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    TGIF | Blue Sky Blooms!

    Wow, what a difference a week makes! I promised y’all blooms this month … and couldn’t be more delighted to deliver on that promise so quickly. Here’s a close-up. and one for Kym (this isn’t my yard … but I am delighted every time I see one, too!) Happy Friday! Thinking about spring knitting. I know. I’ve been thinking about it all week. First up is a sample knit that I can’t share here. But next, I think it’s going to be this. in a light pink cotton/silk blend. Getting back into podcasts. I’m enjoying On Being, The Daily and The Argument. and look forward to trying out The Enneagram Journey…

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    Unraveled Wednesday | Rainy Blooms.

    I will spare y’all a picture of the endless gray garter stitch* to share two photos from this morning’s walk. I figure blooms, even rain-washed ones, are a most welcome sight these days! Joining in with Kat and friends. Happy Wednesday! *I think I have just two more rows before I start the pockets, so the end is definitely in sight!

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …look like sweaters in progress. along with fancy coffee drinks or tea, and a couple of hours of good girl talk. Apparently, the photo op was also a welcome opportunity to put the knitting down for bit. you know, to take off your glasses, tidy up your space, or look up something on Ravelry 🙂 It’s been a while since I shared what our Monday afternoon knitting group is working on, and I’m sure this is the first time seven of us have been knitting sweaters! That’s my Portage (for Sara) at the bottom, about 2″ into the garter stitch slog otherwise known as the collar*. Continuing counter-clockwise is Karen’s second (this…

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    TGIF | Hello February.

    Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s post … I replied to many of you about how much I love winter’s bare branches and the shadows they cast. Winter has a stark beauty that took me years to appreciate. Somewhat switching gears … I took the photo above this afternoon. These two cherry trees are directly opposite the entrance to my neighborhood. They bloom in February. Yes BLOOM. and y’all – there are buds on those branches! I had Holly with me (and it was the end of the walk and she was ready for her cookies) so I couldn’t really get up close to show you. But I’m…

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    On the Greenway.

    I walked with Lauren on the greenway this afternoon. Neither of us could even remember the last time we walked there. It’s been closed a good bit lately thanks to all the rain, but it was open, dry … and simply glorious today. Bright blue skies and 42 degrees (to all my readers facing much colder/wetter please know we did appreciate all of that – and we thought of you!) The photo above was inspired by the lovely Instagram stories of ocean_bythesea and how she captures such beautiful movement in the shadows. Especially the shadows of bare and nearly bare branches. Like I saw on today’s walk. Lauren and I…

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    Hope | January 2019.

    The amaryllis still haven’t bloomed, but they are growing like mad … especially on the days when the sun shines, even for just a few hours. Days like today. Some days there seems to be little reason for hope, in our families, cities, and world. Well, except for almost everything. ~ Anne Lamott, from Almost Everything – Notes on Hope Those words begin Lamott’s closing chapter (aptly titled “Hope”) and I find myself coming back to them again and again. My Friday morning group finished up Lamott’s book this past week. I read those words aloud and then we talked about places where we’d seen Reasons for Hope. One woman…

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    Late January Weekending.

    First up – thank you all for your kind comments about Friday’s Three Years post. My mom and I are having a great time exploring many new things; and I submitted our volunteer applications to Senior Services this morning! Now to the weekend … I know many of y’all can’t wait for this month to be over, and I’m sure a big part of why I don’t mind January so much is because it’s usually not awful weather-wise*. Of course “not awful” for a knitter who likes to take walks outside is much different than for a golfer who is experiencing his first retired January with just TWO rounds of…

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    TGIF | Three Years.

    This past Wednesday marked three years since my dad’s passing. Thinking about just how much has changed. a new grandson. lots of new addresses on my holiday card list (especially Katie, Sara, my mom and Steve & Lydia). Marc transitioned from a crazy job with international travel 3-4 times a year to being home. I quit my job at the yarn shop and stopped teaching. …and how much is still the same. love. friends. family. Holly. popcorn. Grateful for having my mom live so close. Also that she is now a fan of hand knit socks and looks forward to a yarn shop outing as an opportunity to choose a…

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    Unraveled Wednesday | A Mixed Bag.

    Today’s unraveling is a mixed bag of things (still) in process, things finished and things up next. Still in process Thing #1: Portage. I’m now well into the body. That gorgeous texture on the back is slow going, but the wrong side rows go quickly. and isn’t that cable detail down the side pretty? Still in process Thing #2: A second sock. I’m pleasantly surprised the stripes are matching up so nicely. They won’t be identical twins, but they’re for sure very closely related! Finished things – two books! Much of that Portage progress is due to listening to Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk. I originally listened to this in…

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    Notes on Hope | Yayoi Kusama.

    As part of this year’s journey with hope, I’m paying close attention to seeing and hearing the word “in the wild”. Yesterday’s event was full of it. and, perhaps surprisingly, so was the Infinity Mirrors exhibit we saw a few weeks back. Set apart from her mirror rooms, paintings and sculptures was a tiny space that looped a video interview. I sat through three viewings (also subtitles) before I grasped what Kusama shared about hope. I wish the video had been played while we were waiting on line to enter the exhibit. It changed the way I saw it. The effect of infinite, constant repetition leads us to finding our…