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    Amaryllis Watch 2019.

    Amaryllis Watch 2019 is now in week 3 and there is finally something to see besides a pretty pot and moss … indeed, all three bulbs have sprouted! I’m sure the abundant sunshine – seems like forever since we’ve had TWO days of blue skies in a row! – has helped. It’s most definitely improved my state of mind 🙂 My goal is to have blooms toward the end of January and I think we’re on track. Same as always, I love waterlogue-ing these photos … and this week, it’s all about those two birds. Meanwhile, can you believe Christmas is only a week away?!? Happy Tuesday!! * my mom…

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    Early March Weekending.

    In spite of the chilly wet weather, both Marc and I were out and about.  Marc played golf. I took a very cool field trip and spent a wonderful (but long) morning at church to celebrate Gifts of Women Sunday.  The field trip was to a Hindu temple, specifically the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, with our spring confirmation class (I am fortunate to be a mentor to one of the confirmands). Ten teens and 13 adults visited on Saturday afternoon. Most of us had no idea what to expect; all of us were blown away. We learned not only about the Hindu religion, but also about the amazing construction process that…

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    Looking Back | February.

    Yep, one more catching up post before I’m ready to move on to March!  Today, I’m looking back at February through the lens of my daily photos: I’ve already shared most of these photos here or on Instagram, but I’m still surprised by the story all 28 photos tell together – what a month! The trip to Mexico over the last week was planned, but I had no idea Marc would be such a willing participant in the photos! Then there were the little boys – breakfast on the 11th, followed by two whole days with little Sam on the 14th and 15th. First signs of spring … and an…

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    Mid-February Weekending.

    … started out with blue skies and temperatures warm enough to have the roof open in the car – this is Friday afternoon on my drive home. Thankfully Saturday and Sunday weren’t as rainy as the forecast predicted (meaning Marc did leave the house for several hours both days to “hit balls” which judging by the state of his clothes, he did) but I still think the best parts of my weekend were spent indoors: Catching up with Sara. I listened to her latest 2+ hour podcast and then had a long FaceTime (about much more than Homeland). Watching the amaryllis. Another flower stalk has started (this is #7!) and…

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    Amaryllis Watch | Week Nine.

    We have blooms – lots and lots of blooms!! Here’s what that one basket of bulbs looks like today  with waterlogue’s natural filter, which rendered those gorgeous blooms most “naturally” and a close up of that far right bloom seriously stunning. and also not as dark as last week’s buds suggested. I’ve kept up my daily photos, (still) amazed at the pace of growth. and change. top left is Saturday, bottom right is yesterday – the big photo is from Tuesday Also delighted to see the evidence of so much sunshine in my west-facing study. The clouds are moving in and we’re supposed to have a wet weekend. These photos…

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    Amaryllis Watch | Week Eight.

    This week, the first two buds opened!  I started a daily photo watch the day the snow came … it’s remarkable to me how much can change in 24 hours! Tuesday Wednesday I took this photo while my sister and I had our weekly cocktail hour via FaceTime 😀 Thursday and today Here’s a topdown view of that four-blossom bloom. I wonder if the flowers will be so dark? Waterlogue (and a little bit of photoshop) suggests maybe not! Streamlined filter Wishing you a happy Friday and a great weekend – and may your team win on Sunday!! (Weeks One – Six, Week Seven)

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    Amaryllis Watch | Week Seven.

    It’s week seven and all three copper stakes are now in use.  I might get to break out the knitting needles after all; each bulb has a second bud! I think blooms are still a ways off, but I’m starting to see a faint hint of red (or is it just my imagination?)   Today’s waterlogue is the Illustration filter. All those wonderful pops of blue are a marked and welcome contrast to the skies outside the window – dull, wet gray. Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend! (Weeks One – Six)

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    Looking Back | December.

    Looking back at December through the lens of my daily photos, I can’t help but smile! Family (who are friends), a few cocktails, a delicious spread of cookies, reading, knitting (and one FO – that lovely bit of pinned out lace on the 23rd is the 2016 Mystery Shawl), plenty of twinkle lights … and the beginning of this year’s amaryllis watch. My mom gifted each of us super fancy bulbs from Jackson & Perkins. I set mine out on December 1st and have been documenting their progress every Friday since then. I’m positive I can really see those stalks growing! This week, I threaded the two taller ones through…

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    A Lemonade Day.

    Little Sam is having a tough week. Yesterday morning, Katie and I agreed he should go to day care today (instead of spending the day with me) … hoping one more day there will help get his transition onto more solid ground. Of course I’d cleared my calendar weeks ago and all that empty space would be a shame to waste! Yesterday afternoon I made a few plans – found a new knitting project, planned a walk with Lauren (which is really a double lemonade thing – she was supposed to have knee surgery yesterday but it’s been rescheduled for next week), and made sure I had all the episodes…

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    Waiting and Watching | Week Seven.

    yesterday afternoon playing with the light (and yep, that’s a knitting needle holding up the stalks!) The main reason I planted amaryllis bulbs this year was to re-live a bit of the magic our first one brought us last January. These blooms are certainly not as stunning as last year’s (whoa, those white stripes and whoa – all those blooms!), but this one got the timing right. Sunday afternoon there were still just buds but by Monday afternoon there were blooms! I’m betting the bright sunshine yesterday and today will get that third bud to open by this afternoon. Today’s waterlogue is again the Color Bloom filter, chosen for the…