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    Cheers | to Summer.

    We are home – and Marc is on the golf course. I haven’t enjoyed this kind of quiet … in a few days. It’s been wonderful to scroll through the dozens of photos and seconds of video from our quick getaway and remember how much fun it was. I promise more on Monday, but for now, how about a few favorites from our “family photos by the lake” on Wednesday evening. First – because this just cracks me up – an outtake of the boys as we were warming upCharlie has obviously been practicing his “ROAR” face … and Sam has just practiced being a two-year-old angel 😉 A bit…

  • Knitting

    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Joining in with Kat and crew today to report on my s-l-o-w progress with Whippet. and Bon Voyage. about all I can say is that both projects have seen a little love this past week and neither has seen any actual unraveling. My reading has been slow, too – as in no new Bingo squares. I should, though, have something more interesting to share in my next post. In 45 minutes, Marc and I are headed to Lake Oconee to spend July 4th with our favorite little boys (and their parents). See you Friday!

  • Just Life

    Hello July.

    Hello July! Hello new photo of Charlie … his mama tells me that’s his “ROAR!!!” face ♥ … and a brand new six-month calendar. Hello trying new things and making new habits. Hello slowing down and maybe even pressing pause. Hello frozen drinks (and at least a few new Cheers!) Welcome!  

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    Happy Friday, friends! This week has left me feeling a bit like this field of daisies … a little tired of the heat, but still lifting my face to enjoy the sunshine. Thinking about … all the last minute details – including my opening remarks – for tomorrow morning’s Women’s Gathering at church. We have 51 confirmed attendees, which is a record! Grateful for … the return of Friday Night Snacks. Marc is prepping the platter as I type this. I’m not even going to have to add vegetables … he’s already steamed broccoli and sliced carrots, cucumber and pepper. We recorded the soccer match to watch while we eat.…

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    Weekending in NYC.

    Back on Monday, I promised y’all two weekending posts … and before another weekend arrives, it seems like a good time to share our long weekend in New York (also wow! – it’s hard to believe I was getting ready to leave two weeks ago tonight). Marc and I flew up to NYC early Friday morning and came home the following Tuesday evening, so we had 4-1/2 days in the city. This was my third trip there to see Sara … and Marc’s first. I think this was also Marc’s first non-business visit there since … college? and also our first trip there together since the summer of 1982. Needless…

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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Whoa, is it really Wednesday … evening??!! already? I spent all day yesterday at home (mostly by myself with Holly) and I’m finally starting to feel a bit settled. Thank y’all for hanging with me – I look forward to catching up with what’s going on in your worlds soon! So this Unraveled post is not feeling nearly as Unraveled as it would’ve felt on Monday … and I have knitting and reading progress to share. First up – the knitting. I am cruising along on my Bon Voyage. It’s a very fun knit … even in almost black yarn … and a nice go-along project with Whippet. My knitting brain…

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    Hope | June 2019.

    A summer rain storm blew through last night. I worried that our almost blooming hydrangeas might be spoiled … but no … they’re hanging tough. I snapped the photo above just after my morning walk. Love that one open bloom, washed clean, and all the others, promising a real show. It seems a fitting illustration of where I am with Hope right now. Last week (when I had a few minutes to think about it 😉 ) I’d planned to write about Both-And Thinking. It’s a concept that I learned from Richard Rohr and became especially interested in when I listened to his interview with Krista Tippett on On Being back…

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    Weekending with the Boys.

    Hello friends – it’s good to be back! I have two fun weekends to share with y’all and I’m going to start with the most recent one. Our favorite little boys (and their parents) arrived Thursday afternoon. Katie and Rob had an 8am flight to Charlottesville (one of Rob’s college buddies was getting married) Friday morning and they decided it would be easier for everyone if they spent Thursday night here. Good call. Friday still started dark early, but at least everyone slept. Most of my camera roll is full of video and I compiled 52 of my favorite seconds to share on Instagram today.   View this post on…

  • Knitting

    Unraveled Wednesday.

    I’m sure y’all are beside yourselves to know if I’m going to be taking the Simple Tee Too to New York 😉 I think the answer is “YES!” That was the view on my bedroom floor just before I started this post. The just-soaked front is on the left. I really love how the yarn plumps back up once it dries (that’s the back on the right for comparison). So I’m just two 3-needle bind offs and two straight mattress-stitch seams (after an overnight of drying) away from an FO. Packing plans can now commence in earnest! The front definitely went more smoothly – and quickly – than the back. I’m…

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    Hello friends and happy Monday! I was sitting with Deena at Starbucks on Saturday afternoon, knitting (of course*) and realized this was the last “normal” weekend until mid-July. What? huh? Yep, next weekend we’re in NYC. then we have the little boys while their parents attend a wedding. and then the Weekend with the Retreat. and then the Weekend just after July 4th. … and then it’s – maybe?! – back to “normal”. With that frame, I have five photos to share: First (of course 😉 ) Friday Night Snacks This is hands down my favorite way to start the weekend (along with something good on TV – the last…