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    Beaufort 2018 | Part One.

    This year’s trip* was maybe the most fun … the place we stayed was perfect for the four of us, the weather was cool and breezy but dry, the food and drink were amazing (as always) and I won the weekend-long dice tournament 😉. I’m not sure if it was the fun factor, or having 1SE (movie!), or just that we are all so comfortable with each other and the place, but I have a record 70+ photos (that’s the edited down number) and a video mashup #funproblems. We love looking back on these blog posts as we plan our visits – and of course as we look back on…

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    Watercolor Wednesday | Scenes from the Orchard.

    We’ve had a delightful time visiting and catching up. Even the weather was smiling yesterday. We walked outside in the morning to get Martha a few photos to share on Facebook. Martha and Mother  Later in the afternoon, Holly and I ventured out for a long walk through the orchards. so beautiful and peaceful. We’re headed home later this morning (thankfully, not through snow!) – it’s been a short, but wonderful, change of scenery. Happy Wednesday, friends!

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …bring a change of scenery. for the record, my mom (riding shotgun 😉) took this photo the view from our living room Her friend Martha should be here any minute … we decided not to wait! Cheers!

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    Looking Back on Our Cabo Vacation.

    Hello! We had a wonderful vacation, but it feels good to be back here (finally!). I shared a few photos on Instagram while we were there, but I didn’t look at everything all together until this past weekend. Here’s a peek at my Top Ten (warning – lots of sunshine, beautiful food, ocean views and selfies 😊). Hands down the best photo of the two of us, taken at the beginning of a sunset sailing cruise on Monday evening. This is at Land’s End – the Pacific Ocean is on the other side of that rock behind us. The best sunrise (with my favorite morning beverage – the cappuccino was…

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    Three on Thursday | Travel Knitting and Reading.

    I wish I could say I was packed and ready to go, but I’m not. My knitting and reading, however, are set! 1. Knitting. In a bold move, I’m taking just one ball of yarn to knit one thing. That’s nearly 800 yards of laceweight merino/silk and size 7 needles for a Bateaux Mouches for me.  2. Ears. No bold moves here – I’ve got Kristin Hannah’s latest – set in Alaska (15 hours) and the 3rd Walt Longmire (10 hours). 3. Eyes. I chose Gentleman in Moscow for our March bookclub and since it’s been almost a year since I read it, I’d like to re-read it. Last time,…

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    Alaska | Wrapping Up.

    Monday, August 28 was our last day in Alaska. Lydia, Steve and I had a nice morning walk. stunning view of Mount Susitna from Resolution Park Then we finished packing and a last bit of shopping before lunch. loved seeing our ship (the Silver Shadow) on the menu Our flight from Anchorage to Seattle left mid-afternoon (truly, first class is the best way to travel) the last photo I took on the trip and then to Atlanta on the red eye. We made it home (and to bed!) Tuesday morning. tired. happy. and full of memories. Thank you for allowing me to share a few of them with you these…

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    Alaska | Glacier Discovery Train.

    Sunday, August 27 was our last full day in Alaska. We spent almost all of it aboard the Glacier Discovery Train, traveling from Anchorage to Whittier, back through Portage to Grandview and then back to Anchorage. We’d traveled some of these same tracks on Thursday (Seward to Anchorage), but on Sunday, we saw the landscape from the other direction and at a different time of day. It all seemed new! You can see from the map above that we had lots of mountain views. and it was all spectacular. I took nearly 100 photos that day, second only, I think to the whale watching day in Juneau. But unlike that…

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    Alaska | Saturday in Anchorage.

    Back in Alaska, it’s Saturday August 26 … and the first day of our trip that we stayed in one place! Well, in one town any way. We covered a good bit of ground! First on foot – Lydia and I enjoyed a nice early morning walk mostly along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Great waterfront views … and – finally! – a moose!! We cleaned up, had time for a little knitting and then headed to the Anchorage Market and Festival for lunch. There was music  and all kinds of great food and crafts. I had a salmon quesadilla and it was delicious. That afternoon, we took the Big…

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    Alaska | Denali Star to Talkeetna.

    Back in Alaska, it’s Friday, August 25 and we’re headed to Talkeetna aboard the Alaska Railroad’s Denali Star. The train left Anchorage at 8:15 am; we had to be at the depot at 7:15 to check in. We stopped for quick photo in front of the historic No. 1 engine (pretty good smiles for such an early morning!) This train offered GoldStar service – it’s awesome! There was one other group in the car with us; it almost seemed like our own private train. The ride to Talkeetna is just under three hours with one stop at Wasilla. It was a cloudy day, but the views were still spectacular. We enjoyed…

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    Alaska | Anchorage.

    If it’s Friday, this must be Alaska. Today’s travelogue is from Thursday, August 24 – the end of the cruise and the beginning of a long weekend in Anchorage. Our ship docked dark early in Seward and we boarded the train for Anchorage. from the Alaska Railroad website This was our first of three train trips on the Alaska Railroad; I can’t say enough good things about the company, the service, … and oh my goodness the views. The trip from Seward to Anchorage (via Girdwood) is about four hours and it’s fully narrated. yay for knitting and a full-service bar We planned to travel the Anchorage to Grandview route…