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TGIF | Still February.

Yep, still February. for a short month, it sure seems L-O-N-G doesn’t it?!

Valentine’s roses still looking good ♥

Thinking about … Texas. and taking action with prayers and money. I listened to Pantsuit Politics podcast this morning and the first segment is excellent for trying to understand how we got here … and what we might do to take a different path. We do need government; it might not always be the best way to solve a problem, and sometimes it’s the only way.

Grateful for … Holly seems to be feeling better. again. We were back at the vet on Saturday morning after two nights with no sleep and non-stop tummy troubles. It might be just that she’s getting old (which makes me really sad – she’ll only be 12 this summer), also her heart murmur is a little worse, as is her liver. We started a 14-day antibiotic treatment and new food. She responded quickly and we are now six days into Holly sleeping through the night and pooping outside. pretty much as normal. considering the rain and the cold, I have to call it a win.

Inspired by … the tremendous success of my amaryllis to wonder if maybe I could grow something more “ongoing” on the top of that cabinet?The ceiling is FOUR feet above it, so a bit of green might look nice up there! I know everyone who reads this blog knows more about plants than I do – ideas would be most welcome!

(and still not) Finished … but closer. I took this photo last night and that first sleeve is now finished. I’m going to publish this post and pickup sleeve #2 … and start my weekend!

Wishing you the best one available! and please if you have suggestions about something green for the top of that cabinet, I’d love to know!


  • Bonny

    Off the top of my head, I would recommend pothos, spider plants, aloe, cacti or a succulent like jade plant or kalanchoe, or a bromeliad. I think they’re all fairly easy to care for. I think pothos leaves can be toxic to dogs, so that might be a consideration. I’m glad Holly is feeling better and I hope she stays healthy. Your sweater looks great. Happy sleeve knitting and happy weekend!

  • Carole

    I’m good with outdoor plants but I struggle with houseplants so I will leave the recommendations to more successful indoor gardeners! I’m glad Holly is feeling better and I hope it’s a permanent situation.

  • Sarah

    Poor Holly. I hope the meds and new food do the trick.

    I’m no plant expert, but how do you feel about succulents? I love how they look and they’re pretty easy to care for.

  • Margene

    Poor Holly!! Having gone through quiet a trial with Mylo I understand you concern. I hope she continues to improve and to live a long life.
    My thoughts for greenery go in a completely different direction. A beautiful fern could take up a lot of room both in height and width. They may need a little more care than some of the other recommendations, but any plant comes down to the amount of moisture in the soil. Good luck!

  • karen

    praying for your little Holly. Frodo is 11 1/2 and when he had his teeth cleaned his one liver enzyme is slightly off. After a repeat bloodwork it is still slightly off so he is on a liver enzyme supplement – so far he is acting like himself but like you it makes me sad that his age is showing a bit!

  • kym

    What you need, Mary, is a ZZ plant: https://www.thespruce.com/zz-zanzibar-gem-plant-profile-4796783. They are super easy to maintain and grow, and they have great foliage and color with an upright habit. Highly recommend!
    I’m so sorry to hear about Holly’s latest bout with tummy-trouble. My family dog when I was growing up was a beloved schnauzer (“Heidi”), and then my parents had another schnauzer (“Nikki”) when my kids were growing up. Both pups suffered from tummy woes (liver issues, mostly) as they aged. My heart goes out to you and Holly. XO

  • Jane

    It is hard to watch a pet grow old. I hope Holly is on the mend. I am not the best with houseplants and it looks like you have some advice from others. The sweater looks great. I don’t mind knitting sleeves – in fact they usually go pretty quickly for me.

  • Vera

    Like others, I recommend a spider plant or a jade plant – both are super easy to keep and don’t require a lot of attention. Hoping that Holly is feeling much, much better.

  • Carolyn

    Hi, Mary. I’m a bit late catching up here–but I want to wish you and Holly well. Twelve doesn’t seem very old for a small dog; I hope this is a hump she can get over (and stay over, for a while). Such a little doll. Sending love.

  • Patty

    Sending good juju Holly’s way! It’s so hard when they are not feeling well. Booney has a little sleep issue these days and is barking in the middle of the night to come upstairs (he’s blocked). We’re so tired up he comes and then only one in the bed gets a good night sleep – guess who? 🙂

  • lydia

    I agree February seemed soooo long and then snap it was over. I’ve got tulips and hiacynths coming up in the front yard-promises of spring and warm weather.