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    Is anyone still marking the days of COVID? I noted days 245 and 246 this weekend. I remember walking with Marc in late April and talking about how things would be better by June, July at the latest. We had no idea. Back in April and May I documented a lot of things. small joys, daily to-do’s, me-mades. and those lists made a difference in the way I saw things. looking for things to be grateful for and things to accomplish, well, it helped. Fast forward six-ish months it all still feels weird. AND I’m enjoying knitting with my sister after hitting a LOT of balls (trying to fix my…

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    TGIF | Mid-November.

    Happy Friday! not gonna lie, I was a little worried about another Friday the 13th in 2020, and so far *knocks on wood* it’s been ok. maybe even better than ok. So I’m going to allow myself to breathe out just a bit … and TGIF. Thinking about … updating our house. Over the summer, we toyed with moving – maybe to a nearby lake, maybe into Atlanta closer to Katie’s family – and ended up deciding to stay … for a few more years. Marc’s still playing golf and I’m now playing tennis at an affiliated club. We can handle all the stairs (this is not a little deal…

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    Sometimes Monday.

    …is the perfect day to test out a new bottle of nail polish 🙂 I had planned to wear this newest shade – OMG – from Olive and June’s winter collection last week, but the package arrived after I’d done my manicure. bonus points that the shade matches my current read, too! Wishing y’all a good week. and finding plenty of things – big and little – to celebrate!  

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    Looking Back | October.

    It’s been 33 days since my last Looking Back post and it feels like at least a year has passed. It also feels like four years since I’ve had a really good night’s sleep. maybe tonight. at least I’m feeling ready to dive back into things … and this post is a great way to start!Back in July, I wrote about being grateful for a lovely space to call home. October confirmed all of that. along with a special gratitude that Katie and her family are part of our bubble. I didn’t go anyplace new last month (gosh, when was the last time I went someplace NEW?). I did, however,…

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    TGIF | Still Waiting.

    Hello friends and happy Still Waiting Day. I can only hope that by the time you read this, the waiting will be over. I’ve been in a holding pattern this week that feels even weirder and more stressful than when we started quarantine back in March. At least this time I have a group text going with Katie & Sara. also, the weather is much nicer. and I’ve honed my Zoom and FaceTime skills to stay connected with folks. I finally went for a run this morning and I think it helped to clear my head. The colors aren’t great this year … still … they’re pretty! Thinking About ……

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    I purposefully cleared my calendar for today. this introvert knew she’d need ALONE time to process things. THINGS. I planned a whole playlist of podcasts to accompany the stockinette knitting and that worked for a few hours. Then after a most-diverting FaceTime, I settled in with the lesson I agreed to lead for Thursday’s women’s group. This year we are studying about Lament. and this month’s lesson is about women’s lament. about how we bear the burden of lament. about how we teach it to our daughters (and sons). and y’all. the scriptures are thousands of years old. and they still teach such sadly relevant lessons. I shed a few…

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    Zeta Tricks and Treats.

    Hello friends, it’s wonderful to be back here! Much has happened in the almost-week since my last post … all of it unplanned. And thankfully, even the not-so-great parts brought lots of silver linings. Here’s the gist: I’m sure you know by now that Tropical Storm Zeta blew through Atlanta dark early Thursday morning and left much of the city without power. We were among the fortunate who had ours back late that afternoon. Katie’s street was finally restored Saturday evening. Thursday was uncomfortable, but I learned a few things, and read two books! Friday morning Katie & Sam arrived; Rob & Charlie arrived after lunch (Charlie’s school had their…

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    And | October 2020.

    Back in December 2019 when I started to settle in with AND for this year, I knew it would be a tough year for our country. I knew the non-dualism that AND represented – listening, accepting, abundance – would be helpful for me, not only to cope, but also (maybe, hopefully) to help. Sigh. I couldn’t have imagined in my craziest dreams where 2020 would take me/us. and 🙂 wow. My small group has been reading Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward. That book was transformational for me when I read it last year. Revisiting all those highlighted pages with a group of thoughtful, insightful, and perceptive women has been a balm.…

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    TGIF | Another Week.

    Hello friends and welcome to another almost-weekend! It’s a gorgeous fall day here and Marc is playing golf. I’m listening to an autumn playlist and planning a fall classic* and some easy knitting once I finish this post. Let’s get to it! My running has taken a back seat to tennis these past few weeks. I’ve missed it, but things got shuffled around this week and I realized on Wednesday that I could fit in a run on Thursday. and when Carole shared her gorgeous photos, I realized what I really needed was a run in the park. I hadn’t been to the park since Labor Day. when my dear friend…

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    I sit here at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon and marvel that another weekend is upon us. I wonder if I’ll ever adjust to quaranTIME? I did manage to work my way through most of my to-do list this week (for the first time in a while … and my list even included some ugh things like getting my car’s emissions tested so I could renew the registration). and still, Georgia is in the news … thankfully not for a spike in COVID cases (which I’m honestly not sure I really believe … my life doesn’t look any different), but rather L-O-N-G voting lines. Two of my friends voted in…