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Five on Friday | Distractions.

First up, thank y’all for your kind comments about my new views. I am really enjoying the study – the new layout seems to make room bigger (which also seems to give all my creative “stuff” more room to spread out) and I think I’m pretty committed to looking up at a blank wall – and the new bench. I also cast on The Classic yesterday and am almost halfway through 4″ of twisted rib on size 5 16″ needles. I knew this beginning wasn’t going to be the fun part of the project, still … I’m gonna power through it this weekend, though, and hope to have something resembling (at least the start of) a sweater to share next week.

In the meantime, here are five things I’ve been distracted by (and enjoyed) this week:

  1. Our hydrangeas. or should it be hydrangea? It’s one bush, planted in 2018, and it was slow to bloom (this might be the way all hydrangeas grow, I don’t know). Anyway – we had two blooms last year and then this year – wow! I’m totally smitten with the pink edges. (and the portrait setting on my phone’s camera – which I almost never use).
  2. Reading. I picked up an on-sale copy of A Town Called Solace (Goodreads link) and I’ve been enjoying that on my Kindle. On paper, I’m reading Cantoras (Goodreads link). I checked it out from the library back in June and I’ve already renewed it twice. It’s due on Monday. Three friends gave it five stars and I’m … into it now. in fact, I might finish it tomorrow 🙂
  3. My neighborhood bookclub. This counted twice yesterday! We are reading Karen White’s latest The Last Night in London (Goodreads link) for our October meeting and because she’s local, we can have her in person (yes!!!) if we buy our books from a “local” bookstore. That local bookstore was a 40 minute drive (one-way). Then last night, we met to talk about Educated. It was such a great discussion and I’m really happy to feel re-engaged with my neighbors! (also, really glad we have outdoor spaces – with FANS! – to gather)
  4. Ankestrick’s new pattern collection. I’ve been stalking this for months and … I’m loving all the projects. and maybe not knitting it right now. and yes, it’s still an enjoyable distraction. I spent hours yesterday and another this morning looking at yarn and in the end, felt really good about saying “not now” to this one.
  5. A gift for a new baby. My neighbor welcomed her second granddaughter last Friday and I was happy to finish up the cardigan I started last month. This baby has an older sister and Katie suggested the book to accompany the sweater. I couldn’t be more pleased with the package I’m putting in the mail on Monday.

I hope you’ve found pleasant distractions when you needed them this week – and I’d love for you to share … I still have 2″ of that twisted rib to go!

Happy Weekend!


  • Juliann

    I love the idea of a blank wall. And that baby sweater is so sweet. I am reading A Town Called Solace too. It is my Kindle-just before falling asleep read.

  • Bonny

    Your hydrangeas are beautiful! Ours are having a good year here in NJ, too, but I haven’t done anything different so I’m not sure if next year will be a repeat or not. I’ve been distracted by helping with all the pre-moving tasks; next week starts moving in earnest. I really hope it’s not as sweltering hot as it was this past week!

  • Sarah

    In my (admittedly limited) experience, hydrangeas get better and better every year. There are some in our neighborhood that I pass on my walks that are very similar to yours, and I have been enjoying the hint of pink in them.

    Love the baby sweater, and I’m a big fan of combining a handknit with a book for a baby gift!

  • Penelope Witthauer

    I’m slowly catching up on my email from my too long absence. I’m enjoying your blog, as always, and looking forward to getting back in the loop.

  • Margene

    Your baby gift is so thoughtful and charming! And, the hydrangeas are beautiful. My neighbor has a similar bush that has big balls of blossoms. I’ve been told it’s not a real hydrangea (and there is no pretty pink tinge), but it is stunning nonetheless.

  • Jane

    What a darling baby sweater. I have knit that pattern, the cabled version, for a little boy but never the lace version. Your hydrangea is beautiful. The pink edge is perfection. I’m off to look up Flora and the Flamingo. My granddaughter has a birthday next month!

  • Katie @ The Cozy Burrow

    I have the exact same hydrangea bush – they are so gorgeous! I’ll think of you everytime I stop to admire mine 🙂

    I totally agree about the blank wall space – perfect. How exciting that you’ll be able to have an author at your book club.. I’d be terrified! And reading is the perfect distraction, isn’t it?!

    I hope you’re further along on your new sweater now!

  • karen

    my husband has just started tending to the overgrown neglected flower beds of this house, it’s going to take years to get it to where he wants it to be.

  • kym

    What a sweet baby sweater — and the book is a perfect accompaniment! Hydrangeas . . . there are so many hundreds of varieties (with bloom times from spring to fall), so I’m betting you have one of the later-blooming varieties in your garden. I just love the way (some of them) shift from white to pink. I always THINK I want a blank wall . . . but they never seem to last long in my world. I like yours . . .

  • Karen

    That baby sweater is just beautiful. I hope the recipient will pass it on to future babies. Our hydrangenas were slow to bloom this year as well. Some of them are absolutely prolific, but my largest one by the patio (which admitedly gets less light) has fewer blooms than last year. I’ve come to realize that I have no control over them. They do as they please, but they keep coming back year after year for which I am grateful.

  • Alexa

    Loving that little baby cardigan – it’s so very sweet with that pretty cabling down the front – and how thoughtful to include a book :). That twisty rib doesn’t sound very nice to knit, from your comments! Hoping you are through and out the other side by now. That portrait setting (I must see if my phone has it) made a great job of blurring the background …