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    Hello, friends! All that unraveling sure made the week fly by 🙂 Before I dive into TGIF, I have a few modeled photos of Hadley. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. and finally using the beautiful Nani Iro linen I bought at Purl Soho back in June. FO selfies are hard … but here’s a little view of the back – and more of the slightly raised neckline (I cut a size 4 top, except for the V-neck where I traced the opening for the size 18.) Thinking about holiday plans. (yes, finally.) We are delighted that Sara is going to be here for a few days after…

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    Three on Thursday | Unraveled.

    Ha! apparently this Wednesday/Thursday mash-up is a getting to be a “thing” around here. It’s not that I plan for Wednesdays to come undone, but sometimes they do … and I’m practicing being OK with that. ✔ Thing One. Yesterday started out really well. I snapped this photo of my top after I finished the neckline facing. See what I mean about the inside being so pretty?That center seam in the front and the back and those curved serged edges on the facings ♥ The next (and last) step was the hem facing. and that’s where I unraveled. Many hours later, I finished. Maybe you can tell what went awry…

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    Tuesdays are for Poetry.

    When Honoré shared a poem by Ted Kooser a few weeks back, I put a few of his collections on hold at the library. One of them finally came in and I picked it up this morning. Flipping through the pages, this poem caught my eye … and then grabbed hold of the rest of me. The holiday season seems to be one where we think a lot about the past. in both good and not-so-good ways. When I first read the poem, an image of me, my brother and my sister, lined up on the hearth of our home in Casper, Wyoming (the first house we lived in that…

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    Three on Thursday | For This Holiday Season.

    My small group is reading Heidi Haverkamp’s Advent in Narnia this holiday season (along with a few chapters of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe* and maybe even watching a few scenes from one of the movies … I haven’t seen any of them so that part really intrigues me). Advent is short this year so we started the book this week in order to mostly finish it by our last meeting on December 21. All of which is to explain how I’m into Week One of an Advent devotion and looking at Chapter 4 of Lewis’ book. This is the chapter where Edmund finds his way into Narnia,…

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    Thanksgiving Weekending.

    Hello, friends – it’s nice to be back! (which is always the best feeling when we return from a short break, right? 🙂 ) Our weekend was a perfect mix of good food, little boys, outside, inside, friends & family … and alone time. Thursday morning dawned bright and chilly. #blueskyblooms for my morning walk. Loved this text from Katie. We spent the afternoon with the little boys and their parents. It was fun … and just a little crazy.The boys FaceTimed with Rob’s brother … Poppa and Charlie built a dinosaur … Sam supervised his dad carving the turkey … Charlie showing off his pilgrim hat/place card … Charlie…

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    Unraveled Wednesday.

    We are having Thanksgiving dinner at Katie’s tomorrow. The meal is obviously in very good hands (and not only because Sam is telling Charlie “more cheese”)! I won’t be cooking today … instead I have plans for a pedicure, buttons and casting on a new project. Joining in with Kat and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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    Birthday Weekending.

    Birthdays come fast and furious around here this time of year. This past Saturday was my birthday … and we celebrated all weekend long! Thursday evening’s Thanksgiving Service was a wonderful beginning. Friday. the camellias were in full bloom – and the sun came out! But the best news came at the vet’s office. Holly was diagnosed with pneumonia the weekend before. Friday afternoon was her third set of X-rays and the first to show solid improvement and a good prognosis. It was really the best birthday present I could’ve asked for, but the gifts kept coming! Friday evening sunset. Birthday sunrise over the lake (I took this photo from…

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    Sometimes Mondays.

    mark an anniversary. Yep, that was us, 35 years ago … newly married and off to enjoy a lovely dinner party with a hundred or so family and friends. This was us a few weeks back (the most recent two of us photo I have!) So glad we no longer look scared to death 🙂 but we still have smiles on our faces. Tonight’s celebration is just the two of us (plus Holly), with a roasted pork loin and a few more episodes of The Great British Baking Show. I’m looking forward to that real meal … and many more years together!

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    Three on Thursday | Unraveled.

    Good morning! Yep, I’m back – sadly, Betty’s travel plans changed and she and Beth aren’t visiting us.  So today, I’m catching up with a quick mash-up of Wednesday and Thursday. First. It’s still raining. and it’s gotten colder. but at least it’s not snowing.We did get a little break from the rain yesterday afternoon. It’s hard to tell which Holly hates more – wet or cold. (and I wonder how much longer the grass will be green?!) Second. I’m making great progress on Jaycee.Just one more sleeve (and a whole bunch of ends to weave in) to finish it. And third. My church is hosting the community Thanksgiving service…

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    Tiny Moment Tuesday.

    Of course this was actually more like “all the moments” today 🙂 Holly is the most excellent snuggle-in-the-chair companion on a wet, chilly day. Weight of Ink has also been a worthy companion. as has Jaycee. I’m nearly into the triple digits of sleeve rounds (on sleeve #1)! My Aunt Betty is flying in tomorrow morning and Sunday, her daughter Beth arrives for a quick one-nighter before she and Betty drive to Alabama for Thanksgiving. As you might imagine, we have a full calendar of events planned. I might not see y’all back here until next week. But I promise a post full of photos … and at least a few smiles! …while I…