FO Friday | Jingle.

Happy Friday my friends! and this one is especially happy for me because I finished a sweater … and it’s chilly-wet enough today to wear it!This is Jingle (Ravelry link), a new-ish design from Isabell Kraemer, knit with Harrisville Designs Shetland. It’s my first time using the Shetland and it’s awesome for colorwork. It’s also awesome for sweaters because it spit-splices beautifully (seriously, weaving in ends took about five minutes and that’s only because I stopped and started the contrast colors a few times).

I wrote on Ravelry that I love everything about this sweater, and that’s true … because with an FO like this, it’s easy to forget last week’s gray slog … going around and around on the body and then the two sleeves. I’m grateful for all the podcasts, FaceTimes, and Zoom calls that kept me company!

My gauge with the Shetland was a little off – looser stitch and row count. and I was in-between sizes. The looser gauge worked great to knit the smallest size for something in between that and the next up size. and it was easy enough to calculate how many “plain stockinette” rounds to knit before separating the sleeves. I also made the body and the sleeves a little shorter than the pattern suggested. The fit is great (whew!)

Marc is still a champ with the photos … and I really do need to try harder to look happy and pleased during the process. the WHOLE process.and on that fun note – wishing everyone the best weekend available … and a lamb-like start to March!