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    Hello April.

    Hello April. Hello to a new week, a new month and another fresh start. Hello being gentler with myself. Hello getting back to sewing. Hello exploring new – mind-blowing – ideas. Hello making plans to connect with friends. and family. Hello new habits. Let’s go!

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    Currents | Spring 2019.

    Hello Friday … and hello to all of you! Spring arrived in full this week … pollen and all 🙂 and it seems like a perfect opportunity to pause and write about right now. Loving the longer days. That top photo was taken at 8:20pm Wednesday evening. Noticing all the colors – and signs of life – on my walks. The top photo is from my after-small-group walk to the library (see Reading below) and the bottom is from this morning’s outing with Holly. Planning a trip to New York. with Marc!!! in June. Eating breakfast. I missed a day earlier this month (upset stomach … drank tea and ate…

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    Hope | March 2019.

    For all its claim to be another long month (31! days), March seems to have slipped through my fingers. And I am grateful for my journaling practice and this space to remind me … no, it didn’t. On the pages of my journal, I found hope in fresh starts. strong women. crossing boundaries with an open heart. choices. love. stillness. energy. inspiration. dots connecting. seeing the sunrise on my morning walk. birdsong. Queer Eye. On Being. changing my mind. contemplative practices. Spring! meetings with my confirmand mentee about drafting  her faith statement. In this space, I’ve shared bits and pieces of all that … plus those days when I found…

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    More March Weekending.

    Ah, March – not only does she have five Fridays, she also has five weekends! and this one, #4, was spectacular. We got to see Charlie get a hit score a run and hang out looking “ready”. Sam didn’t get nearly that much activity … but he ate well. Katie says that the hardest part about these sporting weekends is entertaining the younger sibling(s) … at least there’s food! This text exchange between Marc and Rob on Saturday evening gives you the “guy’s read” of the game. The dads play a kind of “zone coach” thing while the kids rotate through the various positions. Rob had the short stop zone…

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    Hello, friends and Happy Friday! Wanna see what a week of Spring-ish weather looks like? These are the trees that were sporting pink blooms last month.Marc interrupted my quiet time this morning with Important News. He’d just seen the weather forecast for the weekend and it promised a Saturday and a Sunday without rain … for the first time since early November. Weather promises are cheap, but I’d love for this one to be a keeper! …and on the Blue Skies note: Thinking about mysticism. I listened (twice!) to Krista Tippett’s latest podcast with Rabbi Lawrence Kushner and I’m sure I’ll listen again this weekend. I’m struck by the similarities…

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    Three on Thursday | A Playday with Sam.

    I had the immense pleasure of spending yesterday with Sam – a “just us” playday. I’ve had a few opportunities for one-on-one time with him, but this was our first full day (apart from helping out when he’s sick) since he and his family moved into town two years ago. It’s hard for be to believe he’s now about the age that Charlie was when back then, but the pictures don’t lie! Here we are on our way to Starbucks (for steamed milk and a much-needed second cup of coffee … I left the house at 6:30 to get to Sam’s house at 7:45) … note the golf ball and…

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    Mid-March Weekending.

    It’s late Monday afternoon here. I spent a delightful (as always) afternoon with my knitting girls and came home to a quiet house because Marc (almost always) meets up with his golf buddies at The Tavern (the golf course is closed on Mondays). I love looking back over the weekend from this quiet place … and then writing a blog post about it. There wasn’t much more to Friday evening since I was last here. We did snacks. and watched the first two episodes of the latest (and last 🙁 ) season of Catastrophe. (NYTimes review) I find the show super-uncomfortable … sometimes in a good way. and never because…

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    TGIF | Lightening.

    It’s been a heavy week. (this really wasn’t the TGIF! opening I thought I’d be writing back on Monday) I’ve run out of fingers to count the tragic and downright crazy awful news stories that have filled my newsfeed since last Friday. and I’m sure more than a handful of y’all have experienced personal news that has knocked you for a loop (at best). geez, even I – the eternal optimist – wrote “? not feeling it” next to Tuesday’s entry about Hope.  and of course things got worse. Wednesday’s pantry runs helped a ton. as did Thursday’s spring weather. and then I woke up this morning to the news…

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    Unraveled Wednesday | Spring!

    My mom and I completed our first “Pantry to You” drop-offs this morning. We met the Senior Services Volunteer Manager at the local food pantry to load up the boxes and get a quick introduction to the two routes, covering three deliveries. The whole thing went really well. Google Maps was key, and we had awesome timing with the many (many!) lights … but the best part was meeting the three ladies. The little bouquet above is from our first delivery. The woman lived in a “small house between 2 large ones. Easy to miss.” In springtime, the house would better be described as “small house with huge yard, completely…

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …are for procrastiknitting (that’s Natsu with the body now finished). also procrasticleaning. procrastilaundry. and now procrastiblogging. maybe tomorrow will be for mattress stitching! Here’s to a productive week 😉