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    fifty for 50 with one week to go.

    …yep, day 366 of my fiftieth year is next friday. and naturally that has me thinking a lot about what I had planned for this year…and what I’ve actually done. I just revisited my august 9 post with the 100-day plan and almost laughed out loud to think how much has changed in just those few short months. we did the 2-day walk and raised over $2,500. (more coming on that after we draw the winners for the quilt and coasters next week.) we celebrated my dad’s 75th and sara’s 21st birthdays. and I completed two more needlepoint projects (sshhh…they’re a secret!) and learned at least six new stitches. I…

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    fifty for 50. the 100 day plan.

    …I knew this year was going to fly by, but I was still caught a bit off guard last week when I uploaded daily photo 257…and realized I’d hit 266 yesterday. that’s right. just 100 days left in my 50th year. a few years back I had a boss who was big into “100 day plans” and that idea struck a chord to (re-)focus my efforts on the fifty for 50 list. as I wrote back in march, flexibility and planning are critical. so is being realistic! I went through the list this morning to see exactly where I was and noted a few more “done”: ten projects knit from…

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    the knitting tale of the fourteenth journal.

    …no it’s not a page turner. and it’s definitely not one of my coveted 5 star reads. but when I closed out my fourteenth journal this morning, I was certainly curious. journal #14 … the yarn story back on february 12 when I started it, here’s what I wrote: I hope journal #14 tells a similar story about knitting for others. but maybe not knitting quite so much. and definitely getting back to sweaters. we’ll see. journal #14 …the project story today, I tallied the results. *20 projects – one less than last time *7 for others – three less…but this time didn’t include the rogovin birthday cycle or christmas…

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    FO friday!

    …yep, fully deserving of an exclamation point! this week I finished a sweater and a hat (and all the preparation for tomorrow’s double knitting workshop*). first up the sweater. it’s making waves by jamie thomas (aka “imagine knits“). I was thrilled to meet her at stitches south where she debuted the pattern…and get to try on her sample. honestly, if I hadn’t tried it on, I doubt I would’ve knit it since it’s very oversized (finished width is about 52″…for the small!). but I did, and I did. and I love it. raveled here thank you to my sister karen for the photos! I knit it as written except that…

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    herb garden 2012.

    …yet another sign there are just two of us living here this summer – and many nights it’s only me. this year’s herb garden fits into a single pot. (last year’s did too, but there was a bit more variety.) oregano, thyme and basil (and purple lantana in the pot behind) I was glad the thyme and oregano came back, so all I had to do was add basil. and I since I have great plans (see #4 here) to make my own pesto, I planted two. while I was at it, I also planted purple lantana in the other pots on the deck. and pink and white impatiens in…

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    peach bread.

    …quick bread #5 on my fifty for 50 list. yeah, not the greatest photo, but the best I could do since I didn’t remember to even take one til after I’d sliced and served the bread! I knew I could count on sara to get me back on track with my baking. my bookmark folder is now packed with scone and muffin and bread recipes. but honestly, I think I might need just this one. it’s easy. it’s versatile. it’s healthy. and it’s delicious. peach bread inspired by emma christensen on the kitchn, makes one loaf 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 tablespoon light brown sugar 1-1/2…

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    rosemary walnut scones.

    …quick bread #4 on my fifty for 50 list. today was the last meeting of my women’s circle til the fall and we had a potluck lunch to celebrate. of course I decided to make a quick bread (because no one really wants a “healthy” potluck dish, do they?!). the walnuts in my cupboard were calling out to be combined with rosemary (which is growing in abundance in not one but two mailbox gardens on my street. I feel obligated every so often to snip a twig or two or three just to keep the stuff healthy!) I googled rosemary walnut scones and found a few recipes…and decided to use…

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    try something.

    from week 5 (full spread photo below) …first off, thank you all for your kind words on my project life fail post a few weeks back. it means a lot to me to have friends here who not only have sound advice but also care enough to take the time to share it! I am happy to report that I found my groove. and I now have five weeks documented in a pretty orange album. which means I am – at least for the next 54 hours – caught up! during the course of one particularly supportive exchange (thank you cynthia!) I decided to share a few thoughts here about my…

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    delight of spring.

    first bloom on our rhodie – about two weeks earlier than usual! She had not known before how much the beginnings and progress of vegetation had delighted her. — What animation both of body and mind she had derived from watching the advance of that season which cannot, in spite of its capriciousness, be unlovely, and seeing its increasing beauties from the earliest flowers, in the warmest divisions of her aunt’s garden… – Jane Austen, Mansfield Park of course it’s no secret how spring delights me. and this passage made me love jane austen all the more. (yay! I finished the book! another fifty for 50 done!)