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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Joining in with Kat and friends today to share another update about what I’m knitting … and a little about what I’m doing while I’m not knitting. Lately, it seems like I’ve spent a lot more time on the latter than usual. or maybe I’m just entering into a “new usual”?! On the knitting – I couldn’t even bring myself to take a photo of the brown blob that is my Olive Leaf Pullover. I am enjoying 25 rounds of plain stockinette in the round – the period after joining together the front and back and before beginning the Olive Leaf chart for the body. I think this is the…

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    More March Weekending.

    Ah, March – not only does she have five Fridays, she also has five weekends! and this one, #4, was spectacular. We got to see Charlie get a hit score a run and hang out looking “ready”. Sam didn’t get nearly that much activity … but he ate well. Katie says that the hardest part about these sporting weekends is entertaining the younger sibling(s) … at least there’s food! This text exchange between Marc and Rob on Saturday evening gives you the “guy’s read” of the game. The dads play a kind of “zone coach” thing while the kids rotate through the various positions. Rob had the short stop zone…

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    Around Here | February 2019.

    I didn’t intend to let almost a whole week go by without visiting this space, but I did. It certainly wasn’t because I was super-busy, or distracted by other things or (sadly) someplace else having fun in the sun. I guess I just needed a break. and I’m so glad I’m at the point in my life where I’m good with that. I thought about y’all a lot this week and drafted a good half dozen posts in my head. But sitting down on Friday afternoon to actually write one turns out to be hard. So I’m going with a tried and true format. Around here the weather went from…

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    Late January Weekending.

    First up – thank you all for your kind comments about Friday’s Three Years post. My mom and I are having a great time exploring many new things; and I submitted our volunteer applications to Senior Services this morning! Now to the weekend … I know many of y’all can’t wait for this month to be over, and I’m sure a big part of why I don’t mind January so much is because it’s usually not awful weather-wise*. Of course “not awful” for a knitter who likes to take walks outside is much different than for a golfer who is experiencing his first retired January with just TWO rounds of…

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    Family Fun Weekending.

    The last weekend of 2018 was full of family fun. We celebrated the end of Sara’s work week (aka “Friday night”) with a puzzle, holiday mules and mussels for dinner. I was up early Saturday morning and enjoyed the most recent Christmas episode of Call the Midwife along with a little ADVENTurer knitting.We had the puzzle about 80% finished by the time we left for Steve & Lydia’s – this year’s hosts for the annual family holiday party. It was great fun having the whole family together (for the first time since my dad’s memorial service back in April, 2016). Sam kind of stole the whole show 🙂 but Charlie gave…

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    Making Merry.

    Good morning and Happy Boxing Day! How was your Christmas? Ours got off to a dark, chilly start – the power went out at 3:15am. Thank goodness for candles and headlamps, gas fireplaces, and gas stoves and french press coffee makers. And gathering at Katie’s for the afternoon.  The little boys make everything more fun! Reindeer, racecards and legos for table decor. Socks as mittens?! The power came back while we were gone. It was wonderful to return to a warm home and lights! Today, Sara and I have plans to meet Katie for a late lunch and then see Mary Poppins. a practically perfect way to continue making merry…

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …make you smile. Especially when you spend Sunday afternoon with a few of your favorite people, a table full of snacks, a pitcher of holiday sangria and dozens (and dozens) of homemade cookies to share. and everyone gets into taking photos. My sister hosted us this year, which means she was in charge of the lebkuchen. She made the dough the day before and yesterday we rolled it out really more like patting – it’s sticky! (of course Charlie thought that was huge fun) – baked it, iced it, and eventually cut it into pieces to share.And that’s the only photo I have of food or cookies, but I’m sure…

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    Hello, friends! All that unraveling sure made the week fly by 🙂 Before I dive into TGIF, I have a few modeled photos of Hadley. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. and finally using the beautiful Nani Iro linen I bought at Purl Soho back in June. FO selfies are hard … but here’s a little view of the back – and more of the slightly raised neckline (I cut a size 4 top, except for the V-neck where I traced the opening for the size 18.) Thinking about holiday plans. (yes, finally.) We are delighted that Sara is going to be here for a few days after…

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    A Postcard from Home.

    Re-entry has been challenging … a six hour time difference and two little boys … well …. I felt a bit more like myself last night (and then the Braves lost – gah!!!) but hopefully … I’ll be back tomorrow with an Unraveled story 🙂  

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    Happy Friday, my friends! seems like a perfect morning for a little TGIF. Thinking about everything I need to accomplish next week. I usually make up my to-do lists on Monday morning (because #retired), but this one is longer – and more important! – than usual. Grateful for healing. I had my third PT appointment on Wednesday and was cleared to resume all my activities (except for running, but I don’t have plans to resume that anyway), with caution. To celebrate, Lauren and I walked three miles in the park yesterday morning. It was wonderful! Inspired by the Vienna weather forecast to sew one more tunic for our trip. I…