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    Cheers | Cranberry Mule.

    I was a little late to the Mule Party because I was under the most mistaken impression that Mules were vodka drinks. But once I tried one with gin, and found a spicy ginger beer (that comes in diet!) … well, it’s now a favorite. For warm weather mules, I use lemon juice, gin and ginger beer (the classic recipe uses lime juice, vodka and ginger beer). With the holidays approaching, I started looking for something that wasn’t quite so citrusy. I found a delicious recipe that uses apple cider in place of some of the citrus (of course I substituted gin for the vodka, but I kept the lime). And…

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    Cheers | an Old Fashioned.

    When my sister was over last Saturday, we were talking cocktails (as we do), and she mentioned that this is Old Fashioned Week. Great, I thought, that will be the perfect recipe to share for next week’s Cheers – fully expecting that she would treat me to her version (and allow a few photos) when we met at her house for knitting on Wednesday. Well… she forgot (we enjoyed a very tasty pomegranate cider margarita instead) and I was on my own! She did send me a few recipes Thursday evening um, yikes! I had no idea there was so much variation in recipes! and we agreed the more traditional…

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    Cheers | Running with Scissors.

    For several months, now, my sister and I have been trying out cocktails when we get together for our regular Wednesday evening knitting. It was my turn to host this week and I wanted to use Spiced Pear Liqueur (because finally fall). The helpful folks at St. George Spirits have compiled a bunch of recipes and I decided to riff the Running through Orchards. It was delicious, so I’m sharing my version with y’all. I thought about calling it “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” because the list of ingredients uses about half the bottles in my liquor cabinet, but Running with Scissors seems much more fun! Running with Scissors (inspired…

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    Cheers | 19 Crimes.

    Have y’all heard about this wine? I discovered it at Costco last December. It’s $8.49 a bottle and remarkably drinkable. Everyone I’ve shared it with loves it … even more when I tell them how much it costs! It wasn’t until I was well into the second case, though, that I read the story. …and a few bottles later that I discovered the corks. My collection has been stalled for the last couple of weeks (in spite of buying a bottle at Sara’s TJ’s last weekend … I was sure Wisconsin would offer up a different crime, but nope, it was another #4.) …until last night! Truly, the only thing…

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    Cheers | Seven Dials.

    Waterlogue’s Illustration My sister found the recipe and shared it with me last week. I only had to buy grenadine and apple juice to mix it up today. It’s kind of a crazy mix of flavors, but it works! …and it was the perfect accompaniment to our typical Wednesday evening conversation (family. books. knitting.) and tonight, the weather. She’s driving to Florida tomorrow and I’m flying to Madison. I think I’m going to have the easier time packing … Madison looks like Atlanta right now! Hope your week is going well. Cheers to Wednesday!

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    Throwback Thursday | A Special Dinner.

    I forwarded the email about this week’s Think Write Thursday topic – to plan a dinner party, inviting 3 people, living or dead – to my mom, suggesting we collaborate. Last night, we started to talk about it. Hands down we agreed my dad had to be the first guest – he loved a good dinner (party) and he was a fabulous guest (ate everything and talked to everybody). From there it wasn’t long before we decided that recreating one of our five-of-us family Christmas Eve dinners would be fun. Family dinner was the norm in my house growing up, but Christmas Eve was special. of course my mom isn’t…

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    Cheers | Spiced Pear Collins.

    I had a different post planned for today, but my sister-in-law made this cocktail for our gathering this afternoon and I knew it was what I really needed to share.  Because I’m guessing – like me – y’all have the ingredients in your post-Thanksgiving refrigerators. and you might – like me – be ready for something other than wine. and of course – it’s Friday! Here’s the link to the recipe; Lydia said she followed it pretty much as written, except she used more pears for the purée. Once we got home, I realized I only had one pear left, but plenty of applesauce, so I added that to make…

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    Cheers | Fall Classic.

    I was inspired by Carole a few weeks back to pickup some apple cider and ginger beer and try a new bourbon cocktail. I found the cider, but not the beer and my sister suggested I try her favorite fall cocktail – a Fall Classic. Thank goodness the apple cider keeps well, because it took me a while to track down the rest of the ingredients (apple brandy and thyme simple syrup). I finally mixed up a batch of these last weekend and knew I had to share it with y’all. Fall Classic (from Bon Appetit, November 2012) 1/2 cup sugar 15 sprigs thyme 2 tablespoons apple brandy (I used…

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    I’m Blaming the Creamed Spinach.

    I had my day planned out to the minute – photos to scan, a special blog post to write, tomatoes to roast, meatloaf to mix, a walk, a shower, small group, meatloaf to bake, knitting with friends … and finally creamed spinach so I could get dinner to Katie’s in time for her to take finished photos of Sigla. (whew!) I’ve made the recipe before, but I don’t remember how long it took. Ellie says it cooks for 10 minutes so 10 minutes is what my schedule allowed. Of course it took longer – more like 30. Maybe because I doubled it? or maybe because I used non-fat milk instead…