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TGIF | Post-Inauguration.

Happy Friday, friends! I’m still enjoying a post-inauguration high … what with the Bernie memes, the fashion (women and jewel tones are back!), and a pervading desire for decency … well… it’s been a week! I shared some of Wednesday’s pomp & circumstance (and happy tears) with my girls on Zoom … it was so much fun (and that ball of yarn off to the left … is still a ball of yarn!)…and that’s just another way to say this week got away from me in a most delightful way. and also, wow, I’m so grateful I was able to simply step back and enjoy it.

Thinking about … the power of words, stories, and choices. more to come next Tuesday – the last one of January – with my One Little Word update. Carolyn will be hosting our monthly posts this year and I’m looking forward to sharing mine then. stay tuned.

Grateful for …. those things I listed above, and another peaceful transition of power. I didn’t understand just how much our country relied on generally good people doing mostly the right thing …  some changes are in order. (and I am profoundly sorry for the folks who didn’t make it through the last four years … too many. for sure.)

Inspired by …. so many women … and especially by Vice President Harris who finally broke that glass ceiling and by Amanda Gorman who apparently never knew there was a ceiling. seriously. I hope THIS is the country that our children see and grow into. (and if there were a woman sitting behind that Oval Office desk, all the better).

(still not) Finished …. yep. still. not. finished. maybe next week!

Wishing you the best weekend available … and if you could wish me some finishing vibes, they’d be most appreciated. I could be wearing that sweater right now!



  • Carolyn

    Your glass ceiling phrase as it pertains to Amanda Gorman–THAT, I think, is a sign that we’ve made progress in the last generation! I spent all of Wednesday with a soft flannel hanky to my face. The relief, gratitude, hope…the utter and ecstatic THRILL…had me sobbing. Celebratory tears. But, whew!
    Love your sweater choice for inauguration day (of course! Boy, was her presence missed)–and what a gorgeous one in the works. Can’t wait to see the next photo of it on YOU!

  • Julainn

    My needles arrived so this weekend I can get back to mitten and maybe sock knitting. I am pretty sure my brain space if ready for some more complicated knitting. And how is it that we are almost to the end of the first month of the year? Need to start thinking about OLW posts. Happy weekend

  • Jane

    That sweater is gorgeous. Yes, I put my knitting aside during the Inauguration. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t knit while watching video/televsion. What a breath of fresh air. Amanda Gorman sounded and looked like hope itself.

  • Sarah

    Even though I watched live and my daughter watched pieces at school, we’re planning on watching the inauguration again tonight, together. I think what struck me most, after the shattering of several glass ceilings, is the many reminders of how close we came to not reaching this moment and how we may have taken it for granted that there would always be a peaceful transition of power. We’ve seen plenty of fictional accounts of the country ceasing to be the democracy we know (broken though it may be), but I don’t think any of us imagined that we’d see any of them come close to reality.

  • Patty

    What a week! 🙂 that sweater is sooooo lovely. I’m tossing around finally putting the sleeves in a finished-for-two-years sweater. I’m petrified! Here’s to finishing juju!

  • Alexa

    We watched the inauguration here, and found it very moving – Kamala’s huge smile when she became Vice-President, and the poise and charisma of Amanda Gorman. I saw an interview with her where she said she was going to run for president in 2036 :). I think we all went to bed with a warm feeling and a huge sense of relief (for now, anyway), and wishing our American friends well. (And feeling envious that you have all those intelligent, competent, sober people in government.) Your long cardigan is a delight – a kind of shimmering silver and you are going to look wonderful in it.

  • Vicki

    We’ve all certainly been a bit more happy, light, and RELIEVED since Wednesday! So hopeful…

    That looks like it’s going to be one super cozy sweater!