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TGIF | Hello December.

the view from my journaling time yesterday morning … it looks peaceful even with that extra table 🙂 (and you can’t see the two dining chairs and a laundry basket sitting just to the left)

Hello friends and welcome to December. I love sharing a look ahead in the first TGIF post of a new month and I had this one planned out in my head all day. then things went a little sideways and I didn’t get to it.  I’m guessing many of y’all wouldn’t have read it until today anyway, so let’s just pretend it’s Friday.

Thinking about … how to celebrate the season given COVID and this massive painting project. The advent wreath is the only decoration in the house – so far?! Marc did hang our two outside wreaths on Monday so it looks a little holiday-ish from the street. We don’t do many parties, but there’s typically a luncheon with my women’s group at church, an ornament swap with my neighborhood bookclub, a cookie exchange with the girls in my family, a big family open house … and of course weekly church services for Advent and Christmas Eve. My sister is spearheading a driveway swap for the cookies. and that’s likely to be it for things in real life. so glad we live close enough to make that work. I’m also enjoying the Advent readings and the Shadow & Light playlist (on Spotify). It would be wonderful to put up the tree … maybe just before Christmas? and then leave it up well into January. like I said … thinking….

Grateful … that Sara is coming … for three weeks! She’ll arrive on the 23rd and stay until January 13.

Inspired by … new pens and another Modern Mrs Darcy book school class to start a book journal. “Update Goodreads” has been on my to-do list since October. I don’t even know how many books I’ve read since then (I do have them noted in my calendar, so I can figure it out 😉 ) I need to get a handle on my to-read pile, too, because I know there are at least a half dozen books I want to finish this month.

(hoping to) Finish … Dissent (it’s so close), three pairs of socks, another sweater, and “some” books.

the knitting is done!

There’s also an important election – maybe you’ve heard about it?! Early voting starts the 14th.

AND there’s getting our house put back together. The upstairs is nearly done and we’re moving back into our bedroom (and closets) today. I also get to setup my craft room this weekend.

Wishing y’all a peaceful weekend and a December full of love and good cheer.


  • Carole

    I’m so glad Sarah is coming and will be with you for the holidays! I bet you will feel much more settled after you get back into your bedroom and closets today. My advice is to decorate your bedroom for Christmas!

  • Juliann

    I am so excited about the new MMD classes. I think I might ditch Goodreads for 2021 and keep my lists on paper. Just thinking right now. And those last photos – hooray for progress.

  • Sarah

    I am glad that Sara is going to be able to make it home — I was really worried that it wouldn’t happen and I knew that would make you sad. Just make sure you all are safe!

    The painting looks like it’s moving along well. I think if they finish on time, you’ll still have time to spread a little holiday cheer around the house.

  • Patty

    Such good news about Sara! What a wonderful holiday you will have. Our tree went up today and the mantel is done – along with the foot of snow we got. Tis the season! Glad your painting project is staying on schedule!

  • Carolyn

    So many good things coming to completion here, Mary! Including wrapping up the year with your daughter 🙂 I’m guessing this is one of the last posts we’ll see with your home’s former paint color?! Which I do love…though, I think I’d love just about anything, because it’s those plantation shutters that always catch my eye 🙂 And what a fantastic job you did on that Dissent!

  • lydia

    The sweater looks lovely. I’m enjoying not feeling pressured to make the holidays perfect. Working from home and doctor visits will take up much of the time and brain space for December. It is hard to believe that 2021 is right around the corner! Happy Monday.

  • Debbie

    You must be so delighted that Sara will be home soon! In spite of eveything, I wish you the best for this Advent and Christmas. Your Dissent is absolutely gorgeous! My knitting projects are nothing big-I just finished a pair of mittens for my niece who is in seminary in Chicago and I’m working of a stack of dish cloths for stocking stuffers. Hope you have a great week!

  • kym

    What a great Dissent sweater, Mary! And . . . if you’re going to paint your house in December, this would be the year to do it! Things are so topsy-turvy anyway, that, well . . . might as well go BIG! Maybe instead of decorating “for Christmas” you can decorate “for Sara” and just have a delayed timeline. XO

  • Karen

    You’re so lucky Sarah is coming—and for long enough to really enjoy your time together. I think most of us will experience a very different kind of Christmas. We typically host a Christmas night dinner for Tracy’s family (between 14-27 people over the years.) We were hoping to go to Wisconsin for Christmas and the grandchildren’s birthdays on the 30th, but that won’t be happening. Rochester is experiencing a terrible increase in COVID cases, so who knows whether we’ll be able to celebrate with Matt and his family by Christmas. I’m just grateful to be healthy, and able to limit my activities to keep it that way, We must be using the same Advent devotional–I’m really enjoying the daily readings with the music and art to accompany them. I had read two of her earlier books, so gambled on the Advent devotional, but am very happy with it.

  • Alexa

    Lovely to hear that Sara is coming back in a few weeks – waiting until just before she arrivies to put up the tree and then having it there during her stay sounds very festive. Here, it’s traditional to have them up till the 6th January, so what’s an extra week? Your jumper is a beaut, and looks very warm. Hoping that decorating isn’t driving you to distraction (we had builders in for six months when we extended to accommodate my parents and never again!). May all your plans come to fruition this month :).