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    Sometimes Mondays.

    …are best spent indoors. The rain started overnight and continues … but now our house is clean, three loads of laundry are done (the two that Marc did are also folded and put away) and I’m well into the first sleeve on Jaycee. I’m sure Holly wishes she could’ve stayed indoors all day, too. but sadly … this was us three times today.She’s now dry and resting comfortably in my lap. I know we’re both planning to stay inside until tomorrow! Hope your week is off to a good start!

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    Looking Back | October.

    These Looking Back posts are some of my favorites to write (and later to read). The hardest part is compiling the mosaic – I’ve been taking daily photos for years now, but I don’t pull them together until the end of the month – and that pulling together process can take a while. not because it’s hard or time-consuming, but because I enjoy revisiting the whole month. Once I have my Daily Photos compiled, I go back and delete … and this month, I still have 182. About a third of those are from the last leg of our Danube adventure and I think I might be close to being…

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    Be Kind.

    I traded emails last week with a friend who said she hoped we could Make America Kind Again. That phrase resonated with me. I shared it Friday morning with my small group (amidst lively and often upsetting discussion about having an armed guard on site for Sunday worship this month and next and the beginning of Anne Lamott’s latest book) and it resonated with them too. One of our members told us about a very cool local t-shirt project (created to help a teenager on the autism spectrum learn important job skills) that puts the “Be Kind to Everyone” message front and center. Then yesterday, I read a column in…

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    Three on Thursday | Hello November.

    Hello November! It’s been a while since I said “hello” to a new month from this most comfortable perch at my kitchen counter (and with both feet resting on the rungs of the stool 😉 ). There’s just something about November that makes me glad to be home. I find that when I focus my attention on home, family and friends – I can see light shining in even the darkest places. It gives me hope. It feeds my soul. It gives me courage. and for all of this I am so very grateful. I need – and I’m sure y’all do too – massive doses of ALL of those…

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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    Scenes from my week – all good! except for this morning, when this happened. Needless to say that was not at all what I’d planned and I haven’t had time to fix that – or pull together anything else for the blog. Ha! I guess it’s as good as anything to share for Unraveled Wednesday! We have our sixth!! annual neighborhood gathering this evening 🙂 Wishing you and yours a safe and fun Halloween! (i.e. no unraveling!)  

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    Is it just me, or did this week fly by? Seems like I was just telling y’all about our birthday weekend … and now another weekend is upon us. But first… Thinking about joining NaKniSweMo. yes. really. (for my non-knitting readers, this is the knitting corollary to NaNoWriMo and participants knit a 50,000 stitch sweater in the month of November.) I decided a few weeks back that I would not be repeating NaBloPoMo (sharing a blog post every day in November), but as I’m trying to jump-start the sweater knitting season, I think the challenge and the KAL might be fun. Of course first I really need to finish Calyx ……

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    Three on Thursday | A Walk in the Park.

    I took myself for a quick walk in the park this morning. and since it’s Thursday, I have three photos to share – and with a nod and a wink to Carole, I Waterlogue’d them 😉 The leaves aren’t putting on much of a color show, but they make a most delightful crunch underfoot. No blue skies this morning, but a surprising amount of light still filters through the trees. I am completely smitten with the colors in this last one. In real life the berries are purple, but rendered here in a deep red, combined with all the browns and pops of light and green, I’m re-thinking the palette…

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    Currents | October.

    It’s been way too long since I’ve written a Currents post, but this key (a most-happy surprise from Juliann) has me thinking about all the things I’ve been Saying Yes to lately … and I thought it might be good to write them down: Daily pilates. That Back to the Mat challenge was exactly what I needed to get myself back into a solid daily routine. That routine went out the window over the summer and just when I could’ve started back, I went to Europe for two weeks. I still haven’t regained my roll-up, but I can do a plank again, and that feels like a big victory. Unplugged mornings…

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    Birthday Weekending.

    Saturday’s birthday celebrations were fun, delicious and most photo-worthy! It’s nice on a Monday morning to have a blog post practically write itself as soon as I have the photos edited and uploaded 🙂 Katie did a wonderful job with the New York City theme and the food. The boys donned their costumes just before the guests arrived. No, it wasn’t a costume party, but pirates and spidermen have more fun. There were cupcakes and candleswith a very willing older brother to help. And then presents. Sam has two new “things to wear” (I wonder how long it will take him to wear both at the same time?) Saturday was…