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    Fifty Years Ago.

    . ..I was three. and had a party at my grandparents’ house in Alabama. out front at my grandparents’ house, holding camellias I never noticed the camellia’s around the cake until this morning. My grandmother had huge camellia bushes at the front of the house. I’m guessing they bloomed all winter. Charlie and I have a busy day planned and then Katie’s making a pizza party. Sounds like a perfect 53rd birthday, don’t you think?

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    A Tale from the Yellow Table.

    …y’all know how much I love the yellow table at Cast-on Cottage. Hands down it’s the best place to knit with friends. It’s also where we have class – and a whole lot of fun – on Wednesday afternoons. Yesterday morning, one of my students texted that she had roofers at her house and would miss class. I texted back that we’d miss her, and she’d miss all the stories. She replied that I should take good notes. My quick answer back “what happens at the yellow table stays at the the yellow table.” ha! I guess she knew what was in store. The girls had a big surprise for…

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    Halloween in Creekside Place.

    …I can’t believe this was our fourth Halloween in the “new” neighborhood. Wow! The first year was just a blur of unpacking boxes, but by 2013, we’d settled in. All the homes were finished and occupied and we had the first annual Halloween gathering. Marc was away, but Holly and I attended. Holly in her costume; originally blogged here. Last year, Marc was gone again. Holly and I attended (I even brought the same appetizer). me, Holly and Jenifer The weather wasn’t nearly as nice last year; we ended up moving the party into Jenifer’s garage. And I promise the photo above really was last year…not that you could tell…

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    Happy Birthday Charlie!

    …our favorite little guy turned one yesterday and we celebrated all weekend long. Saturday we had a small party here with just our immediate family. We opened gifts – have to say, the tissue paper we all used abundantly for wrapping was a huge hit! I think he likes the blanket, but he really loves all the new books and a set of finger puppets featuring barnyard animals. For this “first cake”, I baked a carrot cake and one cupcake with cream cheese frosting just for him. He totally got the point of frosting. But it wasn’t until his big party yesterday that he really got into it. literally. Aren’t…

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    Ten on Tuesday | Labor Day Weekend.

    …and just like that, another summer’s come and gone. Today, Carole’s asked us to share highlights from Labor Day Weekend – I’m happy to oblige! splash pad, chocolate croissant, post-shopping toast…and happy 21st! 1. Wove in 100 ends (which ended up being more like 220 by the time I split those last 40 into four pieces to bury the ends deep into the yarn – machine washing isn’t for sissies). 2. Met up with Lydia at Intown Quilters. and bought two Kaffe Jelly Rolls, a few yards of backing fabric and another piece for binding. 3. Celebrated successful quilt shopping with a glass of wine and lunch at Leon’s Full Service.…

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    Happy Birthday!

    …to my mom! I don’t often get to share in the celebration in person, so it’s especially sweet that I’m visiting this weekend. We have big plans later today for brownie pie, games, mimosas and FaceTime with family. Hopefully it will seem like 2008, when my brother, sister and I were all here together. Happy Birthday, Mother! xxoo. 

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    Christmas 2014.

    Christmas morning toast …was a most festive affair. We drank and ate and even managed a few photos. mostly of Charlie! with his dad, smiling at his Poppa and with his mama and his new alphabet letters – he especially loves C and T! I actually awoke with a start Saturday night thinking I didn’t have a single photo of Sara and then I remembered Friday’s lunch. Girls only (we were going to make an exception for Charlie, but he and Katie were detained at the pediatrician’s … big boo!) at our favorite Bistro VG. I have no photos of food, so you’ll have to imagine lobster and burrata flatbread,…

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    It's a Baby Shower.

    …celebrating Katie and little baby T. Four of Katie’s girlfriends threw her a shower this past weekend. It was perfectly delightful. This umbrella was featured on the invitation and the scorecard for the game. I’m so glad shower games have progressed beyond the “guess how big around she is” and “guess how much she weighs” games we played at my showers! Instead we played along with Katie as she tried to guess how Rob answered 14 questions ranging from “how many diapers will the baby go through in a day?” (10 they both said), “will the baby have lots of hair, no hair or some hair?” (lots they both said)…

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    Happy Halloween.

    thanks to my sister for snapping this photo – and letting me borrow the hat! …for the first time in many years, I’m going to celebrate. Marc’s away and all the neighbors are gathering in the little park across the streeet for adult beverages and snacks. I have a hat. And I’m hoping to find Holly a costume today. I’ll bring plenty of candy with me, so no one will be ringing our doorbell (and that means – again, hopefully – no barking). It’s supposed to be warm and dry. Sounds like the perfect way to spend this evening! Wishing you a fun Halloween – however you celebrate it!