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Smitten with Autumn Colors.

Happy Tuesday friends! We’ve had some gorgeous weather this past week – blue skies, chilly nights, and sunny days warming to the 70’s. The colors and textures are stunning.

And … my Shifty Pullover (Ravelry link) is finally showing progress … more colors and texture! I’m smitten!

When I chose the colors for this sweater, I really didn’t have “autumn” in mind at all … but these are certainly colors I’m seeing outside. and now I’m wishing I had a brighter blue, and maybe a pink?! …maybe next year!


  • Carolyn

    Loving that checkerboard you’re on now! Or that you were on when you snapped the photo… 🙂 And those are lovely soft fall colors. I wouldn’t have thought of them as such until after that parade of autumn in Atlanta colors! But they are, indeed. Enjoy!

  • Tina

    Beautiful photos ! We are enjoying cool nights and low 80s, it’s been a welcom reprieve to our normal summer heat. Loving the look of you Shifty 😊

  • Bonny

    I think you have more leaves changing than we do. but I’m glad to see some autumn color! Your Shifty is looking lovely, too (but that pattern really needs a better name)!

  • Sarah

    It’s nice to see that you get some fall color even down south. Also, you’re already past where I am on your sweater — I only just split off the sleeves last night!

  • Kat

    Lovely photos, Mary! Thank you for sharing! It is nice to see bits of autumn popping up all around the Blogiverse! (and I agree with Bonny… that sweater needs a better name! lol)

  • Karen

    this time last year there was brilliant fall colors, it’s a little slow going this time around. However, the leaves are changing and dropping, yay.

  • kym

    I like the subtle colors of your “Shifty,” Mary. I think it will be so lovely! (I’m afraid we may miss out on fall color altogether this year. The leaves are starting to fall . . . still green.) (So weird.)

  • Lydia

    Finally getting caught up blog reading and love the subtle fall colors of this sweater. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  • Jane

    What beautiful photos. The flowers are gorgeous. We had a touch of frost this week. The zinnas are still standing but look rather ragged. The trees though are really pretty.