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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …make you smile. Especially when you spend Sunday afternoon with a few of your favorite people, a table full of snacks, a pitcher of holiday sangria and dozens (and dozens) of homemade cookies to share. and everyone gets into taking photos. My sister hosted us this year, which means she was in charge of the lebkuchen. She made the dough the day before and yesterday we rolled it out really more like patting – it’s sticky! (of course Charlie thought that was huge fun) – baked it, iced it, and eventually cut it into pieces to share.And that’s the only photo I have of food or cookies, but I’m sure…

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    Thanksgiving Weekending.

    Hello, friends – it’s nice to be back! (which is always the best feeling when we return from a short break, right? šŸ™‚ ) Our weekend was a perfect mix of good food, little boys, outside, inside, friends & family … and alone time. Thursday morning dawned bright and chilly. #blueskyblooms for my morning walk. Loved this text from Katie. We spent the afternoon with the little boys and their parents. It was fun … and just a little crazy.The boys FaceTimed with Rob’s brother … Poppa and Charlie built a dinosaur … Sam supervised his dad carving the turkey … Charlie showing off his pilgrim hat/place card … Charlie…

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    Birthday Weekending.

    Saturday’s birthday celebrations were fun, delicious and most photo-worthy! It’s nice on a Monday morning to have a blog post practically write itself as soon as I have the photos edited and uploaded šŸ™‚ Katie did a wonderful job with the New York City theme and the food. The boys donned their costumes just before the guests arrived. No, it wasn’t a costume party, but pirates and spidermen have more fun. There were cupcakes and candleswith a very willing older brother to help. And then presents. Sam has two new “things to wear” (I wonder how long it will take him to wear both at the same time?) Saturday was…

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    Labor Day Weekending.

    Those three photos I shared on Thursday gave you a pretty good idea what the rest of our “long weekend” looked like. But pictures always tell a better story, right?! Lots of games. both inside and out. Toddler cornhole, which is apparently way more fun than the grown-up version. Relaxing outside and enjoying beautiful views in all directions. Kayaking on the lake. Enjoying meals together (once the little boys are asleep). A very special early birthday celebration, which began with hotdogs and hamburgers and ended with ice cream sandwiches! And finally, on the last evening, a bonfire at the beach, complete with s’mores and one last sunset. The whole family…

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    Happy 80th!

    My mom celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday. …with us! We enjoyed a lovely lunch out and then gathered again in the evening for a party, with cards and gifts. My sister gave her a fun little book that included this quotation. I can’t think of a better way to sum up 80 years! Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!!

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    Paris Is Always a Good Idea.

    When we were first planning Lydia’sĀ 50th birthday party, my brother suggested “French” as a possible theme. Lydia has always been a Francophile – me too! – and it sounded like fun. Then my mom and I found these cocktail napkins and it all just fell into place from there. Turns out Paris is the perfect jumping off point for all sorts of Good (Party) Ideas: Plates, napkins and centerpiece featuring a smartly dressed woman walking her poodle by the Eiffel Tower (Lydia’s standard poodle Sophie is black, but she definitely sports pink bows! – that’s her on the banner of Lydia’s blog) The menu – Brie and goat cheese, olives,…

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    Beaufort 2018 | Part Two.

    aka “the one with the food and a cocktail”. and note I am writing this post on Friday afternoon, to be sure it lands in your feed reader at just the right time šŸ˜‰. As I shared last week, our dining routine has been fine-tuned over many years. We did add in two new meals this year and we’re planning to repeat them: First, Thursday night – I picked up a ready-to-heat pasta/spinach/sausage casserole and a caesar salad from Costco (before we left). It was nice to settle into the house, visit with Charlie and not have to think about going out. Also, the meal was delicious! Second, Friday’s lunch…

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    Beaufort 2018 | Part One.

    This year’s trip* was maybe the most fun … the place we stayed was perfect for the four of us, the weather was cool and breezy but dry, the food and drink were amazing (as always) and I won the weekend-long dice tournament šŸ˜‰. I’m not sure if it was the fun factor, or having 1SE (movie!), or just that we are all so comfortable with each other and the place, but I have a record 70+ photos (that’s the edited down number) and a video mashup #funproblems. We love looking back on these blog posts as we plan our visits – and of course as we look back on…

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    Christmas Weekending.

    I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend … and maybe now you’re enjoying a bit of quiet and a glass of wine, with Alexa playing Charlie Brown Christmas … the perfect accompaniment to looking back on these last few days šŸ˜Š. Saturday morning I hosted the whole family (13 adults and two little boys) for brunch. All three of the non-local grandchildren (now living in DC, New York and Nashville) were here, which made it extra special. Sadly, I have no photos, so you’ll just have to trust me – it was great to see everyone and it was all delicious. Much later, while Marc and Sara were napping, I…