that’s our trip … in a little under 2-1/2 minutes 🙂 As I was compiling this, and sorting through the hundred or so videos, I was reminded of a few of my favorite things about the trip. And since it’s Friday, I’ve narrowed the list to five: Cappucinos on demand. Oh man y’all. I’m sure part of my “re-entry fog” is attributable…

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    Five on Friday.

    Hello friends and Happy Friday! I haven’t done a Five on Friday post in years … but today it’s perfect. My favorite older grandson turned FIVE today and I had the privilege of joining him and his mom for a birthday outing to The High Museum with a very special lunch (his dad joined us, too) afterwards. I culled my photos, edited video, and even figured out how to link a video to a photo so I could share Five of my favorite moments from Charlie’s first day being Five! Katie chose The High Museum for today’s outing because they’re hosting a special exhibit The Pursuit of Everything: Maira Kalman’s…

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    Five on Friday | In Pictures.

    Trying to figure out what I would post about today, I realized I have five photos from this week that I haven’t yet shared with y’all. Here you go!  Alaska Cardigan … done! (modeled photos coming from Alaska!) a half scoop of coffee chip ice cream (for my summer bucket list) Lauren and fabulous author Karen White (Lauren invited Karen – and me! – to her bookclub yesterday to talk about The Night the Lights Went Out … and a lot of other things 🙂 Alaska Hat & Mitts … done! … so of course I had to start another Alaska project (I still have 4-1/2 more days before I…

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    Five on Friday | The Crown.

    I was late to this party, but … finally, I watched The Crown. and yes, everyone was right – it’s excellent. I loved pretty much everything about it. The story (of course! I’m a huge Anglophile and a real fan of Queen Elizabeth, especially since reading Andrew Marr’s biography), the sets, the acting and the time period. Pure nostalgia (is that possible since I wasn’t actually alive during the 1950’s?), but a few episodes in, I started a list of things I wished were still around. And since it’s Friday, here are my top five: 1. Telephone calls that aren’t instantaneous. It took real effort to make a connection and it…

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    Five on Friday | Today’s Loves.

    …daffodils. sadly not in my yard, but around my neighborhood there are huge plantings with dozens of blooms. It is hard not to smile when you see a field of daffodils. also,  chambray shirts. I own three, all (slightly!) different, and I’ve been wearing them in constant rotation. under sweaters, over cropped pants, with boots, with flats… and with all my knitted neckwear. It’s a lesson in minimalism for me. Three shirts, two pairs of pants, a half dozen scarves…and I can be dressed for over a week! Costco’s Kirkland wines, especially their Napa Cabernet. I opened my last bottle of this tonight to accompany our tasty “leftovers and salad”…

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    Five on Friday | Signs of Spring.

    …I’m back home and slowly (but surely) getting back into the groove. I timed my return well…I’m just in time for Spring! Here’s a quick look at five sure signs of the new season. Cherry trees in full bloom. Daffodils! Clearing skies after a rainy day. Tiny shoots of green in the front bed. And a short sleeved silk pullover on the needles.  I hope it’s getting sunny and warmer where you are, too! Happy Weekend!