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    Unraveled Wednesday | The Travel Report.

    I really enjoyed everyone’s comments on last week’s post about my travel knitting plans. Apparently we are all over the place about how we plan and pack for knitting on the road. A lot has to do with how much “free” time we think we’ll have and how accessible more yarn might be where we’re going. This week, I’m looking back on that knitting (which is probably more useful for future planning purposes for me than any of you!) First up – the socks – the mindless project. I actually finished sock #1 (including the kitchener toe) after brunch on Friday. and I immediately started sock #2. I was just…

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    Unraveled Wednesday | Me Made in Europe.

    It’s going to take me a while to sort through the 700+ photos and videos from our trip so I can share the stories here. So I’m glad today is Wednesday – a perfect opportunity to share one little story about the hand knits and hand sewns. For the hand knits, I took Soyokaze (the only sweater I packed), fingerless mitts, a headband and four scarves/shawls (Tokyo, Bateaux Mouches, 2017 TTL Mystery Shawl and 2018 TTL Mystery Shawl). For the hand sewns, I took the ikat Esme tunic, my latest Uniform tunic and the wax and wool tote. I wore every piece a lot, with the exception of Esme, which saw…

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    A Postcard from Home.

    Re-entry has been challenging … a six hour time difference and two little boys … well …. I felt a bit more like myself last night (and then the Braves lost – gah!!!) but hopefully … I’ll be back tomorrow with an Unraveled story 🙂  

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …mark the beginning of a new adventure! We leave this evening for Vienna (by way of Amsterdam), arriving early tomorrow afternoon. Our cruise begins Thursday afternoon, so we have two days to explore Vienna on our own. The only definite (besides pastries) plan is Wednesday afternoon when we’re going to tour Schönbrunn Palace. Looking forward to this adventure … and sharing it with y’all! Have a great week!

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    Ending on a High Note.

    I had an easy trip home yesterday. Marc and Holly were glad to see me and it felt good to walk in “my park” with Lauren this morning. Today I have errands to run and laundry to do, but first, I wanted to share one last New York post with y’all.  The timing of my trip was centered around one event, that took place Tuesday evening. The Fab Five were wonderful – smart, funny, thoughtful and entertaining (honestly, all the things I’d expect from watching them in two seasons of Queer Eye). It was a great way to end a very fun week in New York. as was this clear…

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    Brooklyn Field Trip.

    In all my visits to New York, I rarely leave Manhattan (at least not on purpose … there was a quick little trip to Queens last Thursday, but that was only because I got on the wrong train – oops!). But yesterday, I took the F train to Brooklyn … to visit Brooklyn General. I’ve been to Brooklyn before (walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and visited the Botanic Garden on my earliest visits to the city – two highly recommended field trips … except when it’s hot and humid like it’s been this week) but this was my fabric shopping trip. I enjoyed a pleasant walk through the Carroll Gardens…

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    A Walk in the Park.

    My long-time favorite morning walk in New York City is the path around the reservoir in Central Park. The city views are just amazing and from the Upper East Side park entrances, it’s easy to get there (in other words, I can wander without getting too lost). But when I snagged the screenshot of yesterday’s walk to share on Instagram, I noticed a new-to-me Conservatory Garden way off in the upper right. This morning I walked right past the reservoir and headed north for another 20 blocks. It was completely worth it! The southern garden features a memorial to Frances Hodgson Burnett (author of The Secret Garden) and a beautiful…

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    New York City Weekending.

    All weekends are good, but one spent in New York, with Sara, three days of beautiful blue skies, long walks in Central Park, a Broadway show, great meals, a few cocktails and a couple bottles of wine … well, see what you think!                     In between all that, Sara and I spent a good bit of time making the new mere-et-filles feel more like home. I love the images she created and the new theme, layout and colors are making me smile … especially now that it’s done! I hope you enjoy this new space, too. Thank you for visiting!

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    A Quick Hello.

    Hello from New York! I’m writing this from Sara’s living room, looking out on another beautiful blue-sky day in New York City. Truly, the weather has cooperated nicely for being out and about. Yesterday, Diane came up for the day. We met at Penn Station, walked to Greenwich Village for lunch (at Cafe Clover – highly recommend!) and then to Purl Soho. We both found what we wanted. Diane stuck to her plan (she bought yarn for Terrace Wrap, Sayer and those adorable pom-pom socks). I bought a little bit more than I’d planned. Yes, there is going to be more sewing in my future! I never thought I’d visit…

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    Beaufort 2018 | Part Two.

    aka “the one with the food and a cocktail”. and note I am writing this post on Friday afternoon, to be sure it lands in your feed reader at just the right time 😉. As I shared last week, our dining routine has been fine-tuned over many years. We did add in two new meals this year and we’re planning to repeat them: First, Thursday night – I picked up a ready-to-heat pasta/spinach/sausage casserole and a caesar salad from Costco (before we left). It was nice to settle into the house, visit with Charlie and not have to think about going out. Also, the meal was delicious! Second, Friday’s lunch…